August 20, 2009

The Challenges of Working Together

Justin & I often get asked if it is challenging for us being married and also running a business together where we see each other 24 hrs a day.

To which I say….absolutely not!

See that’s because we never disagree about anything actually and we are always on the same page about every thing. We always agree about what should be done next on the to do list of our lives and never try to pawn anything off on the other one by pretending like we didn’t see it. We never ever fight about whether it should be thai food or sushi for lunch and we always do something the second, nay nay the millisecond, the other asks us to do it. We never low talk or mumble and force the other one to say “heh….what’d you say” like we’re 80 years old 17 times a day. And there is never, no absolutely ever, any competition over who got the better picture. Ever.

But probably most important of all, and really the secret to any success we’ve had in our marriage and business, is that we NEVER EVER get in each others shots. :) :)

  1. oneshotbeyond

    now that was FUNNY! :-) Thanks for the mid week laugh!

  2. Rachel (of Rachel & Terry)

    HAHAHA . . . I thought J was trying to show us how to pose! :)

  3. Abby

    Love the picture! Too funny!

  4. Abigail Smith

    You two are ADORABLE! Love that shot! Miss you!

  5. Shy

    I freakin’ adore you…. you know that right?


  6. T.Orlovsky

    haha i love it! you guys are too cute!

  7. Suwanee

    You guys are so stinkin cute! (O:
    What a fun couple you are.

  8. GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody

    ha ha ha!! LOVE it….. too funny… lol….. – JG

  9. Ali Fitz


  10. Emily Beaty

    LOL that’s hilarious.

  11. Amanda Herzberger

    You guys make me smile :)

  12. michelle Sidles

    low talker… any reference to Seinfeld makes me love you more. ;)

  13. jamie delaine

    Cute. :)

  14. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Cute post! LOL!

  15. Ray

    You guys are awesome. ;o)

  16. Holli True

    LOL! I love it! Considering that my hubby and I run our photography business together and we never do any of the things you’ve listed here either, I’d say we’re on the same page as the two of you. :) It’s perfect!! Oh, and I love this shot, btw!

  17. rachel darley


  18. twilight at morningside

    Just the laugh I needed!

    This photo reminds me of the camera-hogging squirrel that’s been making the internet rounds lately. Check out:

  19. carla Ten Eyck

    this is the cutest picture of Justin. EVER.
    low talkers!!!

  20. Rachel

    You too are adorable!

  21. Leslie

    hahahaha- I love you guys- can’t wait to see you!

  22. Kathleen


  23. Kristin Mulrane

    So this post pretty much is why I love you guys so much!! (Okay, well, your photography isn’t too shabby either ;-) My fiance and I just opened up our own business together about 3 months ago and, of course, never disagree about anything either! ever! It’s just paradise every day! haha! Anyway, we CAN’T WAIT for you guys to shoot our wedding!!!! :-D

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