May 27, 2009

Stuff we Love: Lush and Joy Moody!!

Alright! Whew, we’re back from another whirlwind weekend! Like we said, we had the awesome wedding of Stephanie & Greg on Saturday (and it was AWESOME!) and then it was down to New Jersey for the two day wedding of Erin & Brendon over Memorial Day.

For that one, we were so lucky to have our good friend (and phenomenal photographer) Joy Moody along to help us out. Joy is amazing and one of the most thoughtful people I know. She also just so happens to share an addiction that I have to Lush bath products. They are all handmade and smell so good you could eat them. Believe me, I’ve tried.

I {heart} them!

Seriously, I could blow our whole house fund there. (Don’t worry Papa D….if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t really!) One of my favorite things from there is the Ocean Salt Scrub. And you can check it out HERE!!

And BECAUSE Joy is so thoughtful and amazing, she showed up with a whole goodie bag of bath bombs and soap for my birthday. How awesome is that?!

Here are just a few:

And here we are with Miss Moody herself, rockin’ out at the reception. Stay tuned as we get ourselves back on the bloggin’ bandwagon….Part III of Irena & Danny will be up VERY shortly.

  1. Stephanie

    Love getting little treats and trinkets from good friends. :D Lucky you!

  2. Jacob Bergmeier

    I haven’t ever heard of Lush, but I can say that Joy is one of the nicest people I have met and a real pleasure to talk to. Can’t wait to see images from the wedding!

  3. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I’ve never heard of Lush, either! I am so out of the loop!

    Seriously, you tried to eat them?

  4. MM

    LOL, well no not seriously….but I seriously considered it! :)

  5. The Apprentice ;)

    I’ll second that! A friend gave me the sandstone soap (smells like lemonade) and it totally makes you wonder… if it smells this good… why can’t I taste it?!? Kudos to Joy for an AWESOME birthday gift!!

  6. Ray

    I’m going to have to check out those Lush Bath Products. And I can’t wait to read more wedding entries (and see more photos).

  7. Joy Moody

    Glad you are enjoying the lush goodness, happy birthday girl! I put a bomb in my car as a "freshener" its fantastic, Jetta’s always smell like crayons. Was so fun to see you guys and great to finally shoot with you. *Muah* hugs and kisses!

  8. Feuza

    Can’t believe you guys are were in Jersey, gotta let me know when you come down but thats ok cause I am in Nashville, TN doing Sara Barlow’s internship- some awesome time. but holler next time you are down

  9. Erica Velasco

    OMG I luv Lush too!

  10. Cathy Crawley

    I heart Lush too ;)

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