March 7, 2009

Stuff we Love: Music

Well, we are back from an AWESOME time in Vermont! We walked in the door today around noon, dumped our stuff, and then turned right back around to go out for more house hunting today with J’s mom & dad. It was a good day…but we’re still definitely waiting on the ONE.

And as we persevere in that process, I think this song in particular is speaking to me today:

Oh geez….is it wrong that I’m learning life lessons from Hannah Montana? Yea, it probably is.

  1. Feuza

    Don’t worry, I love this music for her new movie- it is a great song!

  2. Ray

    Good luck on finding the right house for you. And it’s a nice song. Is it me though or– at 2:04-2:11– are they trying to copy off of, "The Notebook?" LOL! =P

  3. Tracy (Serendipity Images)

    Wow, who would have a thought a Miley Cyrus song would be so pertinent, but I totally related to this. These are the days we will remember! I hope your house-hunting goes well! =)

  4. imthiaz houseman

    Good luck on the house hunting. Its funny when I started watching the video my 3 yr old comes running over screaming its Hannah Montana and made me watch the video twice. Crazy that we all are relating to this song, its good.

  5. Sandrapixie

    Hey, thanks for dropping by at my site! :) i loveeeeeeeeee your pictures :D

  6. DawnB

    Hannah Montana or not, that song just about smacked me over backwards! Talk about hitting home! Thanks for the video!

  7. Amanda Herzberger

    I needed that…..thanks Hannah :)

    Good luck with the hunt!

  8. Christa

    I absolutely LOVE this song. Just need to stay positive even when we don’t get our own way :) Good luck with house hunting, it’ll all work out.

  9. The Last Forty Percent Photography

    Happy house hunting! I want to check out the video, honestly, but I’m nervous about it being Hannah Montana ;)

  10. Leslie Roark

    The one thing I realized with house hunting is that when it’s the ONE.. you just KNOW! I knew my house was the one after only seeing the inside from the front door. We got turned away because they forgot to notify the sellers we were coming. Luckily we got to come back and it’s been ours 3 years now. Good luck!!!!!

  11. Carrie Roseman

    The message of this song is soooo Mary! Live in the the now…it’s the gift that we’ve got…someone wise once said that "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery…today is a gift…that’s why we call it the present." It’s all about the journey of NOW in how to get THERE…right now, you are here, so work on that. Thank you, J & M, for your constant inspiration…

  12. Dominoe Imus

    Hahaha!!! Who would have thought Hannah Montana could be so instrumental in the lives of photographers? :)

  13. jeramy

    great song….uh….i mean….i know it because of my kids….seriously! :-)

    my new favorite song is on my blog today. check it.

  14. Erica Velasco

    It’s a good song though! don’t feel silly!

  15. Roxie

    Thanks for the inspiration! I actually loved the song!

  16. Chelsea Nicole

    Wow, who knew Miley Cyrus could be so deep. Totally love this song! Thanks so much for sharing it. :) Happy house hunting guys! The perfect one is just around the corner waiting for you to find it.

  17. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Changing my opinion of Miley! Thanks for sharing a great song. Yeah, I feel like that some days…

  18. Juile Ann

    thank you so much for sharing! it can be very discouraging starting at the bottom with few resources, but it makes it all worthwhile to hear how people worked hard to achieve their dreams. thank you for inspiring me and all the other aspiring photogs!

  19. Mel

    I’ve loved this song from the first time I heard it. I love Hannah Montana. It’s crazy…..but don’t tell anyone though. LOL.

  20. Adlin

    All the pics are beautiful! My vote is #9 on this page :)

  21. Adlin

    Oops I apologize….I commented on the wrong post.

  22. Deborah Zoe

    it’s ok to indulge in your inner pre-teen self some times:) I may or may not have seen the movie in theatres… did I just say that on the internet?

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