September 4, 2012

Tappan Hill Mansion Wedding: Sara & Ron

She stood wrapped in love and the forty years of tradition sewn into every thread of her mama’s veil. She took a deep breath and then another. And then she cried. Everywhere she faced, the light did follow. Every angle she turned did reveal, she is one who is bathed in beauty. She paused in the moment. Lingered in the threshold just a little while longer. Because she knew that just one day would never be big enough to hold everything that she was feeling.

He stood rapt in attention at the altar and watched the fabric of their two families overlap, sewn together like the thread in the ribbons above him. He took a deep breath and then another. He squeezed her two hands in his. And then she cried. Everywhere she faced, his smile did follow. Every word he spoke did reveal, to him she would always be one who is bathed in beauty. And to her he promised nothing short of a lifetime, because he already knew….

Just one day would never be big enough to hold everything that he was feeling.

Married: Sara & Ron

Sara & Ron were married on an absolutely gorgeous day at the absolutely GORGEOUS Tappan Hill Mansion. Theirs is a love too big for just one ceremony….so they had two! Which just made for double the laughter, the love and the tears. Ron is actually a correspondent for CNBC, so it came as no news to him (ooooh see what I did there!) that Sara just got more and more beautiful as the day went on….all the way down to the very last songs of the evening. Sara & Ron, it was truly our honor to be there with you on a day filled to the brim with everything that it should be. My hope is that you will love like this always: with more love & laughter than could ever possibly fit in the space of just one day. So instead, it takes a whole lifetime.

So much love,

  1. Stephanie Stewart

    Soooo beautiful! What a truly gorgeous wedding!

  2. Sarah Goodwin

    GAHHHH!!! This is so fabulous – looks like it stepped out of the pages of Vanity Fair.

  3. Abby Grace

    You know, often when I find myself looking at other photographers’ blog, I exclaim over the fun details or the beauty of the bride’s dress. However, every time you all post a wedding, I find myself equally distracted by the beauty of the subjects AND the stunning way in which you composed and captured each frame. Y’all seem to make every click of the shutter into a portfolio-worthy show stopper.

  4. Laura

    Another incredible wedding, a new set of photographs that completely take my breath away. How do you keep raising the bar like this?!

  5. Jackie

    Just Beautiful!

  6. sharon elizabeth

    ermahgawd… these are incredible

  7. Kare

    So beautiful!

  8. Linda Alexander

    Every photo was like a painting, beautifully framed. The expressions captured were amazing.

  9. Kari Jeanne

    This might be my favourite wedding yet – you captured it perfectly. Classic, elegant, authentic – love radiates out of every single image. I got goosebumps scrolling through this post!!!!

  10. Jen Weiler


  11. marlis


  12. Becky

    Oh wow! I love the picture of her neck and veil! It’s so elegant.

  13. katie yuen

    Yay Sara and Ron! I love seeing them up on the blog after getting to know them a little bit at the sangeet! :) Both ceremonies look absolutely exquisite!

  14. Katelyn James


  15. Tira J

    Beautiful images J & M! xoxo

  16. rich

    i seriously think that every image you guys shoot has an amazing touch of class – so absolutely beautiful! love all of these!

  17. kristen

    beautiful!! will we see photos of the sangeet too! i want to see more!!

  18. Rachel McCloud

    oh my goodness these are beautiful.

  19. ashley barnett

    so so so lovely.

  20. Muriel Prigent

    Magical, Marvellous!!!!All the best

  21. Silka

    Such a stunning wedding and a beautiful couple! You can really feel the love through these photos!

  22. Michelle Engel Bencsko

    Exquisite! These photos really portray the magic of the day itself.

  23. Rachel

    Absolutely stunning!!

  24. Jenny Carrow

    Stunning and timeless! You’ve captured the emotions and beauty of the day perfectly!

  25. gina pantastico

    Stunning, stunning photos!!!

  26. Rachna


  27. Kristen M.

    Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous, candid shots.

  28. Prerak Vakharia

    “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”
    ― Ted Grant
    Nice picture’s — J&M

  29. Arlette Engel

    Stunning images of an absolutely couple. This whole day was magical and it is reflected in all of these beautiful photographs. I am especially partial to the black & whites. Lovely, classic.

