July 19, 2010

Stuff We Love: Food We Didn’t Cook

Good morning all!!

We thought we’d kick your week off right, and whet your appetite for this Mega Monday of posts first up with the dinner our amazing couple, Kristin & Bill, came over and cooked for us last night. See as someone who could figure out a way to burn a pot of boiling water (seriously!), I am a big fan of food we didn’t cook. Big fan. Huge. Ginormous.

So when Kristin & Bill (who happen to be VERY good at cooking) offered to come over and cook us dinner in our new place (you know, now that we have an actual table set up and everything!), we were all about it.

Now, like I told them, when they said they were coming over to cook, I fully expected a box of pasta, some Kraft parmesan, and a jar of Ragu. Extra chunky if they were feeling really fancy. So when they rolled in with an orchestra of prepped and pretty courses, and super professional looking utensils (they had a meat thermometer for heaven’s sake!), we were completely blown away. Completely.

So we stepped back and let them do what they do best, and we got ready to do what we do best: take pictures of all their masterpieces. And we thought we’d share them with you….y’know in case you were looking for some dinner inspiration tonight.

Also, while we may not have the recipes for Kristin & Bill’s delicious dinner, we do have a recipe for getting some pretty nice food shots that we thought might come in handy to all you photographers out there. Here was our set up (from Justin):

We set up our 300 watt/second head, firing off camera through a 45″ white umbrella at about a 90 degree angle from my camera. Because this is a pretty powerful light and it was so close in the room, I had to power the light all the way down, set the ISO to 100, and set the shutter speed at 1/200th of a second to help cut out the ambient light. I wanted to cut out the ambient light to keep the light directional and coming from one source to add shape to the image. Kristin & Bill had already done an amazing job of plating the food and making it look great, so it was pretty easy from there! :-)

Here are our courses. First up, scallop ceviche over avocado & tomato (fresh from the farm) paired with home made plaintain chips. This was INSANELY delicious!

Another view

The main course was sea scallops and duck over polenta, paired with rustic green beans. I’m seriously drooling just thinking about it again….SO good!

And finally, Kristin made this beautiful peach & blueberry tart and they whipped up some real cream right there in our kitchen. I told them I had Cool Whip, but they didn’t seem impressed! :) This dessert was so light and yummy. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And since they left us the rest of it, I may just do that!

Welcome to the week y’all! It’s going to be a good one!

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  1. Ravyn

    I don’t eat meat, but that made my mouth water!! Now, I need to go eat some lettuce to punish myself, haha. Looks amazing!! Your clients are so sweet!

  2. MM

    @Ravyn: LOL! Lettuce to punish yourself, that’s awesome! :)

  3. Natasha Montero

    Ooooooo I didnt realize their place was so close to me! I am so going to check it out!!

  4. MM

    @Natasha: you totally should! Their sandwiches are amazing!!

  5. Alison

    Oh that all looks absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for the lighting tips, I love doing cooking stuff on my blog but have a really hard time shooting it!

  6. joan solitario

    those look sooooo goood

  7. Meredith

    The models from one of the workshops! These two are so cute, but clearly so talented too! How fun!

  8. Kristin & Bill

    Oh my God you guys are totally the BEST EVER!! We had the greatest time!!!! And seriously.. the food didn’t even look good… It’s all in the photography ;) and thanks for the Melt mention!! We love you guys just a lil bit :-D ps. cool whip totally woulda been delicious

  9. Sophia Harcourt

    Is it possible for a stomach to be jealous? Because I think mine is right now. I have to say that duck, scallops and polenta are favorite food items other than lobster and crab, of course. You guys should do a photographing food workshop and have them cook:)(There may be a hidden agenda on my part).

  10. PJM

    Food looks awsome – great job photographing – I’ll have to try MELT sometime!!


    holy nom noms!!!

  12. Brandy Frank

    thanks a lot Mary, now I’m hungry. ;)

  13. MM

    @Brandy: LOL! Sorry about that!

  14. Girish

    Delicious and tasty.

    Nice shots.

  15. Lydia

    After seeing all these, I think it’s time for lunch!

  16. Ray

    YUM! Kristin and Bill can come over to my house. Lol. =P

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