October 19, 2012

Stuff We Love: Reese’s Pumpkins

When I was a kid and went trick or treating, it was all about the Nerds.

The pink and purple mixed pack to be precise.

But when I was rating the neighborhood houses on their level of cool, a Gold Standard rating was always given out if that family gave out Nerds.

Now that I am older and wiser and my tastes have refined, I realize that the pumpkin shaped Reese’s is really where it’s at.

It’s chocolate. It’s peanut butter.

And I don’t know….there’s just something about it being molded into the shape of something that I swear just makes it better!

So tell me! What’s your gold standard favorite Halloween candy? Let us know in the comment box below and ONE lucky winner is going to get a personalized Halloween care kit from yours truly full of all my favorite goodies! And….GO!!

  1. Chelsea McGowan

    We’re soul mates. Halloween is the only time I eat Reese’s… they aren’t otherwise my favorites. But they ARE Halloween!

  2. Kate

    Lots and lots of Fruit Salad Bars make me a very happy girlie at Halloween!

  3. Jil

    candy corn! (guess I’m old school) – I eagerly await the first handful of the season!!

  4. Heather smith

    I have four kids and before they get to eat any candy I have to "inspect for any suspicious candy" and my kids know that Almond Joys are NOT safe, therefor mom takes them ALL to dispose of properly :) On Nov 1st, I am SICK from almond joy! :)

  5. Sarah

    I gotta say- I’m also in love with the pumpkin shaped Reeses. Just so much goodness. And of course Easter is not Halloween, but they have EGG shaped ones just for Easter. AH soo good. But since you already picked my fave, I gotta say I love getting the little fun size sour patch kids! Yummy.

  6. Sheetal Wadhare

    Hersheys kisses!

  7. Kelly M.

    REESE’S all the way! And you’re not alone. . . somehow they magically taste better when shaped like a pumpkin (tree or egg)! Hey, the PB is great protein, right? : )

  8. Rebecca Zenefski

    Gold Standard favorite Halloween Candy :: Candy corn – original flavor. I will buy at least one or two bags when halloween candy is first on the shelves. That typically holds me over until the week of Halloween where I need to get one more, ok…maybe when it goes on sale I’ll pick up another. Busted.

  9. Kellen Helies

    I have to agree the reese’s pumpkin or reese in general is my fav Halloween weakness, plus candy corn and mini snickers…any candy really…

  10. Jesicah

    I *LOOOOOVE* the orange colored Kit-Kats that they put out at Halloween. Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkins are a close second.

  11. Christen Ferris

    Two words… Almond Joy. It’s like the definition of JOY wrapped in blue. The milk chocolate and almonds together is just heaven. Then add the coconut. Oh, the coconut. It is just so.. well, Joyful.

  12. Becca

    Crunch Bars got my Gold Standard!
    But Platinum standard went to the houses that gave out dollar bills. :]

  13. Lena

    I love all things gummy bears! The Haribo Gold Bag are the best…second to that anything sweettarts!!

  14. Christine Reid

    Not sure we have pumpkin snapped snacks in Canadaland, but Rockets are where it’s at! The little round tablets of sugar that melt in your mouth! They’re addicting and classic!

  15. sharon elizabeth

    ERMAHGAWD…. chocolate… chocolate kisses… chocolate peanut reeesseeessss… chocolate cake… chocolate pie… just chocolate. LOL =)

  16. Robin Underdown

    I love all the special Reese’s holiday candy. Whether it’s pumpkins, Christmas trees, or Easter eggs. I love the day when you see them on the shelf for the first time that season.

  17. Karla

    My fave candy def has to be Reese’s peanut buttercups… any size, any shape! I love them! What I do is freeze them and then eat them. It’s absolutely divine!

  18. Jennifer Taylor

    My all time favorite would have to be Candy Corn!

  19. Morgan

    I can never resist Halloween Peeps! They are so cute and yummy.

  20. Chia

    All about the Almond Joys!!

  21. Jenn Ocampo

    Non-chocolate= swedish fish (although no one ever hands these out at Halloween – I’ll have to start!) and Chocolate= Kit Kats.

  22. Amanda G

    DEF the holiday reeses…just like the above pictured pumpkin! i get one EVERY holiday they make them…ok, sometimes more than one ;)

  23. Christine DeLessio

    Totally not trying to copycat you but I’m all about the Reese’s cups too. So much so that when my now 8-year-old daughter was little I’d say that they were poisoned and steal them from her bag. I know..how awful, right? They are the best though!!!

  24. Emily Crall

    The Reese’s pumpkins OR the eggs at Easter…both are equally amazing and somehow way better than a regular Reese’s! In other news, I’m also a sucker for candy corn.

  25. Rachel

    Caramel apple suckers are definitely the ‘gold standard’ for me! They’re so sour and sweet, and they’re the best you can get to a real homemade caramel apple without worrying about stranger danger. :)

  26. Kerry Gray

    My favorite halloween candies were always Snickers. But I felt cheated if they were snack-sized. As an adult, I always pass out full-sized Snickers to my trick-or-treaters! Most popular house on the block ;)

  27. Spring McKenney

    I’ve always been partial to the butterfingers. Which is funny because i never buy them but when it came to dumping out the pillowcase full of candy I always savored those butterfingers!

