June 10, 2015

The Art of Authentic Posing- Join the July Class!!


Last month we released 100 spots to our June Art of Authentic Posing online launch and it totally sold out. And let me tell you, that group has just been ROCKING it so far! It has been so awesome to see some of the HUGE results & strides that they are already making. Here are just a few of the amazing notes that we’ve been getting:

“Just watched video one of the authentic posing. LOVED IT!! So awesome. You make me think so deeply. Love that! Feeling so pumped for this weekend’s wedding!” – Tricia

“Used the 8 rules of posing last night at my engagement session and already felt a HUGE difference with my clients and my images! Ekkk! Cannot wait to learn more! ” – Jaime

“Thank you Justin & Mary! The first video was fabulous in both content and craftsmanship. I loved all of the cutaways to see the actual picture that was being taken. It was so helpful!” -Erica Beth

“I used the directions you mentioned and it was SO easy! I also went in with the mindset that every couple is going to interpret poses differently, that they may not have every thing perfectly in place and that’s ok. THANK YOU for that tip! I loved my photos SO much more because their expressions and poses were genuine to them but still fit my style. I was able to engage more, didn’t feel stuck on poses and enjoyed my time with them so much more! What a HUGE difference!” -Elisabeth

Ahhh, that is so awesome and exactly what we hoped for when we made this class! And that is why we are SO excited to open up the next round of 100 spots for The Art of Authentic Posing! The next class will have their videos sent out on July 1st, but we are opening up the pre-sale TODAY!! This course will normally be $299, but for anyone who signs up during the pre-sale it will be just $249. **AND to make it extra fun, the first 50 people to sign up using the code “FAST” are going to get a total of $100 off making it just $199!! To reserve your spot for the July 1st round, just head over HERE!! And…GO!


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  2. Brooke Stevens-Patrick

    When are you having another workshop? Is this workshop also good for those who are comfortable talking to their couples but are in a rut? :-)

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