March 14, 2013

The Better Half of Me

Dear Justin,

It’s early morning & we’re sitting on a plane.

The sleep-filled hours the past few days have been short and few between. The night before last, you stayed up all night- getting 35 minutes of sleep exactly- to make sure that all the work was done. All the crazy ideas, all the visions, all the things we had been planning- they all came down to the final hours.

And you let me sleep….while you worked on our dreams.

See, I’m the one who gets to stand up and show the videos. To tell the stories. To hug the necks. And to take the credit.

But really I know, you’re the one who makes it happen.

Without you, I would only be half. Half a presentation….and half of me.

And I’m thankful to you for making me whole.

Love, me.

**HUGE thanks to Aaron Tokarz for taking this photo from our Tuesday night J&M Newbie Soiree! I am so grateful for all the new photographers turned friends that we made! Can’t wait to share all of our WPPI adventures soon. But for now, we’re off to sleep on a plane bound for home.

  1. jamie

    wish I could have been there to hear what you guys came up with together! love that you give him the credit Mary. <3

  2. Melissa Jill

    Love this! I had a great time sitting down with you guys at WPPI! Thanks for making space for me :). Safe travels home and I hope you have time to collapse for a bit :).

  3. Rachel McClouds

    I love how you two love each other so well. :)

  4. Susie Solorio

    Not only did I hear your amazing speech, but now checking this post and seeing how amazing your love and support for one another just inspires me to be not only a great photographer, but a great wife, daughter, sister, aunt….

    Thank you for being so wonderful.

  5. Rici

    I adore how you have each otherĀ“s back!! ~ Saluti.

  6. Amanda Jackson

    Mary, this is so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes knowing how similar my husband is. He holds everything together for me and I don’t know what I would do without him. :) I really look up to you and Justin… you work so well as a team. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going, to keep chasing our dreams.
    Love, Amanda.

  7. Jennifer Medeiros


  8. anouschka

    I just love how you guys love…

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