May 23, 2009

Stuff we Love: Chocolate AND My Birthday!!

So I am 29 years old today.


Holy Crap 29!!

And I’ve got to admit….I’m not handling it all that well :) I sort of expected 30 to be the really big one for me, but for some reason 29 just came out of nowhere and hit me like a Mack truck. No wait, a Kenworth…they’re bigger.

I think it’s got something to do with feeling like you need to make the most out of the last year of something….the last year of high school, the last year of college, the last year of your twenties. ack! There just seems to be the need to really make this year count. To do something really BIG. To make an impact. Change the world…or at least my hair style.

No pressure or anything!

So yea, like I said. I’m not handling it all that well. Lucky for me, I’ve got chocolate to get me through!! The amazing folks at Pictage , who continue to rock our socks off, had these delivered yesterday. The yummiest, most wonderful, melt in your mouth brownies you ever tasted. They are incredible! (And highly dangerous.) But not as incredible as the Pictage peeps, who I love and adore!!

Keeping with the chocolate theme, our brand new cafe bags came in on Thursday and I *heart* them. Whattya think??

Since we have the awesome wedding of Stephanie & Greg today, Justin & I celebrated all day yesterday. These were the clues he gave me throughout the day: my pink fluffy dress, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. I was pretty sure he was going to tell me we were going line dancing or something I’m SUPER good at like that! :)

But instead it all led up to the big gift of the day: this July we’ll be taking a limo up to Bah-ston for floor seats at the Taylor Swift/Keith Urban concert. Ummm….yea. How much do I LOVE my husband?? THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS Much!!

And now we’re off for the final present: a lil’ shopping spree at J.Crew before our wedding. (**Note my new J.Crew necklace in the shot below!)

So yea….here’s to being 29. I’m ready to make it count! Well y’know… as long as I have a steady supply of chocolate.

  1. Vicki Souza

    Happy Birthday!! I totally know how you feel – when I turned I threw up. LOL. Its not easy getting older, but the 30 ‘s are waaaay cooler than the 20’s – for real ; )

  2. Zach & Jody

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me, 30 is WAY worse!!

  3. Stacey

    Love the necklace!

    Happy birthday!

  4. Grandma Ina

    Super Happy Birthday, Mary! Don’t feel too bad–I remember celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday!

  5. Tira J

    Yay for your Birthday! 29 is such a fabulous year! And I agree with Vicki, and that your 30’s are WAY better than your 20’s. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Johnny Tran

    Happy Birthday Mary!! at least you are still in your twenties!

  7. Jamie Delaine

    Happy Birthday Mary! You look beautiful as always in that photo. L-O-V-E the necklace.

  8. Erik Maziarz

    happy birthday Mary!

  9. Irena

    Happy Birthday, Mary :) There’s only more awesomeness to look forward to. You set the bar pretty high with your 20s, your 30s had better watch out and step up to the plate to beat it. <3 the hat. Get some good dancing in! You deserve it.

  10. Lindsay Ernst

    Happy Birthday Mary!! You sure have an awesome husband and I would agree any day is better with a little chocolate! Enjoy and blessings to you!

  11. Feuza

    You are beautiful! and done so much for people already at such a young age! and what a hubbie you have girl! wow, I am impressed, Brownies for Justin- lol Have a great one Mary.

  12. oneshotbeyond

    the cutest post! :-)

    Happy B DAY!

  13. Erica Velasco

    I love the bags!

  14. Beth Morgan

    DON’T SWEAT IT!!!! I am 32 and the 30’s have been the best in my life!!!! You just come into this place where you love and accept yourself and there’s this peace (or maybe that’s just me, but others have told me this as well). This is the year before you get to be 30, flirty, and thriving :). LIVE IT UP…YOU ROCK!

  15. Beth Morgan

    PS…HEART the bags.
    PSS…thanks for being a constant inspiration!

