April 28, 2011

Temecula Creek Inn Wedding: Malika & Vinay (Part II)

And now….Part II of Malika & Vinay’s Temecula Creek Inn Wedding. Enjoy!!

  1. Girish

    Fantastic ! Love the shoot. Great emotions clicked. Nice use of focus as always.

  2. Matt Keener

    Awesome!! The colors are so vivid and crisp, I love it!!!

  3. Linda Kuo

    What a beautiful culture

  4. Stacy Conner

    Gorgeous! I feel like I was there… but I wasn’t. Wish I had been!

  5. Malika

    Amazing!!! That one my mom dancing! and the one of my and FIL! ahhhhhh THANK YOU

  6. Lara

    So much emotion – I heave tears in my eyes.

  7. Maggie

    Stunning! There is nothing more beautiful that an Indian wedding. The colors, the smells, the food, the music and dancing, the incredible celebration. I can see why you felt an overwhelming sense of love and faith while you were there. Amazing job, as always :)

  8. Brooke

    Wow these are gorgeous! Indian weddings have such beautiful colors!

  9. maggieb

    You had me at "enjoy"! Just beautiful!

  10. Div

    Wow!! Just speechless

  11. komal seth

    speechless.. Its a fairytale wedding…. spectacular

  12. Michelle Feeney


  13. bindu anand

    Thank you Justin & Mary, beautiful pictures. Waiting for the rest of them. Being the mother of the bride, I can now actually see and feel what really took place that evening!

  14. Ray

    Gorgeous photos. Especially that in-color kiss photo. And love the detail shots. Yummy desserts!

  15. Gaby from Chile!

    Vinay my friend these pictures of your wedding are amazing! I love the colors and details in each one of them. My favorites are the ones where you and your beautiful wife are standing in the woods. Her red dress stands out! un abrazo grande para los dos! I wish you happines and lots of love!

  16. Noam

    Beautiful shots! Love the one of Malika’s mom dancing…

  17. puja

    Superb J and M! reliving the whole night by looking at your beeeutiful pictures…

  18. Dena

    Love them all, but def the one with Momma Anand dancing stand out most to me.

  19. Craig

    SUCH a spectacular wedding! And, the photos to match!

  20. Gwyneth

    These took my breath away!

  21. Dania

    I love reliving the day with these photographs. Stunning.

  22. Aashti

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs. I could feel the love and warmth a million miles away here in Delhi! My favourite ones are of Vinay and Malika after they’ve given their vows… X

  23. Prabha Jawahar

    Gorgeous pictures!! A true testimony to that absolutely wonderful and emotionally fulfilling day! Anands, take a bow! That was an amazing show all of you put up!

  24. Neha

    Its hard to pick one but my fav is the close up of you and vinay in the woods

  25. Mr G.

    very nice pictures. I think the ones of the dhol and the drum player on the dance floor truly captures the spirit of the evening…

  26. Vinay

    You guys hit this out of the park!! AMAZING stuff, and I’m not saying that just because it was my wedding… Thank you!

  27. Peggy Taheri

    Loved reliving the gorgeous wedding weekend through these artistic photos of a beautiful and warm family. Can’t wait to see more!

  28. Loubna

    Gorgeous pictures! Mabrouk Vinay and Malika! So happy for you!

  29. rekha dalvi

    Wow what awesome photos.Everybody looks so happy ,that I feel bad i was not a part of the joyous occassion.Vinay and Mallika make such a handsome and beautiful couple.May they be happy for ever and ever My heartfelt blessings to the dashing young couple

  30. Kirralee

    Those cakes are to die for YUM! Beautiful detail photos. :)

  31. Zack (Robert & Kathleen Photographers)

    I love all of your detail shots. They came out great!

  32. Malika

    Seriously, that photo of my mother makes me weak at the knees! You guys rock my world! <3

  33. Paulita

    Absolutely stunning! So much emotion and joy captured in each picture. I can almost hear the music, smell the desserts and the flowers… And what a gorgeous couple!! Hard to chose one favorite but I’d have to go with the one of you two kissing in the woods. Such crisp and beautiful colors and you guys look so happy, so in love… Congrats. All the best!

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