May 24, 2011

Stuff We Love: Jose Villa AND His Book

Three months ago, I sat in a ballroom with about a thousand other people and typed these words on twitter.

And it was true. In that moment, I was pretty much smitten.

Sure I have long admired Jose’s incredible work. I think he creates a standard of beauty, grace and quiet simplicity in his images that challenges me on a daily basis to be better. To work harder.

But that wasn’t it. The crush-inducing part, that is. At least not by itself. Because it was so much more. It was the humble, unassuming way he took the stage. It was the emotion written all over his face whenever he talked about his clients and what drives him in photography. It was the honesty and sincerity and good old fashioned vulnerability that permeated every word he uttered. And, I’m not going to lie, it was the fact that he moved the cake. I mean at the time, sure I gasped out loud just like every one else in that room. But let’s be honest, if anyone was going to get away with moving the cake on a wedding day, it would be Jose. You just can’t help but fall in love with the guy.

And so I confessed as much to all of twitterdom, surrounded by a sea of about a thousand people. All probably feeling the exact same thing.

Now the timeline gets a little fuzzy here, so stay with me. I honestly can’t remember if I had pre-ordered his new book before seeing him in Vegas or after. All I know is that one day the prettiest package I’ve ever seen arrived holding one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen. So pretty in fact, that I set it on my desk for decoration, and that’s exactly where it stayed for the next few weeks. In the mean time, we hopped flights and shot weddings and lived life in fast forward traveling all over the place. But in the back of my mind I knew… I needed to make this book a priority.

So when we got back home from Seattle, I finally got the chance to sit down and start going through it. And in short let me just say, I was absolutely. blown. away. I can’t believe how much this book covers, and how thoroughly and thoughtfully it does so. Honestly, it could (and should) be an entire photography course in and of itself. No part of the day is left untouched. No aspect of creating art out of everyday life is ignored. Jose & co-writer Jeff Kent, deftly navigate color and composition, lighting and exposure in a way that is at the same time both incredibly accessible for a brand new photographer, but also challenges even the most established shooter to think differently. To be better. The book is full of Jose’s incredible work, which is believe me an eye candy fest in and of itself. But just as importantly you feel as if you’re actually sitting down having a conversation with Jose himself. As he makes lightbulb after lightbulb go off in your head. And you start to see light differently. And feel emotion differently. And look for things that you’ve always taken for granted before.

I’m still making my way through the book, savoring every sentence. And once I finish, I imagine it will be one that I come back to time and time again. But, I get questions all the time from photographers asking me if there is one go-to resource I can recommend for someone thinking about getting into wedding photography. This is it. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Order it. You will not regret it.

And you may just find yourself with a new crush along the way.

Jose, I believe that there are seekers of light and love sent into this world to remind the rest of us of the beauty in the ordinary. And that’s the kind of person that you are. This world is a better place with you in it.

So, when I wrote to Jose to tell him I was going to be doing a post about the book, true to form he wrote back right away with the nicest email and then incredibly generously agreed to give away one signed copy of the book to one lucky commenter! (I know right!!) So leave us a comment in the box below, and that will get you entered. We’ll be announcing the winner Thursday morning!

  1. Kate P

    Oooh ooh – I want to read it!

  2. Elizabeth Ann king

    Oh my oh my!!! I would LOVE it!!!

  3. Bethany Belle

    He is so insanely gifted! I have heard nothing, but the most amazing things about the book and cannot wait to get my hands on one! Thank you for doing the post about it :)

  4. Mabyn

    *Drool* GREAT idea! I *heart* Jose too! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  5. Lydia

    Why do I always come away from your blog with one more book to add to my "to buy" list?! ;-) Actually, this has been on the list since it came out, but now it’s definitely at the top!

  6. dawn beirnes

    oh, sweet baby Jesus!!!!!!!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  7. Jacqueline

    Would be psyched to read this lovely book! Thanks!

  8. Nancy Mitchell

    I have wanting this book…THANKS for giving one away! I really really would LOVE to have a book signed by you and Justin:) hint…hint…

  9. Sarah Heinle

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to get a copy.

  10. erin cefalu

    Ooh I love!!!

