December 29, 2010

Stuff We Love: Mooses (Or is it Meese?)

There are many reasons I love her.

Her chocolate chip cookies and homemade ice box cake definitely top the list. But there’s also how she always smiles when she sees me. And her hugs. Because she’s the kind of person who hugs with her whole heart. How she says the nice things that other people might just let slide by. And the good that she sees in everyone around her.

Plus she just gets me. She has from day one.

And each Christmas I’m reminded of that. From the perfect pink sweater to the blueberry pancake mix I can’t believe I was living without…..she gets me.

I think her son gets that from her.

Well this year, my mama-in-law outdid herself because she found the perfect bag for me. A corduroy tote covered in Mooses (hmmm or is it Meese….I never get that one right :) And I fully intend on carrying it with me everywhere from here on out…. y’know while wearing a pink sweater and making blueberry pancakes.

So tell me, what was one of YOUR favorite gifts you got this year? Leave a lil’ comment in the box below, and I’ll be picking one lucky commenter to win their very own Meese bag!

  1. Gail

    Pretty sure it’s moose ;)

    And my fave gift was the ENTIRE boxed set of Friends on DVD. Hmmm…or maybe the awesome juicer I got? Either way, it was a very merry Xmas!

  2. MM

    @Gail: whoa, that’s awesome! That’s a lot of hours of "how you doin" goodness right there! :)

  3. Jen p

    My iPod touch, love it

  4. Karen

    My favorite gift was BY FAR my Kelly Moore camera bag! It’s not only totally gorgeous but it fits all of my gear perfectly! :)

  5. Jil

    it must have been the year for awesome mothers-in-law, b/c i got Tiffany earrings from mine! :o)

  6. Kare

    Can I say love and support from my family? Is that too cheesy? This year it is oh so true, but you’d have to read the blog to get the whole story.

  7. Deb

    Hands down my 24" LCD monitor! But the business magnets for my car were a total surprise and an amazingly close 2nd:)

  8. Karen G

    The Foggy Mountain Six-Pack from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio. THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD! I discovered Jeni’s on a business trip to Columbus. Who da thunk it? Columbus!

  9. Brandis | Pretty Pink High Heels

    My husband and I exchange only one gift every year (to buy extra for our babies) and this year I received an 18k gold diamond necklace that has 3 intertwined hearts. One for my husband, one for my son and one for my daughter. It’s PERFECT.

  10. Alicia Candelora

    Granny-esque or not, my favorite Christmas gifts were undoubtedly a crock pot and kitchenaid mixer. I like to think of the kitchen aid as the younger, prettier sister of the crock pot. Still, they are both slightly Granny-like.

  11. Shelya

    Adorable tote…too bad it would look a little odd down here in Florida. M my fave gift was a new phone so I can finally do more than make calls on mine -come on, who does that anymore ;) And this FL girl got to play in 8 inches of snow the day after Christmas in NC and made amazing memories with my kids and husband!

  12. Rebecca

    I got the best present this year…remember the fstopbreastcancer auction for a J&M mentoring session? My husband won that and gave it to me for a Christmas gift!! Pretty much the coolest, one-of-a-kind gift a girl can get (especially a girl just starting out in photography who stalks this blog!). Hubby did well this year :) xo

  13. Rebecca

    I got the best present this year…remember the fstopbreastcancer auction for a J&M mentoring session? My husband won that and gave it to me for a Christmas gift!! Pretty much the coolest, one-of-a-kind gift a girl can get (especially a girl just starting out in photography who stalks this blog!). Hubby did well this year :) xo

  14. Alison

    Every year, hubby and the kids pick out a new pair of pj’s for me. It is apparently a long and drawn out decision with lots of negotiation involved (according to hubby) to arrive at the right ones. I love that they put so much into picking just the right ones for me. What can I say, I am pretty simple:) It didn’t hurt that they had to be two sizes smaller than last year either!

  15. Whitney Gray

    This is TRUE: My family got me my very own snow blower! I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow but I live in Charlotte, NC where it hardly ever snows. It was a hard gift to pull together- you can’t just run to Walmart for a snow blower. Imagine my shock on Christmas Day when I opened it! Our plan is to make a hill in our front yard for all the kids to sled on. :)

  16. Robin McQuay Anderson

    My husband and I don’t exchange gifts. But, when he saw the holes in my slippers, he quietly went out and bought me a new purple pair. It’s the simple things – the fact that he noticed – the comment he made that he wanted my feet to be warm. That’s my best Christmas gift – the love behind the slippers.

  17. Stef

    Too funny this post is about Moose (or Moose’s?) – my little cousins made moose shaped cupcakes in honor of my mom yesterday bc she is obsessed with Moose!
    Anyways, one of my favorite gifts I received was DANCE LESSONS with my hubby (my choice of dance!). We used to take lessons before our wedding & had so much fun together… but slacked afterwards. I love that he gave me something thoughtful for us to do together and wants to become a better dancer for me :)

  18. Deborah Zoe

    most definitely our vacuum, the hoover cyclonic pet remover plus. oh boy! you know you’re a home owner when you ask for and receive a vacuum for Christmas! And then it ends up being your favorite present…

  19. Jess

    I’d say the MAC eyeshadow took the cake…along with the slanted tip brush for nice blending. Very quality tools :)

  20. NikW

    My husband surprised me with an Epiphan!e camera bag! Love him.

  21. NikW

    I have to add that this bag replaced my current Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper/camera bag…..

  22. katie b

    Emma Bridgewater black toast and marmalade plates from England. I have admired them since I was 15, and mom bought them for me for my new house, I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas all over again! :)

  23. Michelle

    My favorite gift was a gray knit beret with sparkles that my co-worker bought me. It was so perfecty me, and it it fit my freakishly small head. It just blew my mind that she got my anything at all.

