September 24, 2013

Stuff We Love: Movie Quotes, Gray Skies & Anchors

Recently someone asked me if I ever watch the tv show “New Girl.”

When I answered that I hadn’t started watching it yet & did they think I would like it, they told me that they thought I would. Mostly because the main character Jess reminded them of me. They said, “Oh yea, she sings to herself and does little dances and is super quirky too.” Uhhhhh thanks, I guess! :) I mean I always knew that my dance moves & stellar singing voice were legendary….but I never knew anyone else was taking notice! Jazz hands….It’s Mary!

So speaking of all those random little quirky things that I’m (apparently) known for, here are a few more!

1. I would have entire conversations in movie quote & other random (often obscure) pop culture references….if only other people could actually figure out what I was talking about! One of my personal bests happened yesterday, where in the space of about two sentences, I was able to reference Jay-Z, Final Destination, Helen Hunt riding a cow, Bridesmaids and Don Draper all in one breath. It was a very good day.

2. I love my dog more than the normal appropriate amount, I’m pretty sure. I like hanging out with him so much that recently he’s actually taken to spending time in other rooms of the house. It’s basically like he’s saying “It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some space. I’ll call you.”

3. On a recent flight we discovered that a P.F. Changs had just opened in the Atlanta airport. And now every flight I ever take EVER must have a layover in Atlanta. Nothing cures a draining day of travel like some vegetarian lettuce wraps. Word!

4. We recently crossed the first item off our Fall Bucket List by decorating our front porch with mums & pumpkins. While we were shopping, I discovered these small bags full of little gourds & such that also contained these amazing small striped pumpkins. So I bought four bags of them just so I could get the pumpkins. Now I have a lot of gourds.

5. I know that it’s supposed to be golden light & sunshine that we’re all in love with, but I gotta say it….I love me some gray skies! Don’t get me wrong, I love that golden sunshiney light too, but there is just something so cozy about waking up and seeing one of those gray, cement mixer New England skies outside. It makes me want to eat clam chowder. Plus it makes for the softest, prettiest, silver light for pictures!

6. Anchors. Kind of obsessed with them! I have them on my door, I have them on my shelves. And now, thanks to the amazing Eryn Kesler….I’ll have them in my ears & on my thank you notes too! Love you Eryn!

7. Hold up. They make pumpkin spice m&m’s now?!?! I haven’t even had them yet & I already know I LOVE them!

8. I wear polka dots. A LOT. Recently I realized I had paired a polka dot top WITH a polka dot skirt. And that’s when I knew I needed a polka dot intervention. Not to be confused with a polka intervention. That would be very different indeed.

9. I’m pretty certain this was written just for me. Because it was exactly what I needed to hear. And, I’m really grateful that God didn’t tie my heart to a dream of professional singing. As is the rest of America. :)

Happy Tuesday y’all!

  1. Rachel McCloud

    Seriously I love this post. So much fun. My dog has currently ditched me and is laying in the living room on her bed despite my efforts to get her to keep me company ;)

  2. Sarah Hoppes

    That mix of pop culture references yesterday was pretty epic.

  3. Heather

    haha seriously Mary, I had the biggest smile on my face reading this post. My dog has been laying in other rooms lately too and I can’t help but take it personally! I almost picked out my favorite polka dot top to wear with my polka dot jeans the other day and stopped to laugh because I really would wear them together if only I didn’t think everyone else would laugh at me! <3 thanks for posting and YES you absolutely need to watch New Girl.

  4. Lydia

    Searched two stores for pumpkin spice M&M’s to no avail! So in a moment of weakness I bought a bag of candy corn! Not good for the diet!

  5. Eryn Kesler

    awww, I just saw this :) yay! And, I’m with you on the polka dots :)

  6. Rici

    Mary, I just love your posts! And your personal shares in them! I had the same with New Girl, so many people told me to watch it and that I would love it. It really is quite funny! But the first series is the best. Then it kinda wears off, with the weird, quirky stuff. I told you of Miranda right? It´s a british comedy sitcom. Its really good and British… ;)
    I love movie quotes, just so little people get them. haha.
    Right now I´m obsessed with anchor earrings from Piece, do you have this company? it´s really cute!
    ~ Salutiii.

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