December 15, 2010

Stuff We Love: Egg Nog

Well we’ve graduated from Santa’s elves running to and fro, to full on chickens with our heads cut off. And all I can think about is sitting by a warm fire and drinking egg nog while Bing Crosby sings me a Christmas song. Not like on iTunes or anything….like the real Bing Crosby. Chillin in our living room. I like to picture him standing by our tree wearing a tuxedo.

But that’s just me. :)

So tell me, am I the only one in this winter wonderland crazy enough to actually CRAVE egg nog? I guess it can’t be any weirder than channeling the ghost of one Bing Crosby.

  1. Alicia Kleppinger

    No. I crave it too. The homemade kind my Uncle Ed used to make for New Years Day :-)

  2. Michelle

    I crave it more now that I’ve stopped consuming dairy :( Oh, how I miss you eggnog. Drink an extra glass for me Mary!

  3. Alli Mc

    Love egg nog too! This year I tried Silk brand "nog" and it is really good with half the calories! Can’t beat that!

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