August 12, 2010

Stuff We Love: Cameras & Shoes

So we are back home in the great state of Connecticut, and some of you may have been wondering why we didn’t stay longer in Nashville to take in the sights…or eat more biscuits…or go line dancing. :) Well, the reason is that we have a very BIG weekend coming up! See, Justin’s brother Derek is getting married this weekend and Justin is the Best Man! So we needed to get back to get everything ready for that and make all of the preparations. Like picking up the tux, putting the finishing touches on Justin’s speech, and making sure we had all of the necessities.

Well as it turns out, as it sometimes does in a marriage, Justin & I have *very* different definitions of the necessities in life. For him it’s a camera. And for me it’s always going to be a great pair of shoes! :) This time we both won. I’ll let him tell you about his & then we’ll get to the really good stuff….the shoes! :)

From Justin:

Since Mary & I are usually the photographers and standing behind the camera, we very rarely actually get pictures of the two of us. And I think the biggest reason for that is not wanting to lug around one of our big cameras when we go somewhere just for fun. Well, we have a LOT of fun coming up in the next few weeks including my brother’s wedding, a trip down the shore, a trip with our pals The Grays & 2Duce2 to Cedar Point and an Orioles game just to name a few. And I didn’t want to let all of that pass us by without documenting it. So I started doing my research. I knew I was looking for something compact and lightweight, but I also didn’t want to sacrifice quality and control. What I found was this: The Olympus E-P1 with a 17mm 2.8 pancake lens and a hot-shoe mounted optical viewfinder! I love the retro styling and the near DSLR quality results from a camera that can fit in your pocket. It arrives tomorrow thanks to the help of Adorama and I can’t wait to play with it! This camera is most definitely a necessity! :-)

UPDATE: check out the Olympus E-P3!

And now for the shoes! These aren’t exactly the ones I got, but they are close enough! Except mine have ruffles. And everyone knows, ruffles always make a shoe a necessity!! :)

  1. Kia Gregory

    Ruffles make the world go round. Pictures of your lovely Connecticut trip with your new camera please!

  2. Renee

    The camera is nice and all…but the shoes? The shoes friggin’ R.O.C.K.!!!

  3. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Both are extremely cute & stylish, just like you two!

  4. MM

    awwww, Thanks Gwen!!

  5. Lydia

    What a cool looking camera! I’d love for you to post what kind of shoes you wear when you shoot, Mary! While those heels are killer, killing is what they’d be doing to my feet during a shoot. ;-)

  6. Therese

    I love that camera! I might get one for myself. But does it come with the leather strap? where can I get it? I know there’s a white version of this camera, would you know where I can get that one? thanks

  7. Michael Kanzler

    Ha! I actually have an original 1960’s Olympus Pen – FT. My dad gave it to me when I was in high school. You now have the newest version of the same camera… awesome!

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