September 20, 2013

The Fall Bucket List

Alright! As promised, we have compiled our Fall Bucket list of all the things we want to make sure we do this season.

Y’know, before we wake up & it’s December!

1. Go apple picking at Lyman’s Orchard
2. Find the perfect pair of new Fall boots: caramel colored
3. Make caramel apples, hopefully while wearing the boots! :)
4. Organize my sweaters all on display in the new shelves in my closet Justin just put in.
5. Get more apple & pumpkin butter, and drink more pumpkin spice latte
6. Eat a pumpkin roll. Well hopefully not the whole thing. Hopefully.
7. Watch a lot of WVU football & hopefully even make it to a game!
8. Decorate our front porch with mums & our Fall wreath
9. Walk around the Yale campus, wearing a coat & scarf, drinking apple cider and crunching leaves under my feet
10. Make a trip up north, either to Vermont or Maine, to see the leaves
11. Make a Fall trip to the wineries in Charlottesville (hello Pippin Hill!) & see the foliage in Virginia & West Virginia.
12. Celebrate our anniversary (October 13th!) and Justin’s birthday (October 10th) in style!
13. Attend a “harvest” event & have dinner at one of the local CT wineries
14. Eat butternut soup.
15. Watch at least 3 scary movies. The good ones, none of this Evil Dead nonsense. Preferably a Scream, a Halloween, and a Final Destination.
16. Carve a pumpkin
17. Have a Fall themed anniversary shoot done of us.
18. Go to a haunted house with a big group of people
19. Burn a lot of Yankee candles so the house always smells like something Fall
20. Host our annual Halloween bash, bigger & better than ever!!!
**Bonus item: buy a golden retriever puppy & a cup of Starbucks and do THIS with it!! :)

So tell me, what’s on YOUR Fall bucket list? Let us know at least one thing in the comments below & one lucky winner is going to receive their choice of a $25 Starbucks gift card or a large jar Yankee Candle! And…GO!!

  1. Alicia White

    Apple picking, apple pie making, and hot apple cider sipping while wearing a fabulous scarf and boots! Can’t forget the PSL as dessert ;-)

  2. Alison

    Go to a pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins! And ditto on drinking more pumpkin spice lattes. And eating pumpkin rolls. Eat all the pumpkin things.

  3. Alana

    Take our 9 month old daughter to her first hockey game. Goooooo Hartford Wolfpack! (and hopefully a Bruins game next season when she’s a little older).

  4. melissapepin

    1. Go to Burts Pumpkin Farm (google it…its the BEST!)

    2. Plan the babes halloween costumes for trick or treating

    3. Make breakfast and eat outside on the porch at least once a week

    4. Bake….something awesome Ive never made before…must include pumpkin

    5. Carve pumpkins

    6. Take a weekend trip to the mountains

    Happy Fall J & M!

  5. Abby Grace

    Ahh! I LOVE Virginia wineries in the fall. We visited Pippin Hill this summer with friends and we’re totally going back sometime in the next couple of months. Looking back on our anniversary photos from New York last fall, I’m getting the bug to have another shoot, too :).

  6. rachel

    Join a CSA and spend time with family that lives far away and savor the moments together!

  7. Virginia Wedding Photographers

    Haha, can we just print this off, hang it up on the fridge and make it our own?! lol Especially the puppeh!!

  8. Regan Carter

    Can I just copy your list?? Amazing!! Drink lots of white chocolate pumpkin spice lattes, go to a fall festival, have a little autumn cocktail party with friends, get cider donuts and mulled cider, take in a few LU football games, hunt down some white pumpkins…Plus a dozen other things! :)

  9. Terri

    Go to the pumpkin patch with my littles! :)

  10. Terri

    Go to the pumpkin patch with my littles! :)

  11. Amber

    Try out some new apple recipes, specifically how to make apple doughnuts! We visit Carter Mountain Apple Orchard in Charlottesville, VA each year. We say that we’re going apple picking but secretly, I think we all go to eat their apple cinnamon doughnuts! Delicious!

  12. Alison

    Decorate the front steps of MY new home any way I like, make fresh pumpkin butter (wicked easy Mary!!) and apple butter, buy a new pair of boots and a cute jacket, and convince my kids that we need a fall photo session of the three of us!

  13. Jaime

    Your list sounds fantastic. :) I would love to take my family to the corn maze that they have near us every year. I say that I’m gonna go every fall but something always comes up. I’m going to make it this year! Happy Fall!

  14. Brooke

    The number one thing on my fall bucket list is to take engagement photos with the beautiful red, orange, and yellow fall leaves as our background – and our two dogs by our side!

  15. Lelia Marie

    Go camping! And apple picking. And have a bonfire. Clearly I have a long list… :-)

  16. Gabrielle Halle

    Yeah, I’ll take all of the above. Especially candle burning, crunching leaves, and buying new boots!! Looking forward to family time in the Poconos next month too :-) Leaf crunching galore.

  17. Dana

    We want to take our son on a hike in Virginia to show him all of the beautiful leaves and their colors.

  18. Abbey Bradshaw

    The top two things on my fall bucket list are to go pumkin picking and drink/eat lots of pumpkin flavored treats :) I just can’t get enough pumpkin coffee!!

  19. Sabrina

    My main goal is to go apple picking. I say every year that I’m going to go but it’s actually on our calendar to go with our community group so hopefully it will happen! My secondary goal is to drink as many pumpkin spice chai lattes as possible (since I don’t like coffee). YUM!

  20. Lindsey LaRue

    Go apple picking! I’ve never done this and it is my #1 on the bucket list this year! Also, baking up some new pumpkin recipes is always on my fall-time agenda.

