August 31, 2009

Stuff We Love: Scary Movies

I looked at him seriously over the lid of my Honest Tea Lori’s Lemon bottle, as I poked at my tofu curry lunch. And then I arched an eyebrow. He always knows I’m serious when I arch an eyebrow.

“You know….” I started, “last year’s scary movie month was pretty weak.”



He thoughtfully cut his turkey meatloaf with a plastic knife and fork from the Four Seasons market. “How so?”

“Well we only got through Halloween 1 &2, nevermind H2O and Resurrection. And we didn’t even watch any of the Scream or Friday the 13th movies at all. I can barely even remember what Jason looks like.”

He rolled his eyes at me and ate another skinny green bean. I continued.

“So I think it’s only fair, and in the name of balance and all, that we should start scary movie month early this year. Come in strong, come out swinging….y’know, to counteract all the weakness.”

“Uh huh….how early exactly?”

I put down my fork and smiled through chickpea teeth. “How does next Monday grab you??”

Every year for five years, October has been scary movie month in J&M world. And I’m just gonna go ahead and put it out there. Last year was WEAK. With a capital EAK. Like Jonah Hill trying to run track in Superbad, we came in sputtering and wheezing just short of the finish line. And this year we need to make up for it. So when I heard that the fourth and final installment of the Final Destination movies was coming out….in 3D no less….I KNEW how we’d be kicking things off!!! Ohhhh yea!!!

Who’s in??

  1. Derek

    In 3-D? I’m down! When and where? I’ll try to clear my schedule!

  2. Chelsea McGowan

    I’m down if you go with SCARY movies!
    Like… old school scary.
    Gimme a little Hitchcock and vintage Wes Craven any day of the week!

  3. Shy

    Oh HELL no.

    I dont know HOW you do Scary movies…. ?! [shudder through the spine]

    of course I would do anything for you mary… but still.

  4. Julia

    We can’t wait to see this movie!! Although I don’t know how much of it I will actually SEE, I am pretty sure I will be covering my eyes for a large portion of it! :)

  5. Adrienne Gunde

    What a ridiculously fun tradition! Hope you enjoy Final Destination – there are so many awesome movies out right now!

  6. Joan Solitario

    i can’t do scary movies. period.

  7. Ray

    I agree that, that’s a fun tradition that you and Justin have going there. Let us know if Final Destination: Death Trip (in 3D) was any good. ;o)

  8. Heather

    love scary movies. if you haven’t seen these, be sure to watch the strangers and the descent during your scary movie marathon (and, of course, scream!). have fun!

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