April 9, 2012

Stuff We Love/Love to Hate: Reese’s v. Cadbury

So as you could probably tell from our last post (or if you’ve been following along on Facebook or Twitter), Justin & I have been road trippin’ it up these past few days. We are on a trip that took us to Virginia, DC and today Baltimore. When it’s all finished, we will have done four shoots in four days (all of which I can’t wait to show you!) and three mentoring sessions. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least, but this time around we’ve been able to take some time just for ourselves like our afternoon in Williamsburg. So we’ve been taking some time to soak it all in as well. This is key.

Over the Easter weekend, our hotel in Virginia decided to put bunny ears on the Lion fountain in the lobby. I guess to be more festive. This cracked me up to no end. And anytime you put bunny ears on anything, you can pretty much guarantee that we’re going to take a picture of it. So we instagrammed it up. I’m pretty sure this image below is what sealed the deal on that one billion dollar facebook buyout. I’m just sayin. :)

After we posted the picture, we were looking at it and realized it reminded us of those “everybody wants to be the Cadbury bunny”commercials. Which, let’s be honest, were their own little stroke of marketing genius back in the day. But then it also reminded me of Cadbury eggs, which I just happen to hate. Yes, I know hate is a strong word. And to be fair, they do have chocolate. So they do have their redeeming qualities. But I just can’t take the center filling seriously. Besides being that simple syrup goo you find in chocolate covered cherries, some genius at the Cadbury factory decided to color it white and yellow to make it look like the inside of an actual egg. And call me crazy, but anything made to feel like you’re eating an actual raw egg does not get a gold star in my book. And it makes me wonder if there’s some sugary equivalent of salmonella that we should be worried about. I mean, do I need to wash my hands after eating one?

No, for my money, the true champion of Easter candy eggs will always be Reese’s. Chocolate and peanut butter together again, just like nature intended. And I may be totally losing it here, but isn’t there just something about it being molded into the shape of an egg that makes these Reese’s 100x better than regular Reese’s?? Maybe the dome shape holds in flavor better.

So all of this pontificating on the varying merits of Easter candy led me to post the following on Twitter and then Facebook.

It stirred up quite the debate. :)

Apparently, a lot of us have very strong opinions on who makes the better egg. And some people don’t think the best Easter candy is an egg at all. So I thought I’d post the question here to settle it once and for all.

Answer me this: what do you think is the BEST Easter candy and what do you think is the WORST? And….GO!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    I’m with you on the Reese’s…. It’s the only thing I’ve eaten out of my ‘Easter’ basket…. and I actually REALLY hate Peeps! Ewww!! Hope ya’ll had an amazing trip!

  2. Alison

    I am all about cadbury chocolate eggs- not the ones with the mush in them, but the little solid chocolate ones with the hard shell. But then again, if it is chocolate, there is a good chance I will like it!

  3. ashley barnett

    Best: HOLLOW BUNNIES (especially if they are named Peter or lil’sunny) Worst: black licorice jelly beans!

  4. Karen Bonar

    Reese’s eggs rock my world.

    Secret vice for Easter = black jelly beans. (no one else likes ’em so I get them all to myself!) :) Plus I look like I"ve just chewed that old-fashioned licorice gum, which is cool. :)

  5. molly

    if it’s chocolate. i like it. i’m a simple woman. except for dark chocolate. dark chocolate is the WORST.

  6. Emily

    I love the Reese’s eggs too because I don’t have to peel them from the paper lining cups!

  7. athena p

    I am three thousand percent with you on Cadbury eggs. SO. Gross. And my husband LOVES them so they are constantly in my house this time of year – taunting me. "Hey! Look! I’m Chocolate! I’m good! I promise." And then, like clockwork, I fall for it every.single. year. and every year I’m even more grossed out than the year before. Because…right?!? I mean they are so gross. Ew. I did have the good fortune to try a strawberry flavored, chocolate dipped peep this year, and let me just say – it was magic. I only ate one, as one was PLENTY, but I did spend the rest of the Easter Cnady Season scouring the shelves for more. To no avail. My favorite candy is, and will always be, Lindt Lindor Truffles – the red bag – Milk Chocolate. I live and die by those pieces of heaven. But I can also be swayed by a Toblerone, Chewy Sweet Tarts, and a handful of Ghiradelli chocolate chips (60% Cocoa to be precise). Aaaaaaaaaaaand, now I’m desperate for chocolate. Awesome……

  8. Abby Grace

    Starburst Jelly Beans!!!

  9. Sarajane Case

    I def. think the best is reese’s eggs! I also think they are better than normal reese’s because you don’t have to have that ridgy part with too much chocolate. The WORST is peeps! I’ve only eaten one, but, I’m not doing that again. That’s not food, it’s styrofoam.

  10. Lauren Wakefield

    I’m with you on Cadbury eggs being the worst. So disgusting. I also feel this way about peeps. Yuck. I think I am going to have to throw peanut butter snickers eggs in the mix for the best. Chocolate…peanut butter…and nougat. Heaven.

  11. Monika

    Ah… that’s because you are eating the Cadbury Creme eggs and not the Cadbury mini eggs. :) Give the minis a try – the chocolate is amazing!

  12. Carissa

    Your synopsis is spot on, Mary. Spot on.

  13. Irena

    It’s all about the ratio, y’all. 2/3 Peanut Butter to 1/3 chocolate rules the roost, and those damn Cadbury eggs can go.. suck an egg? :)

    Don’t tell Danny I said that.