  11. Adrian

    jose def. has a look all his own, am sure this new publishing venture will do well for him


  12. Jennifer Jar

    Oh my gosh!!! I would LOVE to get a copy of this book! And signed by Jose Villa himself? Talk about heaven :)

  13. ashley barnett

    Ahhh! I am celebrating my first week as a real live full time wedding photographer (eek!) and I have been devouring business books left and right. I have not however gotten my paws on this puppy yet which is literally the next book on my list. I am definitely throwing my name in the hat for a chance to win! Yay! :)

  14. Elizabeth & Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    WHAT?!?! Ahhhhh! That is amazing! Love, love, love incredible people… and kind of pumped to see the packaging too! ;) I mean really pumped! ;)

  15. Jen O

    Great review, Mary. And yes, Jose is amazing. Truly. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this – To win would be even better! :)

  16. Spring

    OOOOOH I’ve been drooling over that book!!!! Haven’t gotten myself a copy yet but it would be a perfect addition to my coffee table in my NEW MEETING SPACE FOR CLIENTS!!!! Yup- I took yours and Justin’s advice and signed a lease on a new space last week!!!! So crazy :) XOXO

  17. Chelsea McGowan

    oh my! I’ve never wanted to win one of your contests more than today. :) Jose Villa is such a beacon in the industry… Truly an inspiration!!

  18. Lauren

    Oh! I’ve been wanting to get this book. A signed copy would be AMAZING! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  19. Kris

    I’ve never won a contest before, but I’d LOVE to win this one! Jose is amazing and I can’t wait to get to look at his book!! :D

  20. Brooke Bikneris

    I LOVE Jose Villa’s work! So intimate. I will be out of town when this is drawn, but I hope if I get picked, you will give me a day to check my email!

  21. kisha whitney

    I love him too! Beautiful work!

  22. cayce

    I’m starting to get into Wedding Photography (sloooowly) and this would be the perfect resource and tool!!! pick me!

  23. Jose Betancur

    Jose Villa photography is amazing, and his weddings tells true story, you feel the love, you feel the fun, the passion.

    Hope t get the book.

  24. Justin James

    You should give it to me because I’m Justin too.

  25. Susie Solorio

    I love Jose’s work! He has a wonderful eye!

  26. heather saunders

    Jose is such an amazing talent. The love that shows thru in each image is so rare and hard to pull out of couples and he does it brilliantly! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have my own personally signed copy of the book. If not no worries, I plan on ordering anyway. xoxoxxoxoHS

  27. Cecilia Burgos

    I would love to get my hand on this book!

  28. Amberlee (Fellow Mountaineer Lover)

    Love love! I keep meaning to order Jose’s book! I’m sure its stunning! An autographed copy would be even more amazing! :)

  29. Liz Lovi

    I love Jose Villa, and have been admiring his beautiful work a lot lately…inspiring me to want to pull out my film camera! I would absolutely love to read his book, and it would be such an added bonus with it signed!!

  30. Haley

    I would love to have this book!!! And I love your words Mary…I bet Jose has a crush on you too :)

  31. Jeanette Verster

    Just in awe of his work… have you seen his Instagram photos? Just as incredible!

  32. Izzy Hudgins

    This book is on my birthday list! Im ready to take my photography and business to the next level, I would LOVE to win a signed copy!!

  33. Philip Haughey

    I would love to get my hands on this! I really enjoy his work and can’t wait to get to reading!!!

  34. Erika Melson

    ohhhh!! I would LOVE to have a copy!

  35. Kellie

    I love your quote…."he creates a standard of beauty, grace and quiet simplicity in his images that challenges me on a daily basis to be better." So true! I would cherish this book too!

  36. Julia

    I’ve heard so much about this book… it’d be awesome to get in on the fun and have my own copy. I admire Jose’s work so much.

  37. Julia Noack

    I was in that ballroom with you and THINKING THE SAME THING!!! Love love love his work, would be THRILLED! to get a copy of his book!

  38. Jen Creed

    I am in desperate need of some inspiration right now…something tells me this would do the trick!

  39. margaret

    This would be fantabulous! I love Jose!!

  40. Sarajane Case

    I love what you said about teaching the rest of us to see beauty in the ordinary! good words.

  41. Cristina Alt

    ooo I would love to win a copy! I so want to read it :)

  42. Sarah

    ooh, I would love to have a copy of this book as I begin my career as a wedding photographer!!