  21. Danielle Acken

    Watch the harvest moon rise; steal kids out of school one day to go and jump in leaves…just because; create yet another fantastic recipe using pumpkin; carve the pumpkins WE grew OURSELVES this year!

  22. Amanda Berke

    My bucket list?!?

    Mini Caramel apples with the kids!

    pumpkin patch

    apple cider donuts

    drive through skyline dr (DC)

    sneak away for a long weekend with the family to the mountains :)

  23. Jessi

    I want to build a fire pit in our backyard for the sole purpose of roasting S’MORES! :) YUM!

  24. Holly Smith

    We will be dressing our almost 1 year old son up like a lobster and walking around town on Halloween! He’s to young for the candy, but I think he’s going to love seeing all the kids in costumes!

  25. Nikki

    Sneaking away to the Oregon Coast with my husband, watching the rain fall and doing NOTHING :)

  26. Joel and Amber

    Explore a pumpkin farm, hike up in the mountains and lie cuddled with blankets to look at the stars, learn to make the perfect pumpkin spice latte, go to a football game, and shoot an engagement session with cute sweaters, scarves, and boots!

  27. Becca

    Maybe go camping when the weather becomes cool! S’mores and cuddling by a fire :]

  28. Amanda

    I wishing buying a Golden Lab was on the bucket list but definitely a trip to the Pumpkin patch followed by some carving ;)


    A Gilmore Girls marathon with my 3 girls on the first rainy Sunday. We just need cashmere socks, caramel apple cider, and a big bowl of white bean, verde stew with smoked chicken.

  30. Christina Barnum

    Take my kiddos to their first pumpkin patch :)

    Take my hubby to his first NFL game!

  31. Jacinthe

    At least one thing? Hmm… k! I want to photograph three friends who are sisters, on a lovely and lonely autumn-y road I know. I’d looove love it! Also, find cute boots – brown if possible. And make my great-grand-mother’s delicious apple crisp at least once!

  32. Elizabeth

    jumping into a pile of raked leaves and being a kid again.

  33. Rici

    AH! This cute image <3 hihi.
    Honestly I did not even think about my Fall list yet, but I´m so happy you brought it up!
    1) gather the peps from Crusade in my town and take an afternoon walk around the city on a Sunday
    2) go to the movies, like for real. Haven´t been in ages.
    3) buy cute rain boots ~ Germany :/
    4) buy something Scottish styled, patterned (blanket, scarf, ^boots or hat)
    5) make my own butter bread cookies (Scottish style)
    * extra item, not realistic, escape to Italia for some days again :)

    Mary, today I drove to Stuttgart and saw they have a Starbucks, they are not so common in Germany as in the US… and immediately was thinking of you :)
    Have a great weekend! ~ Tanti Salutiiii.

  34. Andrea Darst

    Every year, we get all the nieces & nephews (16 of them) together with parents & friends and go to the pumpkin farm…then we go back to someone’s house and carve them! It’s so much fun!

  35. colleen

    well…I have to say that your list is longer than mine…ha! i want to go with my family to the cider mill for our annual family photo shoot.

  36. ahren

    charlottesville is super close to Richmond…just sayin…

  37. Karen

    Introduce my little boy to the joys of drinking hot chocolate at football games. :)

  38. robin underdown

    Have a baby.

  39. Melissa

    Jumping in a giant pile of leaves with my two year old son!

  40. Sandra Fazzino

    Enjoy a Thanksgiving back east in CT with friends and family. Haven’t even purchased the tickets yet and have no idea if it will work within our schedules, but I would like to make it happen. The best part will be surprising my 96 year old grandmother. And video tape it. Definitely must video tape it. Because she’s been begging me to come home for months.

  41. Ali

    You’ve inspired me to create my own Fall bucket list! Go apple picking and eat plenty apple cider donuts, carve a pumpkin, enjoy the colors of the Catskills, visit LI wineries, and go to the WV football game next weekend! I’ve never been to Morgantown before, please share the places we must go! :) Restaurants, campus bars… I would love to have your recommendations! Happy Fall!

  42. Lydia

    Here’s one: visit Apple Hill with friends and eat yummy apple treats!

  43. Shannon

    You should totally go to Hopkins Inn in New Preston CT. It is a gorgeous winery with a lovely restaurant on site. It overlooks lake warmug and is so pretty in the fall! It’s also a great place for your fall themed photo shoot. My husband and I had some of our engagement pictures done there by the very talented Jacob Bergmeier :) If you haven’t already you should definitely check it out!

  44. Dennis Bullock

    For sure it has to be to hang out as a family in our backyard and enjoy an amazing fire on a crisp evening!

  45. Darcie

    I want to take my niece (4 years old) to the pumpkin patch again! It is always so fun to watch her try and pick a pumpkin up! haha Last year she was finally able to pick up one of the mini ones! Then we go inside the store and get cider and yummy baked goods…yum!

  46. Spring

    First of all – you left out visit NH (we are right between ME and VT and we have some pretty leave toooo!) I’m totally in for the halloween bash and haunted house and I think we should all carve pumpkins at our halloween bash! OK so my list includes lots of the same things: go apple picking, make apple pie, master my mom’s pumpkin pie recipe, go to Disney World with my hubby and of course hit up the fryeburg fair with all it’s fired dough, pretzels and other million calorie goodies!

  47. Cecilia Burgos

    I want to jump in a big pile of leaves with my kids : )

  48. Evonne & Darren Wong | U Me Us Studios

    Hmmm… I am looking forward to drinking more pumpkin spice latte and apple cider… and also curling up on the couch with my soft blankie and 2 furbabies!

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