March 18, 2011

Stuff We Love: Not Doing What You’re Supposed To

So today’s post was *supposed* to be a recap of our full day workshop at Hallmark. It was *supposed* to have tons of pictures and story telling and yes maybe even the occasional witty banter here and there. That is what we were *supposed* to do. But like I told the students of Hallmark, “If you’re only asking yourself what am I supposed to do, you are already on the wrong track.” :)

So today, I’m not going to do what I’m supposed to do. Today I’m going to do what I choose to do. Because today, for the first time in months, the sun is shining in New England and temperatures are in the 70s. So we’re going to grab Cooper’s leash and go out and live this life instead of just writing about it. Because life as you choose it is a beautiful thing.

As is, not always doing what you’re supposed to.

But to tide you over, here’s a lil’ sneaky peek of what’s on deck.

  1. Joe Don Richardson

    So glad for you both, and cooper.

    You are each so wonderful and giving and thrilled that you are taking time for yourselves! You deserve it.

    And yesterday was great.

  2. Maggie

    You both deserve it! Enjoy the sunshine with Cooper :)

  3. Rupa

    We have the same in Atlanta! Debating over a Honeysuckle Martini or a Bacardi & Coke while laying on the deck chairs outside once hubby comes home! : ) Enjoy yours, too!

  4. Kim J Martin

    How you guys got the sun and California got the rain is a mystery…but I hope you two enjoy it :)

  5. Stephanie Stewart

    Good for you guys! And I bet Cooper is soooo excited! Enjoy the beach!

  6. katie b

    i adore that quote on the screen. have fun with the weather it is 80 degrees here :))))

  7. Sarah Danaher

    I adore you two!!

  8. Emma Sharkey

    Hurrah! What a great little soul stiring pick me up!
    Much needed, thanks

  9. Christa

    Amen to that! Enjoy your day

  10. Lacy dagerath

    Aaaammmen sister! Enjoy any day like today (well, that day.. Cause I’m a day late… Ha)… With no explanation!!! And thanks for reminding me to do the same!! Good luck with all of your WTW’s.. And good luck with all the little things we don’t even think about that are exhausting during this "season" :) love ya’ll!

  11. Jessica Sweeney

    Good for you!

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