March 24, 2015



As we’re about to wind up into a busy season (and a full on blitz of crazy over the next few weeks with a J&M Lighting Workshop in Virginia, the Creative at Heart Conference, a wedding in Texas, right back into our next Walk Through a Wedding workshop in CT, followed right after that by our Walk Through One day in Nashville. Whew child!)…as we get ready for those busy days ahead, I am just trying my best to rest in the fact that the strength doesn’t have to come from me. The energy doesn’t all have to come from me. It doesn’t all have to happen by my hands alone. And that where God is in control we can walk and not grow weary, run and not grow faint! Because we’re going to need it…Amen!

Speaking of that, there are a few other things I’m trying to slow down these days & remember to be thankful for:

*A husband who wakes up every morning and makes us breakfast. And while we’re at it, lunch and dinner too, so that I can keep working on big projects we have going.

*A very fluffy golden retriever who lays at my feet and keeps my toes warm.

*Skype calls with our friends Liz & Ryan even though they are in an RV across the country right now! I’m SO grateful for true friends like them! In this industry, it can be really hard to tell who your real friends are when so many people seem out for themselves. It makes me extra grateful for friends like them who always have our backs!

*New tv shows to get into on Netflix. We just started The Killing and we are absolutely hooked! Anybody else watching this show? What about House of Cards?

*Our house and all of its quirky character and the endless list of things we still need to do to it. Every day it teaches me to be patient with myself and that progress is so much more beautiful than perfection.

*Books that feed my soul. I just started The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and I am LOVING it!

*Frozen yogurt. The cake batter kind with graham cracker dust and mini cheesecake squares. Even in 30 degree weather. Amen and amen.

Happy Tuesday! M:)

*So tell me, what are YOU feeling thankful for today? (Photo credit: Jose Villa)

  1. Liz and Ryan

    We are so thankful for you friends!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments!! Have the safest of travels during the next few weeks. And no matter what, if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you can call us anytime! We are so grateful for our Skype dates. Love you lots!!! Hope to see you in person to give you big hugs soon!

  2. Sarah Bradshaw

    I’m thankful for slow mornings, my husband making coffee every single morning, the chance to work for myself, and for my church small group.

  3. Karen

    …. that even in the business of life, I have the luxury to sit down in the midst of dinner prep & just read with my 2-year-old … I know there will be days when he no longer wants me to sit with him, so I’m taking advantage of every single chance I get! :)

  4. jenny haas

    you are just gorgeous Mary

  5. Stephanie Stewart

    I am thankful for doing this thing that I love, challenges and all. For spending my mornings playing with HotWheels and trains with my handsome 2 year old. For a husband and family who always cheers for me on the sidelines.
    And YES! The Killing is such a great show! I didn’t want it to end! We’re currently watching The Fall, which is really good too! If you have Amazon Prime, you can get hooked on The Americans and see a great short series called Bosch. I’m hoping they have a second season! We’re also big fans of The Walking Dead, which we purchased on Amazon Prime to watch the day after it airs.

  6. Joe Don Richardson

    Today I am thankful for the blessings and possibilities that are coming up more and more every day!

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