January 31, 2011

Stuff We Love: The History of Photography

Lately I’ve been listening to Jeff Curto’s History of Photography podcasts, which has been an awesome refresher from my RIT History and Aesthetics of Photography class with Ken White 11 years ago. I recommend this podcast to any photographer to gain a better understanding of where we’ve come in the past 172 years of photography. In Walk Through a Wedding, we spend a good bit of time talking about the “WHY” in what we do. Our “WHY” is about preserving life and love for future generations. To provide someone looking at our image 172 years from now, a story of a life and love that existed. And I think classes like the History of Photography are a big part of why we do what we do.

I wanted to end with this haunting photograph that Curto talks about in his class of Lewis Payne, co-conspiritor against President Lincoln, photographed by Alexander Gardner. And if you want to sign up for the podcast you can do that HERE for free. I highly recommend them!

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  1. Spring

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! History of Photography was my favorite class in college- I kept my book and often find myself doing reading that I was assigned years ago :)

  2. Kristin Guynn

    I have been obsessed with history of photography lately! It’s so simple and beautiful!

  3. Alice G Patterson

    Oh my gosh, I remember staring at this photo in my eighth grade history book. Some of the civil war photos in that book were the first time I think I was really powerfully affected by a photograph. Little did I know that years later, I would be submersing myself in the world of photography… feet first!

  4. Christa

    Is this a pre-requisite for the workshop? Lol… Doesn’t matter I’m downloading them anyway, can’t wait to listen & learn

  5. Gail

    Oooh — thanks for recommending this! I have a bio about Dorothea Lange and an awesome annotated edition of Robert Frank’s The Americans to get to, but this podcast idea sounds like the perfect way to learn AND work at the same time! haha

    PS – If you like the Lincoln stuff, you should read James Swanson’s ManHunt. I had NEVER known about the others who were trying to assassinate Lincoln and his other cabinet members until I read that amazing book!

  6. Roxie

    My husband reminds me constantly how I need to learn history. So here I go! Thanks!Q

  7. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Interesting … I"m always looking for something to listen to as I edit! :)

  8. Katie Jane

    Oooh, thanks so much for sharing this! I am always looking for new podcasts to listen to while I work.

  9. Kristin

    Thanks for recommending this. That photo is so cool because it’s not the typical expression you see in portraits from that time period.

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