January 10, 2010

Stuff We Never (Ever) Fight About on the Road

Driving for fifteen hours at a time with your spouse could be challenging for some couples, but nope not us! That’s because we never, ever disagree about anything. Nope not anything at all. In fact, here is just a small list of some of the things we never, EVER disagree on:

1. Whether or not to throw the GPS into oncoming traffic.
2. Temperature. And whether sub-zero settings are actually comfortable or not.
3. Who gets to charge their iPhone before the batteries completely die. That’s because I always volunteer to let him go first. :)
4. The covers.
5. Whether or not Miley Cyrus constitutes good driving music.
6. If sugar counts as a food group.
7. Exactly how much coffee one person needs in a day.
8. Whether or not 12 bathroom breaks really is that excessive.
9. How many suitcases one really needs to bring in out of the car for just a one night stay.
10. Along those same lines, whether or not shoes should have their own bags.

Nope….we never argue about those things at ALL! :) :)

And speaking of arguing, I don’t think any of you will argue with me that Sarah makes one of the most beautiful brides you have ever seen. Their amazing burberry themed wedding is coming up!

And I’m off to get another cup of coffee. :)

  1. Stef

    I’m sure Dave would agree with Justin that Miley Cyrus IS appropriate driving music. LOL!!!

  2. JC

    …I think there might be a little bit of cause + effect with #’s 7+8.

  3. John

    My wife looks so beautiful!

  4. carly


    And my husband I never argue when we travel together either. Especially whether or not he’s driving too close to the car in front of him. Nope, never argue about it at all.

  5. Thao

    12 bathroom breaks is not at ALL too much. :) Love the photo, too!!

  6. Lindsay Ernst

    You are hilarious! And that picture, I wish I had one of myself when I got married :-( It’s stunning!

  7. Tara


  8. Annemarie

    Nope, Brett and I haven’t had the exact problem, ever, with the iPhone charger. Never.

  9. Sarah

    We are so excited to see more!! YAY!

  10. Denise Skelton.

    Nope, my husband and I NEVER, ever fight about bathroom stops either! :)

  11. Amber Snow

    While I love actually reading your blog (rare!), and you guys make me laugh and smile, I just wanted to say that this portrait is stunning. Love the simplicity, the lighting, the choice of b+w.

  12. Ray

    Oh yes, I remember you talking about a burberry themed wedding (I’ve forgotten about it until now)! I can’t wait to see the photos. Beautiful sneak peek by the way. ;o)

  13. Jackie

    ahhh beautiful!

  14. sarah

    somehow i think the coffee argument and pit stop argument might be related. just sayin’. :)

    that dress is AMAZING. can’t wait to see more!

  15. Christa

    I love little posts like this, just shows how real you are!

  16. Susannah

    i LOVE her hairpiece! gorgeous pic, and such a funny post. thanks for being real :)

  17. maggieb

    what’s an iphone!!? :-)
    …AND…would you just look at Sarah – soft and splendid!

  18. john pascale

    Now that’s a dress!

  19. Haley Kruse

    Love following you….this is funny and beautiful all wrapped in one.

  20. Mairead

    Oh, what a day!!! I can’t wait to see the rest! It really was breath taking!!!

  21. Leandra

    Ha! I love this list. It’s so nice to know that other couples [never] argue over silly things too! ;)

  22. cassandra m

    laughing so hard at this post….thanks =D

  23. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    HAHAHA! My baby bro and I drove from KS to San Diego this summer, 14 hours in 1 day in 1 (VERY TINY) car. I was clawing at the windows.

  24. Michelle Sidles

    This image is STUNNING! Like I gasped when I saw it. You guys are so incredibly talented and I’m so happy you allow me to feast my eyes on your work! :) Thanks!

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