November 15, 2009

Stuff we Love: Restoration Hardware

Speaking of being ever so slightly over-zealous for the holidays to arrive….check out the wreath I just got for the new house from Restoration Hardware! True, we may not have a door yet, but by golly we’ve got the wreath. Y’know… for whenever we do get the door!! I feel like there is some sort of metaphor for my life in there, but I’m not sure exactly what yet!

Happy Sunday!! The Rock is about to come on TNT!! (cause see I *also* heart Sean Connery)

  1. Justin Marantz

    "Welcome to the RAWK!"

  2. kim

    WOW!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Heather Hagler

    I also <3 Mr. Connery and Restoration hardware too for that matter :)

  4. Alison

    That is the wreath I have actually been looking for for two years for our front door! I have found similar, but nothing that hit it quite right. This is it. Thanks!

  5. jena

    beautiful wreath! and my husband and I totally watched the Rock last night too – how can anyone resist?

  6. maggieb

    It definitley says "Home Sweet Home"

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