November 1, 2012

The Big Reveal

Introducing our Halloween crew. From left to right: Lauren Wakefield as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, Spring Smith as Mary Poppins, Mario & Princess Peach, Ashley & Jeremy as Waldo & Wanda, and Liz & Ryan as that old couple from UP! :)

After we got dressed up and did a full on studio shoot complete with gray backdrop, the only thing left to do was to watch Beetlejuice in our front yard.

Obviously. :)

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

Yep, that is my wedding dress. Who says you only get to wear it once??

  1. Katelyn James

    sooo funnn!!!!

  2. Amanda Miller

    Love it!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. Abby Grace

    Ahahahaha the leg lamp!! SO AWESOME!

  4. Serena Severtson

    Looks like such fun! :)

  5. Jessica Frey

    Awesome!! Great costumes, love the halloween spirit and photos! ;)

  6. Christy Tyler

    FABULOUS costumes! Now I’m trying to think how I can work my wedding dress into a costume! haha

  7. Isaac Stott

    Pretty much the best thing I’ve seen. Love this!

  8. Ravyn

    Yep! Pretty much the best costumes & group of people!! I love how much you guys love Halloween.


    Fantastic costumes all around!!!

  10. Elizabeth

    I LOVED UP….awesome pics you guys really know how to make Halloween….I always say, who says you can’t be a kid at any age….

    Mary YOU GO GIRL…you look beautiful in your wedding dress!!

  11. GrandmaIna

    Great costumes! I love Halloween! But you don’t look the same in your wedding dress! Could it be the hair??

  12. Christa

    Super Cute costumes :)

  13. Jil

    so fun!

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