May 28, 2015

The Art of Authentic Posing- Only 12 Spots Left!


Yesterday when we were doing our Shoot Dot Edit webinar, our friend Jared asked us about why we think posing is important. And to be honest with you, I got a little emotional talking about it. I know that seems like a weird subject to get emotional about, but here’s the thing. Justin & I don’t think of posing just in terms of “how do we get pretty portraits” or “how do we get a lot of portraits.” We think about it in terms of how do we tell the most honest story about who these two people are. Together. 

As you guys know very well by now, our Why is to take photos that children and grandchildren can look at 60 years from now and feel like they knew who these two people were who started out together on Day 1. But like we blogged about with Jil & Tom, we also now take them so that these two people can look at them themselves and remember exactly how they felt and WHY they got started in the first place when things get tough as they sometimes will. We want to hold a mirror up in front of them and show them how incredible & beautiful this love of theirs is. Why it is an enduring kind of love. Why it is a love for the generations. And we just can’t do that if all we think of Posing is “these are my 27 poses that I will walk each couple through in the exact same order.” If we truly believe in taking the kind of photos that show people who they are…then we have to believe that every story is different.

Posing can’t be plastic. It can’t be pretend. It can’t spend so much time trying to make it pretty & perfect that it misses out on what’s truly beautiful which is those imperfect moments in between…the moments that make up a life together. Posing without heart, posing without connection, posing without what’s real….well that’s just a photo of a perfectly molded still life.

And we just think life was never meant to be lived standing still. Instead, we want images that move people.

We are SO excited that our very first Art of Authentic Posing Online Course will be starting in just a few days on June 1st! We opened up 100 seats for this first one and we are down to our last TWELVE spots. If you would like to join us and really change the way you think about your posing forever, you can do that by going HERE!! We would love to have you join us!

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