July 13, 2010

Stuff We Love: NCIS & Cover-Ups

It’s been a few months now, and I can finally talk about it. Laugh about it, maybe.

But just maybe. So don’t push your luck.

What is this “it” that I speak of, you ask. Oh, that would just be my hair TRAVESTY that happened back in May when my hair dryer decided one day and for no reason whatsoever to just “wig out” (pun totally intended) and scorch my hair.

Scorch? Yes, scorch.

Scorch, bake, blacken, blister, broil, char, cook, parch, roast, scald, sear, seethe, shrivel, singe and stew.

To scorch. Verb. Scandinavian origin. Ironic, no?

Yep it did quite a number and ended up frying most of my hair before I realized what was happening. In my defense, there were no tell-tale signs of said scorching like, y’know, smoke….or that awful burnt hair smell that usually accompanies hair dryer malfunctions. No, this attack was surreptitious. Covert. Clandestine. Under the radar. Cloaked in the guise of every day hair drying.

And it was only when I noticed that I had singed off nearly half my bangs, when the damage was already done, that I realized what had happened and started shrieking in octaves that only Cooper could hear.

And so, to my hair dresser I went. To have inches of shriveled locks lopped off. And to begin the long road back to “able to be seen out in public” hair. In the mean time, there were buns. Bobby pins. Interesting braided bangs that people thought was just me being fashion forward. Ohhh. El. O. Ellle blogworld. Fashion forward indeed.

But what I came to realize, was that perhaps the best cover up of all for this fringe faux pas was just a good ole trusty ball cap. So you can imagine how happy I was when our bride & groom from last weekend, Tiffany & Charlie, brought me one. But not just any baseball cap. See, T&C know that I am obsessed with the show “NCIS” and will often watch hours of the marathons they put on USA (hey, what else are you going to do when you can’t be seen in public :) Well it just so happens that Charlie works for NCIS. Not the show. The real NCIS. Complete with weapons and all. Y’know, the one that advises Dinozzo & Gibbs how to be so broodingly handsome while defending the country. Oh Hoo-rah. So just knowing how much I love the show, Tiffany & Charlie got us a real NCIS hat & mug from the….I dunno….NCIS gift shop? :)

And all this time they thought they were just getting me a gift.

But little did they know, because of them the NCIS is now aiding me in a major cover up. :)

Happy Tuesday y’all!!

**So tell me, what was YOUR worst hair disaster? Come on, make me feel better here. :)

  1. Spring

    Love it… and the pink plaid pants ;)

  2. Lacy Dagerath

    Love your pj’s! And you look super cute in a hat!

  3. Stacey

    haha love it and love NCIS too!

  4. Jil

    you are too cute!

  5. Ravyn

    Mary, you are so silly. PS, I’m not using a thesaurus anymore … I’ll just email you for suggestions. You’re the best with words. Love it!

  6. Tracy

    That’s hilarious and cute. On another cute note – where did you get that awesome bow necklace? I want one!

  7. MM

    @Tracy: That was a gift from Justin! It’s the bow necklace from Tiffany’s and I luuuurve it. :)

  8. Crystal

    After a breakup when I was around 19, I decided to try something new… to go "red". Except, the result was more burnt orange than red. So I was mortified that what I envisioned did not come to pass… the next day, I went back to the store and picked up a box of dark brown to "cover up" the flames. Only, the brown on the fried red hair… comes out black. So, the next day back to the store I went again to get a lighter shade… Let me wrap this up by saying, 5 boxes of color in 5 days is NOT a good thing. Ball caps are definitely a good thing though.

  9. Susannah

    one time as a COLLEGE STUDENT (totally sober, I might add) I decided to cut my own bangs. bad idea. it took weeks for them to grow to an acceptable length and in the meantime I pretend I was being fashion forward too. You know, totally rocker chic with short bangs.

  10. MM

    LOL! One time in college I went in to a salon and intentionally asked for the Meg Ryan cut from You’ve Got Mail. Let’s just say Meg can pull that off. Mary can’t. Also, the stylist gave me a rat tail. A RAT TAIL!

  11. Chelsea McGowan

    Right after Dot was born, just a few months ago, I wanted to get my hair colored. I was bored with my boring boring hair, and wanted something fun and bright red.
    WELL, there’s a reason you’re not supposed to color your hair when your hormones are in an upheaval. My hair turned out PINK. Like, crazy bright pink. Lilu from the 5th Element PANK.
    The girl who did it was in tears… she was really upset for me.
    I, on the other hand, laughed my butt off and said, "I can totally rock this", and walked out kind of feeling like a rockstar. I got it fixed a few days later, but it was fun while it lasted.
    Disaster is in the eye of the beholder! ;)

  12. MM

    Oh Chelsea how I heart you!! xoxox

  13. rachel d

    i was in 8th grade, my sister a senior in high school. For some unexplainable reason, I wanted to get my hair cut, and my sister said she would do it. I was like "sure" even though my big sis never ONCE cut hair in her life. It began with some snips at the beginning…"Oh wait, it’s not even yet…" "Wait, wait, no. Not even yet"……Snip snip snip… "Still not even yet, hold on.." snip snip .."Just a little bit more and then it’ll be even"… by the end of it, my hair that was past shoulder length was now up to my ears. I looked like a missing Hanson brother for a good year and a hald before my hair was back to normalcy. NEVER AGAIN will I get an MMMbob haircut. ;o)

  14. MM

    MMMBob!!! LOL!!!!

