September 18, 2009

The Choose Our Adventure Contest is now closed!!

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Thank you so much to ALL of you who have voted, blogged, tweeted, facebooked and shouted this contest from the mountaintops for us these past 10 days!! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!!

We are just doing the final counts now and we will be back on in a little while to announce our 20 cities and the winners of all these RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME prizes!!!!

Stay Tuned!!

  1. Amanda Donaho

    Hooray! This was a fun contest & I can not WAIT to hear the cities & the winners!

  2. Mapuana

    What an awesome contest with great prizes. Can’t wait to hear what lucky city you will be traveling to. Hope is Hawaii or California :).

  3. Derek

    So strange to see a "Photo Credit" on YOUR blog. =P

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