  43. Meridith

    I would LOVE to look through and read this book. Thanks for the opportunity

  44. Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements

    I adore Jose’s work and have not had the pleasure of seeing his book just yet. I’m always swooning over every wedding I see that he’s shot. It would be so awesome to win a copy and even more because it would be signed. I have a signed book collection, currently including Wolfgang Puck, Giada, Mindy Weiss and Tara Guerard too, would be so thrilled to add this book to my special shelf!

  45. Ali

    Hi Justin and Mary! Thank you so much for doing this! It’s so awesome just to have the opportunity to win! You’re so right. His work finds beauty in the ordinary using the one tool available to all of us photographers: light. He will no doubt go down as a true master of the craft. Oh yes. Would you choose my name, please? :)

  46. Kate

    Oooh, if you have a crush on this guy then I HAVE to have this book! Crossing my fingers!

  47. Wes Wages

    Wanted to read this for sometime now!! Who wouldn’t after looking at just the cover!

  48. Damaris Mia

    I’ve heard MANY great things about this book and would be forever happy to win it :)

  49. Kerry Ly

    Yes please!

  50. Jenny

    Whaaaaat??? This. Is. Awesome. Since I can’t afford his workshops, maybe this will help me out! (:

  51. Lara

    That’s so wonderful of him…and of you for writing the post. Love his work as well.

  52. Laura

    Jose is truly an artist & so inspiring. I have been wishing for this book since it came out! :)

  53. Becky

    I would love to win this book! I am planning my wedding and my groom is a photographer. Jose is such an inspiration for us and we would treasure an autographed copy of Fine Art Weddings. *crossesfingers*

  54. Peter Nop

    Thanks for you input on the book. I’ve been a fan of his work for sometime. I haven’t gotten around to purchasing the book yet, but freebies are nice too! =)

  55. Jessica Gomez

    Love Jose’s images! I want a copy, a signed copy of his book ;)

  56. Katie Yuen

    I’m pretty sure your good reviews could convince me to buy anything..when its good, its great it seems! but anyway, I ADORE jose villa’s work and i adore books and i adore you Mary!!!!!!

  57. Deborah Zoe

    It’s like you know whats on my Amazon wish list or something;) Thank you Jose and Justin and Mary for offering up a copy:)!

  58. Ang

    I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy of fine art weddings! It’s actually on my birthday gift list, and my birthday is on Friday so Thursday would be PERFECT timing! :)

  59. Naomi Elle

    ooooh oooh! PICK ME!!! :)

  60. Michelle Stone

    awesome!! love Jose’s work and am now even more excited about this book!

  61. Rurie

    pleaseeee pick meeeee :)

  62. brandi Stevenson

    Seriously! We just went to a workshop where this book was discussed and it is too funny that it popped here on one of our favorite blogs! I am so glad you got to sit in on one of Villa’s workshops!

  63. Jen Johnson

    Gosh, I’d LOVE to win this book!!! His work is just incredible and he’s a master of light. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  64. Tiffany Manning

    Jose is such an icon! The way he sees light is inspiring and I would LOVE to win this treasure!! Love, Tif

  65. Ashley

    Hip hip horraayyy for Jose!

  66. Kimberly Chau

    Mary, what a wonderful giveaway! You + Justin and Jose are such inspirations for my life + work. I’d love to own a copy of Jose Villa’s new book. I just know it’ll open my eyes to so many things in wedding photography!

  67. Laurajane

    oh i love his work. it’s like a breath of fresh air. one time i bought a wedding magazine solely because his pictures were in it. and i would love to have his book.

  68. liz

    love the idea of "creating art out of everyday"

  69. Melissa DeSchamp

    Would love to win! Thanks so much for the give-away : )

  70. Ryan

    This book is totally on my wish list at Amazon!!!

  71. Christy Cropper

    I’m so ready to fall in love with this book. I just need the book;)

  72. Jesse

    I admire him for still shooting with film despite the massive shift to digital in the last few years. I would love to win the book :)

  73. Courtney Weittenhiller

    Ooooh! LOVE Jose! Might just have to get this anyways!

  74. MartaV

    I have totally been thinking about getting this book. I love the way Jose photographs. So cool of him to give a copy away.

  75. toviah morris

    beautiful and simple. he’s a true artist. owning a signed copy of his book would be very special.

  76. Collette Thomas

    I’m SUPER ready to fall in love! From one photographer to another, what can I say, I just need it!

  77. Yesenia Emeric

    would love to win his book. Not sure why I haven’t already bought it yet?!?

