November 27, 2014

The Black Friday Sale is LIVE!!!

Annnnnnnd the Black Friday Sale is LIVE!!!! We can’t WAIT to have you join us in 2015 & we are SO excited for what’s in store!


Our Walk Through a Wedding One Day workshops will be coming to Dallas, TX on April 2nd & Nashville, TN on April 20th!!

Use the code “BlackFriday” to get $250 off your seat!! And… GO!!

Sign up for the Dallas, TX Walk Through One Day-April 2nd (SOLD OUT)
Sign up for the Nashville, TN Walk Through One Day-April 20th

What is a Walk Through One Day workshop ?

Our Walk Through a Wedding “One Day” Workshop is twelve full hours of what it takes to shoot a wedding, including every tricky situation that comes with it. We will be walking through each step of the wedding day, as if we were actually shooting it. But y’know, with better vendor meals.We’ll cover lighting, posing, timelines, shooting in a time crunch, dark churches, shooting reception details to get published, sparkler exits & more! We’ll have a bride & groom to model for us and a whole spread of gorgeous details! Because we know what you know: shooting a wedding can be tricky business. And we’re here to help you with all of those toughest parts of the day! **Note that our One Day workshops focus in solely on the shooting part of our normal Walk Through a Wedding workshop. If you are also interested in the business side of things (marketing, branding, pricing, workflow, getting booked, getting your name out there, getting your life back) then our two day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop in February is for you!

For those of you who are looking to come to the FULL two day J&M workshop experience where everything we teach is all in one place with over 20 hours of content, our Feb 11-12th “Burberry & Brass” Walk Through a Wedding is for you! This is the perfect workshop for anyone looking to go full time or kick start their photography business!

And at $250 off, this is the lowest this seat will ever be! Just enter the code “BlackFriday” to grab your seat! AND the first 5 people to sign up are also going to get a copy of our ebook The Guide for FREE ($150 value!)

Sign up for the Feb 11-12th “Burberry & Brass” Walk Through a Wedding

Next up are our J&M Mentoring Sessions! Each mentoring sessions includes up to 3 hours of mentoring and a mini headshot shoot, as well as a 10 step next action plan on where to go next! Each mentoring date only has TWO spots available, so be sure to grab them fast! AND for anyone who signs up on Black Friday, you will get $100 off when you use the code “Turkey” !

Sign up for the January 14th AM session
Sign up for the January 14th PM session
Sign up for the February 18th AM session
Sign up for the February 18th PM session (SOLD OUT)
Sign up for the March 25th AM session (on location in Chapel Hill, NC)
Sign up for the March 25th PM session (on location in Chapel Hill, NC)
Sign up for the April 21st AM session (on location in Nashville, TN)
Sign up for the April 21st PM session (on location in Nashville, TN)

Our anniversary sessions have been one of the highlights of our year in 2014! We just love marriage & we love celebrating with couples beyond the wedding day! This is the chance for you & the love of your life to get dressed up, go somewhere amazing & have iconic photos of you guys taken right where you are at this stage of life! Go all out with them & do something once in a lifetime worthy! Like next year when we’re heading to Rome with an amazing couple to do one over there! They can be used as either an anniversary session or maternity shoot.

For everyone who signs up today using the code “BlackFriday” you will get $250 off a $1500 session! We only have TWO sessions left!

Sign up for a J&M Anniversary Shoot

Our e-book The Guide has over 60 pages of insight from the past 10 years on business, marketing, pricing, and how we went from our “job interview days” to picking & choosing every couple that we work with! It is essentially everything in our business brains & our story of exactly what we did to build this business from the ground up put together in one place. And for anyone who grabs their copy TODAY, it will be 50% off! ($150 reg price) Just click the Buy Now button below to grab your copy & the discount will already be applied!

**Note that after checkout, you will be re-directed to a download link where you can download your copy! If you have any trouble, just shoot us an email!

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