  15. Cathy Crawley

    I LOVE it! It reminds me of this one time, at band camp…..when my husband bought me a petrol hedge trimmer, cause I’m so girly that way. Anywhoo, with my long hair safely pulled back into a braid I set about trimming my hedges, only at some point my ponytail got close to the trimmer and got sucked into the motor. Let’s just say I lost a lot of hair that day, and that I was very lucky that the blade of the trimmer didn’t get me in the face when it kicked back at me. Just thinking about it is making my feet tingle and my right eyebrow twitch! Ah yes, I can surely sympathise with you and your unwanted hair do!

  16. Lydia

    I’m sorry, Mary, but I just haven’t had any big hair disasters. Besides being cut too short or the layers done wrong, I’ve been fortunate to avoid the inevitable…for now.

  17. MM

    @Lydia: don’t be sorry!! You give the rest of us hope! :)

  18. Alison

    Anything hair related is crazy traumatic. I have been (knock on wood) lucky so far, but when you aren’t very daring with your hair, it is pretty hard to mess it up! You are too cute with a singed fringe or not, no worries!

  19. joan solitario

    mine happened when i was in 5th grade. i decided to cut my bangs one night, so I got my sissors, pulled my bangs down with my hand and cut my bangs only to realize that i shouldn’t have pulled my bangs down because what goes down, must come up?

    So there I was looking at myself in the mirror with bangs an inch above my eyebrows… :(

    Did I mention then next day was picture day for school?

    So yes, I have proof of my bad hair for picture day…

  20. MM

    @Joan: LOL! OH no!!

  21. Brandi

    I am so jealous of your NCIS hat. :( I love NCIS too. Especially Gibbs! *eyebrows*

  22. rosaura

    omg! that is a crazy story! so glad you are ok… hair will grow back. plus you have such an amazing resilient personality that it will be an amazing story to tell your kids and cooper’s kids! lol!

  23. Jessie Emeric

    ok, so i have super curly hair and a few yrs ago, I went to a "new" hairdresser because mine was booked until, like, forever! So, what was supposed to be a trim ended in me looking like a French Poodle….No Joke. I called my trusty hairdresser & after she let me have it for "cheating" on her, she opened shop, just for me at 9pm and ended up giving me a pretty cute short curly bob to even out the damage!

  24. Shannon Rosan

    Worst. Haircut. Ever. It’s so bad that I’m having a hard time typing the word – Mullet. My mom brought me to the hair salon at age 8 to have them cut off all my beautiful long hair, TO A MULLET! Scarring? Yes. 20 years later? A funny story and hopefully makes you feel better.

  25. Amy Clifton

    Bless your heart, Mary!! My hair is my arch-nemesis. Super thick and naturally curly. I could never find anyone who could consistently work with it. About nine years ago I had been through something like 6 stylists in 6 months, determined to find someone great. So I went to the swankiest salon in town, only to find out that my appointment had been cancelled. They went ahead and set me up with the stylist’s [inept] assistant, who gave me way-too-short layers that ended up being a near-mullet. Right before my college Homecoming. O.M.G. traumatic. The silver lining is that the girl who ended up fixing it for me (for free!!) became the stylist of my dreams. I will follow her to the ends of the earth if necessary. :-)

  26. Amy Clifton

    PS–anyone who battles their curly hair should totally try the Keratin Complex straightener. It is life-altering. ;-)

  27. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I don’t have a worst hair disaster. But I have fine, limp hair. And can count on ONE hand the number of people who have cut it since I was 5. I don’t like "cheating" on my hair people ….. ya know? I just can’t play the hair stylist field.

  28. maggieb

    You look adorable in a hat – if I have a bad hair day I am doomed doomed doomed because I cannot, repeat, cannot, wear a hat! There is no word to describe how I look in a hat or cap.

  29. Heather Hagler

    I once tried picking up a nice ash brown dye to put over my current blonde. I ended up with dark gray/purplish hair. So I went back to the store and bought blonde again thinking I could go back to that. I ended up with brass colored hair. Not shiny pretty brass, old tarnished dingy hint of metallic brass. I had done so much damage I had to wait it out. Washed my hair several times a day for weeks…

  30. Tira J

    You are going to DIE with this story. So, before David and I got married (10 years ago next Thursday), my hair was about your length. I was so tired of the drama with long hair, that I decided to chop it off 6 weeks before the wedding. My Mom took me to this really fancy salon in San Marino (upscale hood outside of LA) and I did it. Worst haircut I ever had. When I started to cry, the guy asked me if I wanted some wine. I ended up going to supercuts to get it cleaned up. My hair on the wedding day was short, but still very nice. UGH, can’t believe I just shared this with you and the internet! keep the love!!! xoxo

  31. Tiffany

    LOVE this post (and not just because Charlie and I are in it!). And, because we’re all sharing hair horror stories, I, too, suffered from a mullet when I was 8 years old and my mom took me to get my first salon haircut. (She used to cut my hair when I was little – the traditional bowl-cut style. She thought the mullet was an upgrade. It. Was. Not.) You’re adorable with or without the NCIS cover-up!

  32. Charlie

    Now that you’ve got the attire, all you need are the credentials and you’ll be a certified NCIS Special Agent! I’ll put in a good word for you — you can take some great whale shots on the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON for your first three-year tour at sea :) Fair winds and following seas!

  33. Ray

    My worst hair disaster was when I was trying to blow out my hair myself. I had wrapped the brush around my hair (like all hairstylists do when blowing out your hair) and I failed miserably at that attempt. My hair got stuck to the hairbrush. Just my luck. It wouldn’t come out. It was wrapped around tight and going nowhere. So my aunt had to cut several inches of my hair to release me from the brush (the brush got damaged in the process and had to be thrown out). And my hair still hasn’t grown back. ;o/ I just push the right side of my hair back so no one will notice that one side is longer than the other. I don’t want to cut the other side to make it even. But I guess I should. I’m in denial. LOL! =P

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