  78. Tina

    Ooooo I would LOVE a copy of this book! I’ve had my eye on it:)

  79. Maddie

    Aw, you guys really DO spread the love. This is awesome!

  80. Jennifer Valluzzo

    What an awesome giveaway! Would LOVE to dive into this book!

  81. Michelle

    You did an awesome job at making this book amazing. I clicked order it before I saw the giveaway! While the page loaded I kept reading so I will wait till Thursday to order if I don’t win: )

  82. Caiti Barr

    I LOVE JOSE VILLA!!! His work is so dreamy! Pick Me!

  83. Ani C

    I just recently got a chance to see Jose’s work and I was taken by the images. He not only captured the moment, he capture the feeling, I was moved by the expressions, he is a story teller. Looking forward to read the book! <3

  84. Jenny Dewey

    Wow! I am absolutely going to have to check him out!! And will invest in the book even if I don’t win. :)

  85. Louise

    Yayy! What a great prize! His work is so beautiful!!!

  86. Amanda

    Wooohoooo! Jose’s work is amazing and I can’t wait to get my copy of this book :)

  87. Tessa

    I’d love to have such a wonderful tool to help me! Thanks doe this opportunity! If I don’t win I’ll have to buy it!

  88. ST

    Would love to read it!!!

  89. Pamela Strohl

    light & love. it makes the world go round. thanks for sharing the beauty with the world.

  90. Emily

    Love, love, LOVE his work and would absolutely LOVE to win this book:) Thanks for doing this!

  91. denise

    crossing my fingers to win a copy of this beautiful and amazing book!

  92. Lauren

    I have been an avid follower of Jose’s and been dying to get his book. Please, please, please!!

  93. Terri Kaye

    Love his work and your writing. Thanks for sharing :)

  94. Nichole Poirier

    I LOVE Jose’s work as well. So sincere! I sure hope I’m the lucky girl to get the book… fingers and toes crossed!

  95. Katie Jordan

    Who DOESN’T have a crush on Jose Villa!? He is amazing, and his style is beautiful. I definitely need to add his book to my home collection!

  96. Heather

    Please, please, please pick me! I really, REALLY want this book. And I will buy it if I don’t win. But wouldn’t it be grand to have the signed copy!

  97. jamie delaine

    hey fun! i wanna win! that’s great.

  98. Beth

    Throwing my hat in the ring and crossing my fingers.

  99. sheri

    this is currently on my reading list of books that I’ll actually read and not just look at the photographs!

  100. Delia

    ohhh I have been eyeing up that book for weeks now! Please let it be me :-)

  101. Amy M

    looks great! thanks to you and Jose for sharing!

  102. Tammie

    Jose does beautiful work!

  103. michelle

    Would love, love, love to win.

  104. Amanda

    i adore jose’s work and would love to win his book!
    and now ive discovered your lovely blog. off to look around some more.
    thank you.

  105. Chelsea

    Jose’s photos constantly make me weak in the knees. :) Truly a gem in this industry! What a sweet gift to pour his heart out and share so much with all of us! I cannot wait to flip through these pages and savor all that it contains.

  106. Brooke

    Oooh I would love love love to win this! Thank you for the chance. :)

  107. Lori Calhoun

    Sounds like a great book…I would love to enter to win it, thanks guys!

  108. Anna

    How generous of you both! Thanks for sharing the love! :)

  109. Julia Azcona

    I, too, want to be in love… please?

  110. Julia R

    What a wonderful contest! I love Jose Villa’s beautiful photography. Thanks for the chance :-)

  111. Aja Peru

    I almost ordered myself a copy todat but instead I will hold off till you have done the drawing. thanks for the chance!

  112. Jamie

    I kinda wanna be his friend.

  113. Stacy

    His book is on my wish list for my birthday, but my bday is in December, so I’d really love an early present. ;) Tee hee hee

  114. manda

    just came across your site from a re-tweet. love your work and your site design! :)

  115. Graham Terhune

    WOOOOOO! Free book! Oh, and we miss you guys! :)

  116. Cristal

    Like many others, I am also in LOVE with Jose’s work! <3

  117. Taylor Jackson

    Who doesn’t have a crush on jose villa!!

  118. Kari Jeanne

    Oh I would love to receive his book! It looks amazing, definitely on my must have list!!

  119. Manda Koolis

    LOVE Jose’s work! How cool of him to offer such a gift!

