July 7, 2011

Stuff We Love: Kelly Moore Bags

So I had of course heard of the Kelly Moore Bags (I mean c’mon, I hadn’t taken up permanent residence under a rock or anything!), but to be honest I had never actually gotten to see one in person until this year. When at pretty much every stop for Walk Through we’ve done this year, at least some of our attendees have had one. And I gotta say, I just fell in love with them. The super soft leather, all the different colors, fashion AND function, and big enough to hold all wedding day survival staples….now that’s my kinda bag!

So…..we thought we’d give one away! :)

The contest is really simple. If you haven’t already, head on over HERE and HERE to follow us both on Twitter. Then tomorrow, include us both among your #follow fridays. That’s it. We’ll be looking in our Twitter streams for who did it and we’ll be picking one lucky winner from there. Who will have their choice of style, color and awesomeness in their very own Kelly Moore bag! And hey while we’re talking all this social media, if you want to get extra brownie points head on over to our J&M facebook page and give us a “like” there too! And….GO!

  1. Emilia Jane


  2. Emily Crall

    Oh hurray!!!!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me. Yes, I’m smart enough to know that you’re not actually picking based on comments here, but I think I should get extra brownie points for ALREADY following you guys on Twitter and facebook. :) Just saying…

  3. April Russell

    Already LOVE you amazing guys on Facebook! We are now following you via Twitter!

    Adore the Kelly Moore bags!!!!!

  4. Anne Schmidt

    But I already like you facebook ;-)

  5. Heather Goodreau

    SWOON…… <3

  6. Anna Sawin

    I spotted one at WTAW 2.0–and was sold–I had it on my list to investigate! What timing! :)

  7. Kari Jeanne

    What if I don’t have a twitter account!?!?! I would follow you both if I had it! I would LOVE a Kelly Moore bag – they are amazing!! PS. You guys are the best for giving one away!!

  8. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    I bought my husband the Kelly Boy bag for Christmas. It is awesome! A km bag of my own is definitely on my wish list!

  9. Raven Mathis

    I love the Kelly Moore bags! I have a Hobo and would adore one of the larger ones!!

  10. mariana herrera mosli

    These bags are GORGEOUS! I would love one!! Be looking out for my tweet tomorrow! ;)


  11. sharon elizabeth

    are you kidding me?! ahh – christmas in july! =) XO

  12. michelle

    Awesome! I want. :)

  13. Katie

    Me want, badly!! You two are so amazing!!!

  14. Nora

    What a great prize! Would love to win one!

  15. Heather Corporan

    Ooooh, sweet! I’ve heard alot of good things, but when you blog about it, it’s just so much more believable somehow! lol Tweeting away : ) Somehow I was following you and not Justin?? All fixed now!

  16. amanda

    oooh, I long for a Kelly Moore bag. Following, looking forward to your work and spreading the love! :)

  17. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Hmm….I’m curious. Shopping for a new camera bag is always such a task.

  18. Tracy

    I’ve never owned a stylish bag!

  19. Sarah Deragon

    Your work is incredible. I will be crossing my fingers and toes to win this bag. Great contest!!

  20. Damaris Mia

    Pretty excited for this! I’ve always wanted one of these bags :)

  21. Alison VanDerwerker

    AWESOME! It would be so wonderful to win this bag. I have really wanted to get one of these for our wedding photographer. She will be taking our pictures, and REALLY deserves one of these, but our budget has come under fire, and I REALLY wanted to get her one as a present. I wouldn’t keep it for myself; I’d share the love!
    My twitter username is @alisonwith1l! Please take this into consideration!! :)

  22. Alexandra

    My name is Alexandra and I am a single mom and photographer (my son is my sidekick). I have been looking at these bags for a long time and I know it would be SO useful for so many different reasons. They are so stylish and fun and practical. It would be a lot better to lug around my camera and lenses in one of these bags rather than in a huge backpack to EVERY shoot I have (or even on weekend trips to the lake!). I would LOVe to win one of these bags!

  23. Kira

    Just started photography and I would love to get my hands on one.

  24. denise karis

    What is #follow fridays?

  25. denise karis

    omg ok i think i did it right… totally didnt know that was a thing :P Thanks both of you! these bags look delicious!!!

  26. Jessica B.

    Very cute way to do a giveaway and to gain new followers!

  27. Liz Bedwell

    Wow!!!! This is a great giveaway! I have the B-hobo and I love it…it’s the perfect bag for carrying my camera everywhere with me and staying stylish! Thanks J&M!

  28. sharon elizabeth

    ahh! i hope i did it right! i had to google how to use twitter symbols.. i’m still getting used to it! haha =)

  29. Crystal Heft

    All set! How I’d love to have one of these for Walk Through a Wedding in Boston next month. Here is crossing my fingers!

  30. Asha Lea

    I absolutely ADORE you guys and these bags. Crossing my fingers that I win. :) Good luck everyone.

  31. Beth

    Tweeted about you: http://twitter.com/#!/OurTypicalLife/status/89342024867778560

    and also liked you on FB!

  32. Heather Corporan

    @Sharon, I’m so Twitter illiterate, I should’ve googled it too LOL I never enter contests for this reason, but this one is too good not too : ) Luck to all!

  33. Amy S

    Totally just entered..what a fantastic giveaway!

  34. Lea

    Hooray! Another giveaway! ::crosses fingers & other crossables:: Love your work and your bags look fabulous :)

  35. Imene

    Crossing fingers and toes!! I would love one Kelly’s bags sooo much!

  36. Diane Poff

    I have done all you asked (hope I did it right). I have wanted one of these bags for so long, I think I enter every giveaway for one that I can find. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  37. Celeste

    I am now following you both on twitter (@celeste_w) & just included you both in my #FF tweet :) thanks for the chance — I LOVE Kelly’s bags!

  38. Trae

    You guys are so generous!

  39. Jess Glass

    It’s crazy how you two just continue to grow in my estimation. I love the way that you openly educate others on your field and take people with you as your business continues to grow.
    What an amazing opportunity for one of us who may not be able to afford one of these beauties to own one.
    Thank you for everything!

  40. Chad Hansen

    WooHoo! I’ve been eyeing the kelly boy for quite some time! We splurged and bought a b-hobo for my wife a few months ago, and it only made me want one even more! These bags are crazy awesome.
    Oh please oh please oh please pick me!

  41. Faith

    Done! ;) Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  42. Stephanie Stewart

    Done! I’ve never done follow fridays before…until now! And what better reason than to spread the word about how wonderful you are!

  43. Katie Tullis

    Just found you guys and am loving your pages! I’m heading to Facebook now to "Like" ya! (Would freakin love a Kelly Moore Bag, by the way!) :)

  44. Samantha

    Done! Thanks!

  45. Kristin Nicole

    Well that would be way awsome…

  46. Kristin Nicole

    Well that would be way awsome…

  47. andrea

    I’m loving the new mimi bag!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Jeannine m

    I follow and #ff @mellanhead

  49. Tara C

    I am so happy I discovered your website! Such beautiful work! I liked you on Facebook and have FF you on twitter. Fingers crossed! I’m dreaming of a mustard B-Hobo bag! They are just too awesome!

  50. Nancy Mitchell

    I LOVE you J&M! I would LOVE to win a free Kelly Moore bag! Looking for a mom bag to carry my camera around! Thinking the hobo bag might be my pick!

  51. Diane Cayton-Hakey

    Dying and going to camera bag heaven if I win this…

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