    I also feel that I should mention my moose obsession! I’ve been going to Vermont since I was a kid and I have NEVER seen a moose. It kills me! I still have a moose tee-shirt from my first trip to Vermont…all perfectly worn in and faded. I have collected many moose tee shirts since then. I also wear a knit moose hat in the winter and have taken to answering to "moose" at work.

    Sad, but it’s true love :o)

  24. Evie Perez

    Oh where do I start! My favorite Christmas gift was being able to see my husband before he deploys. I flew to Wisconsin to see him and he surprised me by waiting for me at the airport. We were not planning on buying each other gifts this year but he bought me my first Coach purse. I will forever cherish this gift, not only is it a Coach purse but it’s the last thing he bought me before he leaves. This is an awesome bag. I ‘ve never seen it before but Mary it fits you like a glove.

  25. Julia R

    The first year I spent Christmas with my fiance’s family outside of Pittsburgh, we went to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house, "Falling Water." I had dreamed of seeing the house in person since I was a small child and watched a CBS News Sunday Morning segment on repairs to the home with my father. Before he passed away, I had always hoped we’d go together someday. But it was still a very special trip when I finally visited the home with my future in-laws and my fiance. This year, my future in-laws gave me a book about another Frank Lloyd Wright home in PA…and a promise to take me there in person next Christmas. I am so touched!

  26. Spring

    tough call- but its between The French Laundry Cookbook or the All-Clad pots and pans… can you tell i’m trying to be a better cook this year??

  27. Tira J

    My most favorite gift this year was seeing my brother so incredibly happy. He had a terrible marriage, was living with my Mom for 8 years after his divorce, and now is in a beautiful relationship with a great gal, has lost almost 100 pounds, and is doing really well. Finally! He is HAPPY and that is the best gift any of us could have received this year. During dessert on Christmas Eve, he was sitting at the dining room table with a sort of glazed look. My mom asked if he was okay. All he said was, "I am so happy". Of course, the rest of us became blubbering messes! Love that bag and love you guys! xoxo

  28. Kristin H.

    Being able to hug my 93yr old grandma? Does that count?! Cheeseball right.. but true!! My uncle/her son passed away the week before Christmas and being lucky enough to only have a car ride in order to hug her on Christmas Day was better than anything.

  29. kat hanafin

    i got one gift… WELL worth only getting one for the girl that would move to the tropics in a hearbeat… a remote car starter from mum & dad <3 oh yeah, and this past year being the best year of my life :D

  30. jackie g. photog

    i’d have to say my favorite was "The Golden Hour," a book about Herb Ritts!! (and i LOVE meese too!!)

  31. Sandra Costello

    My best gift this year was one I gave myself: the gift of creative freedom. Being able to pursue a career built on love, relationships and documenting special moments is a gift I get to enjoy all year round. Hugs to you both!

  32. Nicole Robbins

    I got these set of 5 ottomans from BB&B that have 4 seats and one large. All of them are storage ottomans and the best part is that the four small ones fold up to store!

  33. Jessica Sweeney

    A beautiful ring from Pineapple Seed. I love it!

  34. Jensey

    I think the plural word for moose *is* moose! :) My best gift was the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection – Something I found I have in common with my grandfather 15 years after his passing. :)

  35. Allison K

    OMG, where did you find the Moose bag? I absolutely love Moose & have a pretty large collection of them. It is absolutely fabulous :) The best gift I received this year is a glassed in cabinet that my mom had especially designed for me. Since I was 13 years old, my mom has been giving me a little Swarovski Crystal Figurines for my birthday. Twenty years later I have twenty of them that have been stored in a box. I finally get to bring them out & put them in their glass case to enjoy.

  36. Diane Angel-Gomez

    I love the bag, super cute! My favorite gift I received this year was black leather croco handbag from my sister, it is so sassy and it goes with almost everything!

  37. Caitlin

    We weren’t working with much this year since Mike’s in school full time so we decided no gifts, but he cheated and stuck a Sephora gift card in my stocking. He said he saw me using my teeth to get the little nub of an eyeliner pencil out of its cap the other day (classy, I know) and, even though I usually go with drug store makeup, he said he wanted to give me something to make me feel special. Which was just as good as the gift itself!

  38. Courtney

    I totally got a card table with 4 chairs that is so needed and wanted. I know, it’s nothing huge, but I like to entertain and have friends over but never have enough seats. Now I’m a little closer. :)

  39. Catie Ronquillo

    POWER TOOLS! I’ve never been so excited to receive a drill and circular saw with 18Volts!

  40. Elizabeth

    My favorite gifts were the Nancy Drew DS game (who ever said I had to grow up?), the DeMarle Slipat Nonstick Baking Mat, and Ticket to Ride (the board game).

  41. Alicia Kleppinger

    My favorite gift was spending Christmas in our "first" home and having almost every box unpacked and room organized! And the Frye boots Stephen gave me weren’t bad either ;-)

  42. Anna Sawin

    my Patagonia "down sweater" because my husband knows warm and cozy is the way to my heart!

  43. Lydia

    It may sound funny, but my mom bought me a hula hoop, and it was just what I wanted! Fun exercise and a slimmer waist, here I come! :-D

  44. maggieb

    a stunninly beautiful pair of glass cardinals from Sherman glassworks in Vermont that we watched him make…an anthro Charles Dickens A CHRISTMAS CAROL and anthro sweater…but my absolute favorite gift is my "diamond" tennis bracelet and matching earrings from my 61/2 year old grandson that he purchased for me at his school Christmas bazaar!

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