October 14, 2009

Stuff we Love: Starbucks

We’ve been hanging out in Vermont, where….get this….it’s been SNOWING! Snow. The white fluffy stuff. In October. I really don’t think I’m ready for how cold this winter is going to be. But at least we had an endless supply of real Vermont apple cider to keep us warm. It wasn’t quite as good as the Starbucks caramel apple spice, which actually tastes like honest to goodness liquid apple pie, but it was close. Very close.

There didn’t happen to be a Starbucks anywhere in the neighborhood of where we were, so anytime I started jonesing for a fix, I’d just pull up this picture and stare at it for a while. And suddenly I felt better. So you know how I’ve mentioned that our brides rock before, right? Like rock the house. Rock AND roll. Well our bride on Saturday, Renata, took that to a whole new level when she busted out with this as Spence’s surprise groom’s cake. No, this is happening. For real!

So let me ask you: what is the coolest groom’s cake you’ve ever seen? Or if you haven’t seen it yet, what is one you would LIKE to see??

  1. Cait

    That is the coolest idea for a groom’s cake! Well, that ans sushi. :) SO cute!

  2. Marissa Rodriguez

    YAY for snow! :) Coolest grooms cake evah!

  3. Amanda Rae

    The coolest groom’s cake I’ve seen was an exact replica of an In N Out meal (VERY popular burger joint in CA). It was so real and lifelike down to the soda with ice, burger with all the ingredients, fries with open packets of ketchup. Amazing! I love groom’s cakes, they are so creative and fun!

  4. Kristian Bishop

    AMAZING groom’s cake! And I am so jealous that it is snowing where you are. We are still in the 90’s in FL :(

  5. Gray Photography - Zach & Jody

    Wow. This SO would have been Zach’s groom’s cake. So it doesn’t sound too amazing, but you just would have had to see it. One of the best Cake Designers in town actually made a big ‘ol keyboard. It was true to size and AMAZING!

  6. Feuza

    Saw a grooms cake which was a Cigar Box and had rolled up cigars inside, very detailed, thought it was preety cool

  7. Ray

    I’m not a coffee drinker but, that "Caramel Apple Spice" sounds great. I love apple pie. =P And that certainly is an interesting groom’s cake.

  8. Dad M

    Justins’s grooms cake, the camera was the coolest I’ve seen. You know it took someone telling me itwas a cake to know.

  9. Anna Sawin

    Best one I’ve seen is probably one of the groom’s beloved iPhone. IT was SO detailed, down to the real apps and all.

    And, of course, the bleedin’ armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias!

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