October 14, 2010

Stuff We Love: Reese Cups

We’re back and back at it! Very soon we will be bringing you another bevy of beautiful weddings, first up being the “Sunday Picnic” themed wedding of Kristin & Bill at Saltwater Farm Vineyard.

But in the mean time, allow me to kick your Thursday off with something sweet. Let me just say, I am OBSESSED with Reese cups. Seriously, they will be the death of me. Or of my skinny jeans at least. Most of the time I can resist them, but when they come in fun shapes like the pumpkin ones at Halloween or egg shaped at Easter….watch out world, I’m eating me some chocolate and peanut butter!!

Tuesday night we piled seven duvet’s on the floor, made some kettle corn and had a movie night. And you can bet your skinny jeans, there were pumpkin shaped reese cups involved.

Is anybody else out there obsessed with these??? Or is it just me?

  1. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    i LOVE them, but they seem too big for me to eat an entire one … or is it just me?

  2. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    BOO-yeah. first comment. ;)~

  3. Jenn Turano

    my FAVORITE ever.

  4. robin underdown

    Absolutely!!! I just bought some the other night in the fun pumkin shape and my partner told me to buy the regular one because they were cheaper. I told her it just wasn’t the same!!!

  5. stef

    Oooh! I haven’t these yet but I tried the dark chocolate reeses the other day and LOVED them…esp the fact that the chocolate wasn’t as melty!

  6. Jessica

    They’re the best! And I think they taste extra amazing simply because they’re pumpkin-shaped. :)

  7. Leslie

    chocolate + peanut butter = best combination in the entire world!! :))

  8. Brandi

    My husband is. I like them but I can only handle a little – too sweet for me. I think my husband could easily eat a 6 pack in one short sitting.

  9. Ryan

    I think the themed ones taste BETTER than the regular ones – Christmas Trees, Easter Eggs and Pumpkins!! Rock ON!

  10. Cassie

    Oh my goodness I miss those!!! Reeses and Snickers used to be my all time favorite candys up until about 15 when I realized that I had developed an allergy to nuts. So now I just dream of the yummy goodness that was Reeses and Snickers while I snack on my SoyButter and Jelly sandwhich. :0) Enjoy one for me!!

  11. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    I agree, the themed ones are the best!! More peanut buttery goodness.

  12. Kristin & Bill

    AHHHHHH!!! we’re just a liiiiittle bit excited!!! we do lovvvve reeses too, but…. AHHHH!

  13. Jeff

    I love them so much I eat ’em FROZEN. Seriously … try it! They’re even better. I”m partial to the DARK Chocoloate variety.

  14. MM

    Frozen! Now that’s a good idea…I’ll have to try that!

  15. Ravyn

    I just don’t know of anything better than Reeses Cups and cuddling. You two are cute.

  16. Brent Pilgrim

    I love love love these things! So much so that I wrote a blog about them about this time last year and the post got an honourable mention during Jasmine Star’s presentation at WPPI this past March. These things are POWERFUL I tell ya!

  17. Meredith

    I am totally & completely obsessed with all Reese’s holiday treats- the Easter eggs, the Christmas Trees, and the Pumpkins. In fact, I’m visiting my mother right now and she surprised me with two!

  18. Meredith

    … and your blog post just inspired me to eat one! Before dinner! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Michelle

    Agreed. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio makes the Pumpkins and Trees taste way better than the original Reese Cup :)

  20. dawn beirnes

    I actually gave bags of the xmas trees to all my kids last year as a stocking stuffer! Once you see them, you cannot deny the Reese…..you have to eat one…or two….or the whole dang bag! Me and Reese’s go way back. Pretty strong bond between us!

  21. Emily

    Um yes, I LOVE Reeses cups!!! :)

  22. Kara P

    Umm probably the BEST things ever especially the Holiday ones! I convince myself that it is because they are made fresh for the Holidays and the regular ones sit on the shelf for who knows how long!

  23. Candace Prokopets

    I love the shaped ones cause it means more more peanut butter!!! It’s all about the peanut butter. You have to take these and mash them in Trader Joe’s vanilla ice cream. To die for!

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