August 30, 2010

Sugarbush Resort Wedding: Becky & Tay (Part I)

Good Monday morning! And oh do we have a doozey of a way of kickin’ off your week today: The Sugarbush Wedding of Becky & Tay! Let me just say this, Becky & Tay ooze adorableness. Like seriously, it’s a real problem. And I’m pretty sure they’re on medication for it….because the adorableness oozing, yea it’s in pandemic proportions. Add to that fact that they planned one of the classiest, most timeless weddings that we’ve ever shot and we were in classy, adorable heaven. :)

Married: Becky & Tay

Wherever there’s a gorgeous Ines di Santo and a pair of shoes with a sparkly bow, you just know it’s gonna be a good day.

Buttons and bows. Bows and buttons.

Oh did I forget to mention the sparkly purse?

Ines di Santo or no Ines di Santo, every wedding needs a lil’ Vera.

Love, love, LOVED the flowers courtesy of The Blue Toad. Those ladies rocked it OUT!


The suites at Sugarbush were just beautiful! Look at that light!

Justin took his usual walkabout to hang with the fellas. And what well-dressed fellas they were.

The littlest fella

Tay you are so GQ. You take dapper to a whole new level.


Meanwhile, it was go time with the dress. Love the lil’ sparkly thing that went on the bow!

Becky has some good genes! Mrs. M you are a stone cold fox! :P

Then it was time for me & Becky to work it out. No. Work it. OUT!

Julia snagged these two and I LURVE them!


Come on now. Who doesn’t LOVE Becky’s dad right about now?

Becky’s mom walked Tay down….it was super emotional to watch!

But the water works really got going riiiiiight about HERE:

LOL! Ceremonies are exhausting.

Sugarbush provided a great backdrop for the beautiful ceremony!


Stay tuned for Part II of Becky and Tay’s, Sugarbush Wedding, kicking off with the ten minute rule, coming your way soon!

  1. Chelsea McGowan

    She is SO glam. Gorgeousness.
    Oh, and Mary? This quote: "And I’m pretty sure they’re on medication for it….because the adorableness oozing, yea it’s in pandemic proportions."
    THAT made me LOL so loud that I woke up the baby. So I’m gonna need you to fly to Texas and rock her back to sleep, mkay?

  2. Samantha Harkins

    What a stunning bride. I love her hair!

  3. Ashley Scobey

    Gorgeous! I love that dress and her hair and the sparkle… I love everything!

  4. Alison

    I love these- the details are perfect and the Bride & Groom are gorgeous!! I love your black and white conversion, it is perfection

  5. alkan yilmaz

    Beautiful pics, awesome couple!

  6. Carissa

    the lighting is impeccable as always!! i LOVE the bride’s style. fabulous. thank you for continually pushing me to better myself.

  7. {15:51} photography

    So gorgeous…as always!

  8. linda kuo

    One of my favorites so far

  9. Erica Velasco

    In love with the bridal photos near the window…

  10. Ray

    That, "MARRIED!!!!" photo is amazing. And I LOVE that photo of the tired flower girl. She’ll get a kick out of that when she’s older. =P

  11. Nicole Callaway

    Truely SPECTACULAR! I love all the visible emotion.
    Do you, like me, ever find yourself wiping away a tear from behind the lense of you camera?

  12. Gina Meola

    Stunning! The shots of them getting ready are just PERFECT!

  13. The Swider's

    Becky and Tay — what beautiful pictures. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  14. Ashley Lea

    Another breathtaking wedding. I’m in awe.

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