September 3, 2009

Stuff We Love: Yoga

There is no doubt about it that this is a CRIZ-AZY time of year. We are cranking out weddings and engagement shoots left & right and just doing our best to keep up. All of us here at the studio (i.e. our LIVING room….dining room table to be exact. Oh YEA, that’s we roll) have been working so hard to turn out our editing, blogging and album design that I definitely knew we needed some much-deserved balance put back in our lives. So I decided to bring in a yoga instructor once a week to do a personal session with me & the girls (Julia & “The Intern” aka Miss Marla….more on her to come!) to help us, quite literally, work on our balance. And today is our first session! I’m so excited!!

** PS: I can’t imagine why…but Justin decided that playing basketball in the park would work better for him. :)

  1. Julia

    Ohmmmm…. Ohmmmm…. I’m feeling more balanced already :)

  2. Julia

    May I add… THAT was awesome! Thank you! Thank you!!

  3. imthiaz houseman

    oh wow…i’m so jealous, do you need a album designer??

  4. Valerie Acosta

    Awwwsome. I love Yoga. I haven’t done it in a while and I can already feel myself getting pretty stressed out.

  5. Ray

    Cute yoga mats. And thanks for the email. ;o)

  6. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Because boys are silly! My husband came to about 2 yoga classes. We were in the back row and it was a gas watching him try to just touch his toes!!!!!

  7. Tracy and Soleil

    OMG!!! We just signed up for Yoga also. Today is the first class sooooo EXCITED!!! =D

  8. MM

    Oh awesome!! Enjoy it!!

  9. Michelle Sidles

    After a summer break (home with the kids) I’m back to yoga starting TUES. I can’t wait. :) Always makes me feel Happy!

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