  28. Amanda

    Laffy Taffy! I love it ! And if you put it in the microwave for 2 seconds or so it gets even softer and yummier!

  29. Ari

    ummm, reese’s pumpkins are my absolute favorites too!!!

  30. Annika

    Honest to goodness, my trick or treating as a kid entailed visiting the nursing home residents who gave out bags of peanuts and apples. A toothbrush too, at times. Nerds, tootsie rolls, smarties were luxuries. My first time actually going door to door was as a 20 something with my 6th grade volleyball team that I coached. My jaw would drop as adults would hand me wine coolers, beer, and other adult goodies. I’m completely content with some chewy candy, and will always remember how happy the nursing home residents were to see us in costume. No candy necessary. :-)

  31. Emily K

    I remember as a child after my sisters and I went trick-or-treating we would dump all our candy out on the floor to see all the goodies we got. We used to sort through all the candy separating what we thought was good and bad. Popcorn, seriously?! What kind of kid gets excited over popcorn?? Lamest halloween ‘candy’, EVER. We would get so stoked about who got the most kit kats, three musketeers and hershey bars. My favs! Chocolate :)

  32. Sue K.

    Hands-down, ghost/pumpkin shaped peeps! :)

  33. Ashley B

    Twix girl for life!! GOLD STANDARD in my book!

  34. Ashley Barnett

    Candy corn!!!!! Actually I’m an "autumn mix" girl if we’re getting specific :)

  35. Sabrina

    Chocolate… GOOD chocolate was always the best. Although, even though many seem to disagree with me, I really like those weird peanut butter/caramel candies in the plain orange and black wrappers! I promise, they’re really good.

  36. Tiffany Bolk

    Oh man! This is way too exciting! A personalized Halloween kit?! Wha….! I think for me it is a tie between KitKat and Reese’s! It’s too hard to decide!

  37. Derek

    I, too, have refined my tastes. I used to be a Baby Ruth or bust kinda guy. (Except that awkward stage with braces, but we won’t discuss that disaster). But now, I find my delight in a much simpler candy. Tootsie-Rolls have become my go-to for self-indulgence. Happy Halloween kids! =)

  38. Elizabeth (Beth) Kaye

    And this is why we connect so well. It’s got to be. My family (myself included) are peanut butter/chocolate fanatics. :)

    Happy Halloween!!

  39. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    My kids tend to love nerds, sour patch kids and all those super sugary candies but I couldn’t agree more! Chocolate + peanut butter = delicious! I can’t buy them to hand out because it’s too dangerous!

  40. Katie

    well lets see, PEEPS! I love peeps and when they are shaped like pumpkins it just makes it all better since it is my favourite time of the year. CANDY CORN, here we go with sugar again. I always miss candy corn when Halloween comes to an end. Thanks for being so giving and WONDERFUL! Happy Halloween!

  41. Rebecca

    Thanks now I need to go buy some Reese’s pumpkins…those and Snicker’s in the shape of, oh, ANYTHING…!!

  42. Rebecca

    Thanks now I need to go buy some Reese’s pumpkins…those and Snicker’s in the shape of, oh, ANYTHING…!!

  43. Rhea

    I totally love the mallowcreme pumpkins! Are they even real food?! Oh well.

  44. Becky

    Butterfingers! Well any chocolate really. In my old neighborhood there was a lady who gave out full size snickers, which obviously trumps a "fun" size butterfinger. Still I just love the way butterfingers stick in your teeth for all day snacking =)

  45. Ashley

    MMMMM smarties!!!! my absolute favorite candy :)

  46. GrandmaIna

    Although Resses Peanut Cups are surely served in heaven, my favorite at Halloween is the candy apple. What could beat a healthy apple covered with teeth breaking sugary coating? Mmm, good!

  47. Lelia

    I have always liked the Reese’s most. And my mother loved them too, so it was hard to get enough of them since my parents had a candy tax. :-) I think Pumpkin shaped Reese’s might be the best thing ever. Well they would be if they cut out the chocolate on top to make it a jac-o-lantern.

  48. amy soper

    Man, Nerds and Reeses are the best! I’m also big fan of the Twizzler fun packs and mini Mr. Goodbars… although I’m sorry to say that my mom was one of "those" moms who handed out crayons. *sigh*

  49. Kristin Partin Lewis

    definitely trolli bright crawlers. well actually, I love those all the time if that counts ;) you’re so right about the shaped seasonal reese’s….they’re like extra creamy or something!

  50. Bethany Mitchell

    I love love love candy corn!!!
    I usually eat them in sections.
    Let me explain.
    I eat the top layer, which is white, first. Then the second orange layer and then the third yellow layer. I don’t think the individual layers taste different but it satisfies my OCD!!! lol!!

  51. Kristin S

    My gold standard for the longest time was the simple Crunch bar. I liked my chocolate crunchy!

