February 5, 2016

The Friday Wrap Up: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Us!


Happy Friday friends!! I was up bright & early as the snow was falling outside, to have a morning business meeting in our jammies with the best biz (and life!) partner I could ever ask for (Justin)!! We have been working HARD over here on some brand new things that I can’t wait to share with you! So in the mean time since I can’t share that just yet, for this Friday Wrap Up, I thought I’d share a few things you might not know about the two of us instead! Here they are!

*1) The first time I knew I was going to date him was when we were driving in the car and he took my hand…and it felt like something we had been doing for seven years, not seven days.

*2) The first time I knew I was going to marry him was three weeks in when I caught a super contagious stomach flu & told him to stay away. He came over anyway & talked to me for hours through the bathroom door when I wouldn’t let him in & then wrapped me up in my grandma’s quilt when I finally did.

*3) We danced to “These Are the Days” by Van Morrison as our first dance song.

*4) We are one of those cozy affectionate kind of couples…and I can’t handle spending much time around couples who aren’t!

*5) If there is something we are known for more than our work, I hope it’s our marriage. I hope our marriage becomes one of our greatest legacies. Because like it says on our site, “I see love because I have known love…quietly and fearlessly and without question. Because for us…it always started with love” 


And since this is a weekly wrap up of all the good stuff we had going on this week, here are some things to make sure you didn’t miss!

*On Monday we shared 5 Steps to Your Best Groom Portraits Ever & it was a big hit! Definitely check it out!

*We also talked about how I was finally able to start & finish my Michael Hyatt 21-part course on how to “Get Published” & how I was able to accomplish more in two weeks in January toward that goal than the 6 months that came before! I did it by changing The Top 3 Mistakes we all might be making in goal setting & how to fix them fast to finally make things happen!

*We announced that we are totally SOLD OUT for our Feb Walk Through A Wedding and we are now down to only ONE spot left to April! Click HERE if you want to grab it!

*And get excited for next week where we have some gorgeous photos coming your way, including this engagement shoot with the cutest golden doodle puppy, as well as a BIG announcement you won’t want to miss!!

Happy Friday friends!

  1. Christine

    You two are one of my favorite couples to be around, so I’d say YES to the marriage legacy! <3

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