October 5, 2009

Stuff We Love: Inspiration and Upstate NY

A couple of days ago we got something reeeeeaaally exciting in the mail: the first edition Inspiration book put together by the folks over at Pictage!!! Jus & I were so honored to be asked to be one of the featured photographers in this book, alongside some of the real giants of our industry, and you can check out our lil’ ole spread below!

Speaking of the amazing folks at Pictage, tomorrow morning we will be hopping in the Mini and heading upstate to Syracuse to speak at the launch of the brand spankin new CNY PUG!! We will be giving our talk “Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason” and this meeting is FREE and open to everyone!! So if any of you are in the Syracuse, Buffalo or Rochester area….come on out!! We can’t wait to meet you!!

  1. Kelly

    so bummed! Im from Skaneateles (about 45 mins from Syracuse) and Id LOOOOVE to be there but live in NYC now =o(

  2. Simon Anderson

    It was our honor to include your work in the book Inspire, Justin & Mary – the main image is so powerful and was really fun to work on in CMYK to get the shadow and light right. Thanks for sharing your excitement with it! Best, Simon Anderson, CMO, Pictage

  3. Molly

    Aww … look at Mikey!!

  4. Deyla Huss Photography

    Awesome job you guys!!! this is so great!

  5. Jim Collins

    What do you mean, "alongside" of the real giants. You guys ARE some of the real giants.

    Love seeing you guys in there and love how distinct this image is.



    PS: See you soon!

  6. Leandra

    Um, I thought you two were some of the industry giants?! I LOVE that photo… the shadow across his face is perfect.

  7. Alice

    Hi Guys… great spread! Can’t wait to have you in town tomorrow for our inaugural CNY PUG! Drive safe!!

  8. Julia


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