  120. Sarah W.

    I love Jose Villa’s style and would most definitely benefit from reading his book! Thank you :)

  121. Jen P

    I would love to own this book. It looks amazing!

  122. Megan Shipley

    i want one (:

  123. Kare

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this book! How nice of you all to give one away.

  124. Feuza

    how neat of him! I have been wanting this book for a while! I hope I winnnnnnn, :-) thanks so much Mary

  125. Stephanie

    I would buy it just for the cover! It’s so pretty!

  126. Matt Gibson

    really enjoyed his talk at WPPI & his book has been on my Amazon wishlist…thanks for the post and reminder to get this book!

  127. jackie g. photog

    yay!! :)

  128. Courtney Clarke

    I would LOVE to have this book! It’s on my "must read" list; I just adore his use of film!

  129. Crystal Soukoreff

    *squeak squeak* me with excitement viewing Jose’s book!

  130. Ray

    I’ve heard of Jose Villa before through Jessica Claire (another amazing wedding photographer. He shot her wedding photos if I’m correct). And I’ve been to his website before. He sounds like an incredible guy. I’ll definitely check out the book when I can.

  131. April Lambert

    OHHHHH…can’t wait to get my hands on it-thanks for the heads up :))

  132. Joe Don Richardson

    Ok so if you’ll look up to Jose he must be great!

  133. Nicole Chubb

    I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of this – maybe you can end my wait :)

  134. Jenna Strubhar

    Thank you so much for writing about this! Putting it on the "get right away" list! :)

  135. Ginger D

    I have been wanting this book since it was released!!

  136. Meredith

    The book looks and sounds amazing! Someone will get very lucky… I hope it is me!

  137. Brooke

    Sounds amazing!

  138. Jen May Pastores

    Generous, indeed! I own very few photo books, less than the fingers on one hand, so I’d be thrilled to receive Jose’s book!

  139. Ana Contreras

    Oh wow!!! That’s very generous of him :)

  140. laura

    I’d LOVE a copy of his book – if I don’t win it here, I’ll definitely be ordering it soon!!

  141. Alicia Candelora

    I’d LOVE to win this! Was thinking about getting it anyway…

  142. Candace

    Wow! Amazing!!! I want it!! :)

  143. Amy O.

    I’ve been dying for this book! LOVE jose villa’s work!

  144. Laura

    Wow – thank you so much! This book looks incredible!

  145. Joe+Kathrina

    EEEP!! I want to be blown away! Want this book so badly!

  146. Brian McCormack

    Incredible photographs! I’d love to read what he has to say!

  147. Jessica

    Agreed, Jose is an incredible person & artist. I also sat in on his presentation at WPPI and was smitten. :P I kept crossing my fingers & hoping that my business card would be drawn for one of the books he was giving away. Alas, I didn’t get lucky. Maybe I will get lucky this time! ;)

  148. Kristen

    georgeous, would love a copy!

  149. Alexandra Hunt Photography

    I’d love to win this! LOVE LOVE LOVE Jose!

  150. julianna collett

    Jose is an inspiration and a master of his craft.

  151. kim lowery

    Still awake watching for the impending tornadoes, and I’m thankful for your post keeping me company. I heart Jose 2. =)

  152. JamieY

    I would love to win this book. His work is so gorgeous and lovely

  153. Sharon De La O

    Ooooh fingers and toes crossed! This book has been on my NEED list. Adore Jose’s work, makes my eyes and heart happy

  154. Jackie Lamas

    I heart Jose Villa too. Just amazing!

  155. ajira

    Wow!! Fabulous review and what a gift to giveaway!

  156. Michelle

    It’s all been said! ;)

  157. Jessica Sweeney

    You can never have too many photography books. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  158. Shannon Rosan

    I absolutely adore Jose Villa :) He is so inspiring. And one day when I grow up I hope to see the world, even if it’s just a little bit, like him.

  159. Fiona

    So, so lovely! Would absolutely love to win this book!

  160. Karen A

    Ah! I am a newly minted fan of Jose Villa! His work is breathtaking. Thank you for this opportunity!!


    Would love to win this book. Have my fingers and my toes crossed trying to bring luck

  162. Laura Anderson

    His work is so quality. I’d love a copy of his book.


