October 28, 2010

Stuff We Love: Scary Movies


So yesterday while we were up in Syracause, I came within three inches of stepping on a snake. A SNAKE people!

I know….I mean honestly how have we not talked about this yet? First of all, it’s October…..in SYRACUSE. There should be at least seven feet of snow on the ground by now.

But no, I find the only snake still out of hibernation in the entire northern hemisphere and come within two and a half inches of stepping on it.

I then proceeded to jump twelve feet in the air and do this side step worthy of square dance…all before jumping on Justin’s shoulders. Where I remained for the rest of the day.


*insert heebie jeebies full-body shudder here*

So that of course got me thinking all about fear, and I thought about writing this super inspiring (believe me, it would’ve been) post about overcoming your fear. But like Julia & I often say, sometimes a snake in the grass is just a snake in the grass. And it doesn’t need to be anything more than that. Because let’s be honest, a snake in the grass- when discovered and revealed there hiding for what it is- can throw you for enough of a loop without making it anything more than that.

See what I did there? It’s deep…you’ll have to think about it. :)

So all of this has absolutely nothing to do with scary movies whatsoever. Except that I’ll take being scared by one of those over coming within 1 1/4 inch of stepping on a snake anyday. :) So in honor of Halloween and all things scary, we thought we’d run a little random contest.

**Let me know the thing that you are most afraid of in the comments below, and I’ll be picking one lucky winner to win the scary movie of your choice. OR if your thing you’re most afraid of IS scary movies, then I’ll just send you a copy of Hocus Pocus. Because let’s be honest, that movie is DELIGHTFUL!

Happy week of Halloween y’all!

  1. Kristen

    i am MOST terrified of the dark!!! So scared that I have to leave the hallway light on at night. Yeh, I am pretty much a woos. But I love scary movies!!! And my hubby just LOVES to freak me out by turning off all the lights!!!

  2. Chelsea McGowan

    FIRST: I did that this summer. Except, being Texas and summer, it wasn’t just a snake. I stepped ON a 6-foot long rattle snake. ON IT. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. And I had clients with me, because we were on a shoot. Luckily, Mack and the groom had a great time tracking it down and killing it. But it seriously was one of the worst experiences of my life.
    NOW, as for what scares me… small spaces. I’m uber claustrophobic. Like, most times, I’ll take the stairs over an elevator any day. Whenever I’m in a small space, I just think of all the ways I could die in there… it’s pretty messed up!

  3. Amanda

    As I am getting older I am becoming more and more of a chicken!! After seeing the first Paranomal Activity, every once in a while when I am trying to get to sleep I get the feeling that some entity is going to pull me out of bed and down the hall. My side of the bed is the closest to the bedroom door and we have a long narrow hall way that is perfect to drag me down. And now with the sequel to Paranomal Activity being advertised, that scary feeling happens more often.

    I am also scared of spiders and snakes.

    Happy Almost Halloween !!

  4. WV LIVING Katie

    Hocus Pocus–all time favorite. Ever..

  5. Jenn

    Hands down…SNAKES!! Yikes!

    *ps Hocus Pocus IS the best ever*

  6. Emily

    It used to be snakes, but then 6 weeks ago, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. AhHHHH! Gross. Spiders are it for me. And, snakes. And scary movies. Why did I let my husband talk me into watching "Trick ‘r’ Treat" tomorrow night? You’ll probably find me hiding in the closet late tomorrow night. :)

  7. Kare

    I don’t like scary movies. I don’t want to win a scary movie. I, therefore, will not comment. Ooops… too late!

  8. Becky

    SPIDERS. And scary movies. But Hocus Pocus = Amazing.

  9. Stef

    I almost just spit out my iced pumpkin spice latte reading this! So gross because I can totally picture it!! I’d have to say I’m most afraid of eels (which is basically a gross swimming snake) – I literally jumped on my mom’s back while snorkeling in Hawaii cause I freaked out when I saw a "snake" in the water! Needless to say, I am not a fan of snorkeling now.

  10. MM

    @Stef: DUDE! Have you seen Funny Farm when pulls that snake/eel out of the pond? GROSS!

  11. Stef

    Ahhh no! And now I’ll make sure never to watch that movie! ;)

  12. Jessica

    Normally, I’m not scared of scary movies. I can watch horror movies, complete with blood and gore, all day long and not be phased. But a couple weeks ago I watched The Fourth Kind, which is about alien abductions, and I waaaas scared. I couldn’t sleep and I slept with my door open WITH THE FAN ON for white noise because I started noticing all those tiny sounds your house makes at night and I was sure the aliens were coming to get me. Yeah, I’m a wimp.

  13. Rachel

    While I’m terrified of the movie The Exorcist, I also find it like a accident on the highway- I CAN NOT TURN AWAY. One night I walked into my room and it was on TV. I sat down and stupidly started watching it and then couldn’t bring myself to turn the stupid thing off even though I was scared out of my mind – maybe I thought if I brought my hand above the covers to change the channel, something would grab it!!

  14. Melissa

    I love, love, love scary movies. Confession: I love Hocus Pocus, too.

    I am most scared of creepy, crawly things, or my children getting hurt.

  15. Elizabeth

    The two things I am most scared of in this word is getting hurt/pain (this includes needles) and snakes. I HATE SNAKES!! I was very glad when my brother, who had pet snakes, moved out of the house.

    But I do love a good scary move, especially because they played a small part in bringing me and my husband closer together while we were dating.

  16. Alison

    See, I am the opposite- I am all good with snakes, I find them fascinating but I HATE scary movies. It has gotten worse as I get older too. So give me the creepy crawly any day!

  17. Amy

    Bridezillas!! I have yet to encounter one first hand ((knock on wood)), but I do know some people that have. The mere thought of working with one is enough to throw me into a photographic panic!! YIKES!!

  18. Rachel

    The Huskies beating my Mountaineers today!! Really wish we could have come up to go to the game with you, J & M!! :( Miss you guys!!

  19. Michael

    I have 3 fears. Number 3: Kidney Stones Number 2: Heights and my biggest fear would be having Kidney Stones at great heights. And I am not a big fan of scary movies so hocus pocus would be alright with me. haha

  20. Anne P.

    Mary!! You make me laugh out loud every single time. I just love you!

  21. Caitlin

    I don’t know Michael but his comment made me laugh out loud! I am afraid of my imagination when I am home alone which convinces me that crazy murderous people are hiding behind shower curtains and closet doors waiting to attack. When I’m alone I might have a tendancy to turn on every light in house and open said curtains and doors before going to sleep.

  22. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    my first job out of college was a newspaper photog. and i lived across the street from the Catholic church …. and the county jail. inmates would bang on their little windows as i’d walk to my car. SCARY!!! even scarier was during a big lightning storm my broken doorbell started to work …. i thought it was an inmate out to kill me. turns out it was my 80 year old neighbor. his house was struck by lightning and was on fire. oops. scary, but in a different way.

  23. GrandmaIna

    I like snakes–I even taught a class about them at the museum, but I can’t stand spiders, especially ugly big hairy ones! They freak me out! I can’t even kill them; I just run away.

  24. Christa

    I’m scared of scary movies….I can’t help it I just am! I dream about them for days after….it’s just not worth the mental exhaustion for me :( I guess I’m just a big wimp…lol

  25. Jessica Sweeney

    Actually I am DEATHLY afraid of scary movies. For weeks after watching one I can barely take a shower alone. Spiders, the dark, reptiles, frogs, meh. I’m ok. But a movie about zombies or killer plants gets me every time.

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