  16. Val McCormick

    Yeah, it’s the pitts turning 29, I’ve turned 29 for a few years now. I’ll be turning 29 again in a few months, WOW! Happy Birthday Mary :-)

  17. Betsy Jo

    Uh-oh. I turn 29 in July. Is it really that bad? Now I’m nervous. Although, since I have 3 children, people always think I’m older anyway… (Ick.) Happiest of Birthdays, Mary!

  18. Nicole Haley

    Happy birthday, Mary! Hope you had a great birthday and a fabulous year ahead! :D

  19. Holli True

    Yay!! Happy Birthday! :) I just turned 28 on Tuesday, so I totally get what you’re feeling right now. This next year will be amazing for you, I have faith!! :) Eat lots of cake and pamper yourself!

  20. Eileen Broderick

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope it was fabulous–sounds like it was! Love that shot of you–so cute! And by the way–you have accomplished quite a LOT to be proud of, mt dear, so cut yourself some slack and make this a year of fun!

  21. Annemarie

    You’re so cute!! And so is Justin…what a fun treat for your day. Happy birthday, Mary!!! :) Have fun!

  22. The Apprentice ;)

    Birthdays and Brownies and Bags ! Oh, my!!! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  23. Ray

    I’m glad you had a great birthday. ;o)

  24. Ray

    I’m glad you had a great birthday. ;o)

  25. Robin Dini

    Yeah!!! Happy Birthday!

  26. Jasmine*

    LOVE YOU!!!! happy birthday!!

  27. Liz Kausteklis

    Happy Birthday!!! I just turned 29 too, so I totally know what you mean…and those Fairytale Brownies are the best :) They will brighten up any day :)

  28. Jasmine Marie

    Chocolate and 29! What blessings!

  29. Christopher

    Sounds like an awesome day!

  30. rachel darley

    29?! What a blessing! You’ll rock it, no worries! May it be a year full of blesssings, and may you be blessed with many more years!

  31. Christa

    Welcome to being 29 :) I handled it quite well, 27 was the mack truck for me. Go figure?

  32. Korey

    Those brownies look amazing! Your logo and entire brand is really cool. I’m glad you found my blog so I could find yours…it’s beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  33. Deyla Huss

    Happy Birthday girl!!! You are stunning and suuuuuuuuuch a sweety! I wish the bestest Birthday ever!!!! and um Im diggin the new bags! where did you get em from???

  34. Kristen Dawn

    Ooooh!! Happy belated birthday!!!I hope it was fabulously filled with everything 20ish!!

  35. Kristy Reimer

    Happy belated birthday! I just turned 29 too, so I know exactly how you feel. I think 30 will be worse, so I’m just pretending that I will be 29 forever. You can try that too.

  36. sarah true

    I loved celebrating my 29th, last year of your 20s is amazing! And turning 30 I promise its really not that bad. Actually kind of exciting to enter a new decade. :)

  37. Kellan

    Happy b-day you foxy minx!!! Don’t diss the 30’s…I turn 33 on Saturday so I have graciously paved the way for you into the next decade…yup, I am just that generous of heart. You look terrific, J-Crew looks good on you!

  38. Jody Gray

    A little late, but happy birthday! Now you have a cowgirl hat for your Nashville country shoot!! yee-haw! – JG

  39. Jen May

    cafe bags look great, hope your birthday was celebrated. happy belated! 29 is a good age :)

  40. jeramy

    happy birthday to you!

  41. Katherine Bowman

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday Mary! You look fabulous by the way! And cute dress too! :) I’m right behind you, my 29th is on June 5th!

  42. Amy Clifton

    Awww. I’m a little behind on my blog-stalking this week. :-) We share the same bday, except I have already been 29 several times. *Wink wink.* Enjoy 29, and don’t let it stress you out!! My freak-out-year was 31….it took about 6 months to come to terms with being "in my 30s." You are fabulous and I know you will absolutely make the most of this wonderful year!

  43. Anne Nunn Photography

    that is so darn cute!! how fun!

  44. Emily Beaty

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you had a GREAT day. :) p.s. I love that necklace!

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