  30. David Mills

    These photos represent a day in our families lives that will be cherished always.

  31. Arlette Engel

    I think the one I like most is the black and white one, 7th from the bottom, of Ron leaning in to kiss Sara with his hand in his pocket. Wow….so nicely taken…

  32. Sneha

    These pics are breathtaking! I love all the creative ideas behind them… and of course the gorgeous subjects ;)

  33. Anna Bella

    These are unbelievable! The photos so perfectly capture the day. The tangible love at this wedding, the look on Ronak’s face, Sara’s grace and beauty, every gorgeous, painstaking detail, all archived forever in these pictures.

  34. Ciiku

    The picture with the bride holding her chest…. AWESOME!
    Your black and whites are really fantastic

  35. Pat Murphy

    The photos are absolutely stunning. It truly captures the magic of the day.

  36. Deborah Zoe

    Absolutely stunning! Beautiful, beautiful work:):)


    These photos tell a lovely story and I just love how it makes me almost feel like I was there to share in their special day!

    Love, Nicole

  38. Kari Strong

    These photos are as beautiful as the couple!!!!

  39. Joannie

    Not a photo among these that is not exquisite! My three favorite: The large b/w of Sara with her hand at her neckline, the b/w of David and Ron embracing and the photo of Theo.

  40. Marla Montemarano

    Seeing these absolutely beautiful pictures brought back happy tears! May your life be beautiful, filled with laughter and love!

  41. Jenn Ebert

    I am a friend of Rachel’s and particularly love the picture of Theo. I have to say that this may be one of the most stunning weddings I have ever seen. Best Wishes to the happy couple.

  42. Kyla

    Stunning! Congratulations!

  43. Erika

    Beautiful! Every. Single. One!

  44. alexis

    so lovely ! looks like such a beautiful day, congratulations !!

  45. pranjul srivastava

    Amazing pics guys! That was an incredible day where everything was perfect.

  46. Cristina Septien

    These pictures are amazing! And what a beautiful couple.

  47. Max

    Beautiful pictures. REAH!

  48. Courtney

    Unbelievable! As beautiful in pictures as it was in person

  49. amna talal

    Congratulations Sara and Ron
    Beautiful wedding Everything was just perfect!..God bless you both

  50. Hillary

    You guys look absolutely wonderful and breathtaking! Congratulations!

  51. david T

    great wedding, congratulations

  52. Bonnie

    Just gorgeous!!

  53. Fabien

    A lot of amazing pictures for a truly amazing day to remember.

  54. Michelle Celis Fisher

    These pictures are amazing! I’m so glad I got to witness this beautiful couple getting married.

  55. Talal

    You a Boss Bro! Love the pictures, Magical Day! Best Wishes

  56. Emily

    Being there was amazing. Seeing the photographs brings it all back. What gorgeous shots! Bravo!

  57. Darren Finkel

    These pictures are truly exquisite! Even the candid shots look staged – Sara and Ron recessing down the aisle is a personal favorite.

  58. Maxine

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful occasion. Congratulations to you and your families.

  59. Jon and Julia

    Beautiful couple, beautiful ceremony, beautiful Life…

  60. jessica goldberg

    this day was larger than life, and these images will help us replay such an incredible fantasy for years and years. much love!!

  61. Caryn O'sullivan

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the moments captured by black and white, and the smiles on your faces at all times. Gorgeous Gorgeous!

  62. Lisa Cour

    Holy moly!! I’m used to coming here and seeing amazing images. To me, the lighting, the emotions, the colors, the expressions are just…wow!! So incredible you guys!

  63. Ramesh

    Great pictures.

  64. Krista

    Beautiful photos! Really captures how special that day was!

  65. jeanne murphy

    By far the most colorful and joyful wedding marathon I’ve ever attended. Sara and Ron’s love was infectious!

  66. Eric

    Beautiful photographs that really captured the spirit of this day..

  67. Josephine

    Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful and happy day. xoxo

  68. Beverly

    It was a perfect day from beginning to end as expressed in these exquisite photos. They capture perfectly the love and happiness that Sara and Ron have for each other.

  69. Katie

    I just looked at these and they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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