  52. colleen

    ok…I have to say that the bags of chips always got me as a kid….they were so much bigger than anything else in my bag….and they were salty instead of sweet…LOVED them!

  53. Ashley Scobey

    I didn’t even have to think about this one… because I know that every year I go through Evie’s bucket and steal every last one of her boxes of milk duds. Straight up steal them. And I don’t even feel bad. ;)

  54. Tiffany Deming

    Hmmm…so hard to choose just one favorite! Definitely chocolate…nothing in neon colors for me. I have to say I’m a fan of the miniature Hershey’s and Mars’ collections (excluding dark chocolate and Mr. Goodbar). Because they’re so little and cute, it’s like the calories don’t even count! ;)

  55. Jessica

    They’re back! Excellent!

  56. christina

    i LOVE reeses pumpkins too. not trying to steal from you but seriously – when you bite into it that yummy peanut butter just does it! though I LOVE jolly ranchers too! especially the ones handed out at halloween time. they are a little longer than normal jolly ranchers – and taste so much better that way :)

  57. Shannon

    I LOVE the reeses pumpkins… and eggs and trees! The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is just perfect in these big reeses! I’m drooling just thinking of them! I’m also a fan of the mini almond joy, I eat all around the almond then save that bit for last… YUM!!!

  58. Sydni Jackson

    Milky Way! That was always the best find in my pile of Halloween candy that I collected as a kid

  59. Nicole Callaway

    I’m with you Mary ~ I believe the person who decided to put peanut butter and chocolate together should be given Saint status! But my other true favorite and hard to find sweet is Sixlets ~ they used to come in the tube and you could just pour them into your mouth! SoOoOoO Yummy!

  60. Lauren | Lauren Nicole Photography

    I have to agree about the Reece’s, though I am also an equal opportunity chocolate lover for bite-size (or King size, if your house is awesome and gives out giant candy bars) Butterfingers. And Twix. I’m still upset, though, that Peanut Butter Twix was permanently changed to a chocolate cookie instead of the original (caramel version) white cookie. The flavor profile is off now.

    Dishonorable mentions and ding-dong-ditches go to anyone giving out coupons, candy corn, ambiguous taffy in waxpaper wrappers, Smarties, tracts, and the newest in my area: ads for JC Penney or Sears Portrait Studios.

  61. Jaquielyn Tango

    oooooohhh this is the BEST CONTEST EVERRRR. I am a sucker for candy corn. But it has to be Sprout’s Candy Corn… You guys rock!

  62. Tracy Ann

    Ohhhh man, Baby Ruth is my go-to chocolate and peanut fix, but Reese’s was my fave as a kid, and I still won’t say no to that peanut buttery goodness or nerds :-)

  63. Lisa Keeney

    I can’t resist the candy corn pumpkins. They’re just so cute (and yummy)!

  64. Rici

    Oh how I love Reese! I wish I could get them in Germany! I even thought about importing them! SO yummy! ;-) ~ Saluti.

  65. Katie

    In love with the pumpkins and with mini Heath bars too!

  66. Joe Don Richardson

    I love Rittersport from Germany. They are the best!!

  67. katie yuen

    It’s not the most common but Reese’s Pieces have to be my absolute favorite! Reese’s cups are a close second ;)

  68. Ryan

    oh man – reese’s pumpkins are the best, but i don’t discriminate on the seasons, the christmas trees and easter eggs are wonderful too! Another huge favorite of mine are DOTS – not sure why, but love those little buggers!

  69. Alicia

    Reese’s Cups, of course! I grew up in Hershey, PA so I would be in big trouble if I didn’t pick a Hershey’s candy :)

  70. Jakki

    Oh I agree…the Reese’s Pumpkin is always good….I love Reese’s peanut butter cups anyway but when its the Halloween or the Easter Egg…..they always taste so much more richer!

  71. Amanda

    Totally agree about it tasting so much better when it’s shaped like something! LOL!

    When, I was a child, my FAVORITE thing to get during TOT was a can of pop. We only got to drink pop a few times a year. Having my very own can, IF I got one during TOT, was a Halloween highlight.

    These days, watching my kids TOT, their gold standard is fullsize candy bars–of any variety.

  72. Susan Evans

    I’m a Whoppers fan but the Reeses pumpkins are a close 2nd.

  73. Stephanie Stewart

    Ever had Charleston Chews? They are yummy! They were always one of my favorites as a kid! I also love those Reese’s Pumpkins! Rolos are good too!

  74. Liz Lovi

    Humm…well, that Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin looks darn tasty! :) I know it’s not chocolate, but I sure do love me some candy corn! Not the pumpkin shaped, but the standard, good ole candy corn! Yum :)

  75. Kristin H.

    Okay, it’s usually kit kats, but after seeing this I am dying for a pumpkin reeses. I think I NEED to go get one!

  76. Mark Andrew

    Mary you lost all Halloween candy credibility with me. I’m eating my Strawberry Nerds right now that we got in my son’s bag when he got ghosted last night. Reese’s are OK, but if you want to bring your real "A" game then go with the new Cadbury Eggs for Halloween with green goo inside!

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