March 9, 2009

Stuff we Love: Scary Movies

I’ve loved Michael for a long time now. I was only in college when we first met, but still I knew… there was just something about him. And though we’ve had a long history now and gone through a lot together, I can honestly say…

He still gives me chills whenever I see him.

Before Michael, there was Jason. Jason was my junior high love. The one I would always talk about at slumber parties. The one who could send my heart racing. But, I have to be honest. I always felt like he was hiding something. Holding something back.

I guess we all have masks we hide behind.

But if I’m being really honest, in my heart of hearts, it all started with Fred. Fred was my first love. He wasn’t like any of the others. He was so much better than Chuck (Chucky as his friends called him), who was always just a little too immature for me. Light years beyond that guy….what was his name….who was so into wearing leather. No, Fred was the real deal. A love to last a lifetime.

He was the kind of guy you dream about.

:) :)

Oh how I LOVE my scary movies!! And we just saw a preview for another one to add to the list! Can’t WAIT for this one to come out. I mean c’mon…. A Haunting in Connecticut …. how perfect is that?! Who’s with me???

  1. Amanda Herzberger

    I am NOT with you, my friend. I’m up for a girlie movie just about any time but a scary movie – I don’t THINK so! xoxo

  2. JC

    Thanks for the video Mary.

    Now I have to change my pants.


  3. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    My hubby can’t stand scary movies, but suddenly there’s one with "Connecticut" in the name and he wants to see it! LOL! I’m so excited that I can finally watch a scary movie again. He usually turns me down when I suggest it!

  4. elizabeth

    Ohhh.. Scary movies.. creep me right out.. I know thats the fun of them. but really they just scare me espically the ones now.. they are so more intense.. I am always impressed with anyone who can watch those..

  5. Leslie Roark

    OMG.. really?! Ever since my dear friend Kricia’s dad scared the "you know what" out of me at the scariest moment in "The Ring" I have NEVER watched another scary movie. I just can’t do it! I have nightmares for a week!

  6. The Last Forty Percent Photography

    I love the scary movies, too. Especially ones that make you scared to walk down your dark hall later that night!

  7. The Last Forty Percent Photography

    I love the scary movies, too. Especially ones that make you scared to walk down your dark hall later that night!

  8. Syreena B

    I just found your blog and I’m in love….love your work and your style….

  9. Beth Morgan

    I LOVE scary movies!!!! Micheal was my first and he still scares the crap out of me. A few notes of that song and I get shivers!

    With I lived close…I’d tag along to this one with you guys :).

  10. Feuza

    I can’t believe you luv scary movies- would not have thought that. I am a no scary movies person. I am not sure if I have guts to watch this trailer- lol

  11. Chelsea Nicole

    You are my soul-sista! I am a horror movie freak. Jayse and I just saw the previewing of "Last House on The Left" tonight…. very disturbing, but edge-of-your-seat type awesome! And we always love a good haunting, so definitely can’t wait for this one. Wish we lived closer to each other – we’d so be on for a double-date!

  12. Dawn B

    I have a serious crush on Michael myself….the crazy hair, the jump suit, and yes, even the mask. He just ooozes coolness (in a psycho kind of way)!

  13. J&M

    @ Dawn: LOL!!!

  14. Christa

    I’m scared of scary movies :(

  15. Thea

    Oh my this looks soooo scary.

  16. Cindy

    Ohhhh heck no! No way…and this is based on true events!! ummm no thanks. You guys are on your own!

  17. Tiffany

    Totally not into that movie genre, but you have fun!

  18. imthiaz houseman

    OMG! That looks so good! I can’t wait to see it. I’m so with you guys about the scary movies there so much fun.

  19. Jackie Beale

    Hi Mary, thanks for the blog love ! :) Lovin your blog style

  20. Velia

    I love scary movies Mary. Love the way you put it all together. :)

  21. Vanessa

    Ok so I am totally freakin right now!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your guys work! You are both an inspiration in all that you do! LOVE, LOVE!!!
    PS…this movie looks so scary!! But, a good scare is always fun :)

  22. Seini

    Thanks so much for stopping by and the words of encouragement. Baby steps is what I am doing with photoshop! Lovin the pancake session, just what I needed to hear:) Take care!

  23. jeramy

    ok…i just pooped my pants. i love scary movies….but that preview was insane. thanks for that. :-)

  24. Zach Gray

    Yikes! I am glad there are no hauntings in Nashville!! :)

    See you two next week!!

    -Zach & Jody

  25. MM

    Oh I bet Patsy Cline is walking around somewhere!! Right?!

  26. Andi Walpurgis

    HELL NO…I will not be with ya…just the trailer scared the crap out of me…

  27. Jen


  28. Val McCormick

    I want to see this but am afraid It will give me nightmares. Supposedly This is a true story. The house is in Southington at 208 Meridan St. It used to be a funeral parlor. I hear it’s on the market, just kidding ;-) It really looks like a super scary freaky movie! Pass the Junior Mints, Please :-)

  29. Nancy Ramos

    I am into scary movies. Love them. My husband does not agree.

  30. rachel darley

    heeeeelarious! Sheesh, you really loooove your serial killers! Ugh, I, on the other hand, am truly a coward when it comes to that stuff. I cringe, i shiver, I cower, I can only sleep with the lights on and even then the shadows still scare me!!!

  31. Sandy

    I LOVE number TWO! They did a great job with you two! xoxoxo ~Sandy (Danny’s)

  32. Robin Dini

    Michael is the man!!!

  33. Julie Ann

    the lighting in these is wonderful! and i love those stones in the shape of a heart. how perfect!

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