February 9, 2011

Stuff We Love: Pretty Packaging

So when it comes to packaging, all of us around here are pretty much obsessed. Like borderline we have a problem, obsessed. For Justin it’s more the really nice boxes like the ones at Restoration Hardware or when you sign up for the Pottery Barn registry. For me, it’s having things custom like scatter print tissue paper and ribbon that’s just the perfect shade. My girls Godiva & Tiffany’s are experts at that. And for Julia, I gotta think it’s the quirky that gets her. Like Anthro’s random little stuffed gift card holders or their “pull a string and it turns into a flower” gift wrap twine. And when those three forces combine, we could pretty much talk pretty packaging all day long. So today, we thought we’d share with you some of the best kept gems that we’ve discovered along the way so you don’t have to do months & months of research and trial & error like we had to do.

We hope it helps!
J&M (&J2)

1. So we love ribbon. On everything. But all of that ribbon use had us running out to Michael’s every other day and at $5/7yd roll we were spending a TON of money. Then Julia found the Ribbon Retreat and all that changed. We now have 300 yards of our “Justin & Mary” teal ribbon for a bargain of a price (around $50). Even the dog might not be safe from my bow-tying after this!
2. At the beginning of last year we ordered all of our custom boutique bags and a ream of teal tissue paper from Bags & Bows and it lasted us the entire year. *This* year when it was time to reorder, we realized B&B had started offering custom tissue paper. We had tried to go this route before with other companies but the ordering was such a process and it never came back quite the way we wanted. Bags & Bows made it really simple and now we can’t wait for our new J&M scatter print paper to come in.
3. We use Uline to bulk order our shipping boxes & envelopes. We just order the plain white and then then customize them with our own branded labels that we print out on our Epson. This year we are going to be adding #6 in to the mix!
4. We LOVE, love, love our custom J&M boxes from DNL Photo Packaging. We do the chocolate brown in a variety of sizes & thickness. And then we had our logo blind embossed on the tops. In the picture you can see the copper imprinting, but I gotta say the blind emboss is really sharp.
5. White House Custom Color pearl paper. Need I say more? We use them for all of our vendor cards & the cards we include with client gifts. Love.
6. Custom packaging tape from Phoenix Tape. We’re having our logo printed on the clear tape and then using that to pair with the plain white Uline boxes. Instant custom packaging. You can do an order for about $250.
7. We could not live without our J&M embosser from Acorn. You can use this to customize contracts, pricing pages or buy some blank card stock and make yourself some instant custom stationery. It was only about $150 and Acorn is actually running a sale for 25% off when you order through the rest of the month. Use code “FEB25”

**And if you haven’t seen it yet, we are doing a #brandpower series all day on Twitter today with tips on creating a brand with more impact. Be sure to follow along if you aren’t already!

  1. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I love all over DNL!

  2. JC Tetreault

    looks like we’ll need a marantz consult on some of our packaging concepts.

  3. MM

    @JC: somehow I think you guys have it fully under control! :)

  4. Lydia

    There’s just something about custom boxes and pretty bows! But first I have to figure out my branding and logo…

  5. echo

    I’m so happy you talked about this. That was my number one goal at WPPI this year, to tackle packaging ;) Thanks so much for the tips!

  6. Lisa Llarena

    God, I love you guys. We’re nuts about packaging, too. Well, more me than the hubby. I can’t send out anything I wouldn’t be happy to receive myself.

  7. JamieY

    Awesome post, I have really been looking for some good packaging suggestions.

  8. Joe Don Richardson

    It was funny I stopped in town and talked to someone about boxes and they suggested Bags&Bows. I had never heard of them before that.

  9. linda kuo

    thank you for sharing your resources. I had been looking all over for a place like Acorn!

  10. Karen Stott

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE I seriously have a packaging obsession. I use the DNL white boxes and want to hug them, but imprinted packaging tape??? Are you kidding? That deserves a big ‘ol kiss!

  11. Christa

    Love packaging! I just ordered the pearl boutique cards from Whcc and the tin cd & DVD cases from effectuality.com still need to get ribbon, tissue paper & now I’m considering an embosser…..hmmm :)

  12. Stephanie

    Awesome–thank you for sharing these resources! Super helpful for people who are just starting and have no idea where to start with stuff like this!

  13. Karen

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  14. Brooke

    Wow I love the packaging information! Do you custom print your CD’s/DVD’s? If so, where? :) I keep looking at different companies and am not really sure where to start.

  15. Dawn

    My notes from your WPPI class (which rocked btw…your class that is, not my notes ;) say that you use a DNL box for pricing and to include gifts ie. chocolate and evian water. I don’t see a DNL box thick enough to allow a water bottle to fit inside. Help!

  16. MM

    @Dawn: We do the evian *spray* which is just a little can of water that you can mist yourself with. And it’s awesome!!

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