    Mary thanks for sharing with us. Jose Villa’s work is incredibly amazing! Just love how his images are simple yet very emotional and elegant. I was able to do a quick browse of his book because a friend of mine got it and was able to show me. I would love to have my own copy. THANK YOU in advance! Have a magnificent day! =)

  164. Nikki

    Ohhhh I want this bad!! REAL BAD!

  165. Ronnie

    Love, love, LOVE his work. I would absolutely love to have a copy of this book!

  166. Sophia Harcourt

    So would love a signed copy, fingers crossed. I bought the spring issue of Unveiled because when I opened it up it landed on one of my favorite images from a recent wedding and decided I had to have the magazine around for inspiration;).

  167. Christy

    Well, somehow you made me want this book even more than I already did!!

  168. John Bosley

    I had a chance to look through a friend’s copy of this book and instantly fell in love with it. It has beautiful images and loads of inspiration. Still need to pick up a copy…

  169. Sydni Jackson

    Wow you make this guy sound incredible – I am going to have to check him out! I’m just getting into photography and would LOVE to have his book to learn more!!

  170. maren

    i would LOVE this book!

  171. Ashley Gillett

    Well, I figure I’ll throw my name in the mix. heard so many good things about his book.

  172. Lauren Wakefield

    You’ve sold me. I will add this to my list of must-reads!

  173. Tonya

    Gotta get one. Love Jose!

  174. Tracy

    Oh how I would love to have this book, especially after your glowing review!

  175. Darlene

    I’m a fan of Jose Villa, too. This book has been added to my must-read list.=)

  176. Stacy Hart

    I love Jose Villa! His work is super inspiring and I know I will cherish this book throughout the years of my business.

  177. Faith

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! :)

  178. Asha Lea

    I have been eyeing this book for months! I LOVE Jose Villa. I honestly can’t say what has been holding me back from buying it. If it is possible, YOU just made me want it more! Thanks for sharing. :)

  179. Emma P

    I have a crush on him too!! I think Jose’s work is amazing and so inspiring!

  180. Kim J Martin

    Yes please!! :)

  181. Brian Herman

    Oh my, procrastination may pay off for once. I hadn’t ordered mine yet so…

  182. Tanya Odom

    What a gorgeous book! Love to have a copy, please!!!

  183. emily smith

    I have had my eye on this book since they mentioned it’s release months and months ago. Thanks so much for the giveaway : )

  184. angel gray

    I’d love to read it, your review sounds terrific!

  185. Christine Donovan

    It would be an honor. I have been lusting for this book… pouring over the reviews and reading my facebook feed with envy, it seems, it’s only me who hasn’t had it in my hands yet!

  186. Beth

    I gasped out loud when I read that you were giving away a signed copy! I LOVE Jose Villa’s work. He is so amazing! It is a long shot but I had to at least leave a comment and try! You guys are so awesome!

  187. Kimberly Wilson

    Ooohhh…. I would LOVE a copy of Jose’s book!! I’m in need of a lovely dose of inspiration in my business right now and this couldn’t come at a better time! :)

  188. Erin

    How fun! I haven’t seen Jose’s book, but I have been a fan of his for SO long that I might have to check it out.

  189. Kristin

    Oooh. His work has such a sweetness to it. And this giveaway is so nice.

  190. Brittany Brock

    How amazing that he (and you guys too) not only inspires other photographers with his work, but is then also gracious enough to write a book on it. Fan-tabulous!

  191. Stella

    Pick me! Pick me! (jumping up and down clapping hands) Wouls so love to own a copy of this book…pick me!!!! :)

  192. cassie

    am i late am i late? i’m in need of some serious direction in the wedding photography world right now. i’m suddenly reconsidering my shooting style and it scares the CRAPOLA out of me. i’ve been set in my ways for so long that i’m terrified to change.

  193. Rosaline

    I’ve just discovered Jose Villa tonight and been looking at his photos for hours. The pastel tone, the soft light and the silkiness of every single frame makes my heart go soft. It isn’t just the scene. Jose blows soul into his pictures. It’s like forgetting the time, space and all else; just letting the tranquility sink in slowly then capturing that perfect shot. That FROZEN moment of BEAUTY. It goes beyond the object itself. It opens the door for more imagination. It’s like a chain of emotional reactions. As Albert Einstein once said: " Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

    Thank you, Jose Villa, for inspiring me to imagine.

  194. Vanessa

    Lovely looking book…I love finding beauty in the ordinary.

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