  14. Alicia Candelora

    Worst: Peeps. Hands down. Not only do they looks entirely creepy, but they taste entirely disgusting.

    Best: Definitely Reese’s.

  15. Heather

    I totally agree. Raw eggs are yuck. The goo inside of the chocolate eggs is yuck much in the same way. Reese however can do no wrong in my eyes. You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. Ever. I prefer them frozen :)

  16. Lisa

    Reeses being in the shape of an egg (or a Christmas tree, or whatever holiday shape that tickles our fancy) does indeed make them taste better. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why.
    A couple years ago my body became intolerant to nuts, out of nowhere. After a good 25 years of being able to enjoy Reeses, I can no longer. It was a sad, sad day.
    Now I just have to watch everyone else enjoy them. So I hope you have one or two for me as well! :)

  17. betsy la vida

    OMG. Jeff and I have this debate every Easter! He adores Reese’s and I have a disgusting obsession with Cream Eggs. I know, they’re totally gross! (but I enjoy 1 per year) :)

  18. Heather

    I’m with Monika – Cadbury mini eggs are the best!! The worst candy? I have never met a candy I didn’t like.

  19. Heidi

    Great post! I’ve never tried the Cadbury eggs, they are too creepy looking. BIg fan of reese’s and i love those little bird eggs (chocolate malt balls) or as my son calls them chocolate balls! They are yummy.

  20. Jessica

    You see I like both but if they were lying side by side…I’d have to choose Reese’s every time. Because there’s just something about chocolate and peanut butter being together in a candy. Worst: peeps

  21. Nancy Mitchell

    Love the debate! I would have to say that PEEPS are the worst too, and my favorite candy are sweat tarts! But hey…good thing I have four kids to get a variety of candy from right?

  22. Am

    Reese’s Eggs are the ABSOLUTE best!!! I gave up chocolate for Lent… I bought myself a King Size Reese’s Egg as the first piece of chocolate I ate after Lent!

  23. Amanda

    and Peeps are the worst!

  24. Michelle

    Although I love Reese’s. I am going to have to say my fav. is the Whoopers that are made into eggs! I seriously eat all the servings in one sitting…

  25. maggieb

    I’m gonna stand up against the crowd and say that peeps are my favorite, the staler and harder the better! ( I can hear the yucks). the worst are spiced jelly beans…
    a smal white "chocolate" bunny makes me happy too.

  26. Tricia

    Best = Hollow Bunnies!

  27. Katie

    I’m kind of a classic…I love Jelly beans…especially the black ones. I think I imherited it from my mom. When I was a kid, she used to tell me that the Easter Bunny didn’t make black jelly beans, but really she just ate them all while she was putting my basket together.

  28. Grandma Ina

    Reese’s are the best food ever! In Heaven, they are a vegetable, so you can eat all you want!

  29. Tira J

    Anything Reese’s and my favorite flavors of Jelly Belly’s. Peeps are DISGUSTING! They should be banned!

  30. Realtor Dad

    Jelly Beans, any kind, any time anywhere. Oh and my 2nd favorites are peeps!

  31. Becky

    Cadbury MINI eggs are hands down the best!!! Regular Cadbury eggs not so much – but the mini eggs in the purple bag are amazeballs!

  32. Lydia

    I know, I tried to eat a cadbury egg but was turned off the color then the taste! Though the chocolate on the outside is so good… :-S Reese’s eggs, robin eggs, and dove eggs are the best! I don’t mind peeps, but never buy them. Worst are the spice jelly beans. You expect a yummy fruit flavor and instead get a burst of yuckiness!

  33. Katie Nesbitt

    Def Reese’s eggs!! They are the BEST!!!! I haven’t had a cadbury egg before but it doesnt sound like I’m missing much lol.

  34. Sydni Jackson

    you are not crazy – Reese’s eggs are WAY better than regular Reese’s! I think it’s because they don’t have all that hardened chocolate around the edges in the shape of the wrapper – it’s just pure, undefiled softness all the way around. :)

  35. Ryan

    Reese’s easter eggs are by far the BEST! They are even better than the regular Reese’s PB cups!! ANNNNND the reason they taste better is that they have a different recipe for the PB filling in them (learned that on the foodnetwork :))

  36. Kevin Berg

    Reese’s eggs are the best! However, I did find myself somewhat crazy addicted to starburst jelly beans. It’s possible two bags were consumed in a day!

  37. Jennifer Medeiros

    Let’s just say I had to stock up on Reese’s Easter Eggs so I can enjoy them for as long as possible throughout the year. What a shame they aren’t available year round!

  38. Becky

    Ok first of all, what’s up with all the hollow bunny people? Chocolate bunnies SHOULD NOT be hollow. It’s so disappointing when you think you’re getting this great big mound of chocolate only to bite into it and find out it’s empty inside. But back to the question at hand, stale peeps are kind of a tradition in my family so i’m gonna have to agree with MaggieB. And the worst is jelly beans. I just can’t get behind fruit flavored candy.

  39. Ashley

    My great-grandmother and the ladies at her church make THE best homemade peanut eggs at Easter! After you have had one of them, Reeses will just not compare. (although you can still enjoy Reeses the rest of the year!) Next time you are in Eastern PA @ Easter,you will have to get one. You know… when you shoot my wedding in a few years. Is it odd to have a wedding photog before a groom? Because I do. =)

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