July 15, 2019

The #1 Fix to Avoid Inquiry Ghosting

Let me ask you: have you ever gone back and forth with a really good DREAM of an inquiry… one that you were certain you would be the perfect fit for… only for them to go suddenly radio silent (aka “ghosting”) after a few messages and NEVER hear from them again?

Yeaaaa… it’s the worst.

It takes up WAY too much of your precious time, and leaves you losing out on clients who would have been such a great fit for you. 

The only problem was, you didn’t give them a WAY to know that they had to have YOU in particular! 

So you end up losing out to someone else just because they were cheaper.

Luckily, today we are sharing the #1 fast fix to avoid inquiry GHOSTING

Ready? Here it is.

Stop giving them ALL the information they would ever need before they even meet with you.

Let me guess… You get an inquiry. You have the date available. And you quickly reply. Only you don’t stop there. You also give them your ENTIRE pricing list, your add-on options, your product guide, and your booking policy to reserve the date.

You think you’ve gone above and beyond in getting them all the information they need… 

…but all you’ve really done is make yourself a TRANSACTION.

Here’s the thing. None of us wants a client who views us merely as a transaction (the ones who are looking for the most bang for the least amount of buck). And we’ve also probably all heard at one point or another that buying is not a purely rational decision… it’s an EMOTIONAL one. 

And yet SO many photographers we talk to, when they are replying to the very first initial inquiry, they are giving that couple EVERY piece of information they could ever need that deals with the transaction, the rational side, and the numbers (aka the prices!)… long before they ever sit down face to face with them and give them a chance to form any real kind of connection or emotional attachment to “YOU” being the one that is there with them on their wedding day.

In other words, we are TELLING those clients to base their decision on MATH and nothing more.

And then we get SURPRISED when those inquiries ghost on us to go with someone cheaper!

When the truth is, we haven’t given them a REASON to want us in particular.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT advocating that you should be shady or dodge direct questions about prices… I think it’s SO important to make sure you are in the right ballpark with a couple on pricing before you take the time to meet with them.

But I think a much more effective way to do that is to reply:

“Just to give you an idea, our Collections begin at $$$$ and then we custom build every package from there for each of our couples to make sure it’s a perfect fit (because let’s be honest, one size fits all never looked good on anybody!) If that sounds good, we would love to set up a meeting with you so we can find out more about your day and figure out what a really good package would look like for you!” (Feel free to SWIPE this copy!)

That way they aren’t sticker-shocked by seeing the starting price for the very first time in the meeting… BUT it also allows them the chance to spend an hour or two connecting with you, witty-bantering with you, falling in love with you and your style, seeing how much you have in common, and feeling like there is NO one else in the world who will get them as a couple quite like… YOU!

NOW, they are basing their decision on YOU, not just your numbers! You’ve given them a REASON to start seeing this as a relationship not just a transaction.

And no amount of “cheaper” can compete with that!

Go rock it out!

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  1. Dalena

    Thank y’all so much for the advice. I love your blog!

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