July 23, 2009

The Gene Higa/J&M Workshop Mega Recap!!

***Updated to add: Style Me Pretty just picked up this shoot on the front of their main page!! Check it out!!

Alright, alright (oooh I just Mcconaughey’d it!!) ….here it is!! The mega workshop recap!!

We met up yesterday for our full day workshop with Gene Higa at Chamard Vineyards. Bridget and her whole staff at the winery were just AMAZING and took such great care of us, including putting on a full-fledged wine tasting for us during lunch. If you are in need of a good new bottle of wine, I highly recommend hitting them up!!

We had a full day of classes on everything from life balance to marketing to finding your signature style. Gene is SUCH a brilliant business man, and it was so amazing to just sit and soak in all of his incredible wisdom. I know that we learned just as much as all of the attendees, and it was such an honor for us to be up there with him!

After our sessions, we wrapped up with one pretty crazy cool shoot that Julia & I have been working on all week. A few weeks ago, we came up with a “laundry theme” for the shoot and spent the past few weeks brain storming. Then this week it was time to put it all into action, so we hit the stores with limited budget and time. It was AWESOME!! It was like we were on some new reality show or something: “Plan My Wedding in Four Hours or Less.” Kind of a long name I know, but pretty catchy if I do say so myself!

Of course, we knew there was no way that we were going to be able to take this shoot to the level we had in our heads on our own. So we did exactly what you should do in that situation… we called in the best!! And I have to say, they took our already super high expectations and just blew them out of the water. Like they had dynamite and a fishing net. And we were the trout. Hmmm….or is that just a West Virginia thing?

So without further delay, I proudly present to you the “You wash, I’ll dry” shoot!! (***For more background on the name of our shoot, be sure to check out the “About J&M” section at the top.”)

Theme & Design by Mary Marantz & Julia Gargano
Location: Chamard Vineyards – Clinton, CT
Styling & Coordination: Sarah True – True Events
Rentals: Rentals Unlimited
Flowers: Yumiko Fletcher – Hana Floral
Cupcakes: Sugarbelle
Dresses & accessories provided by The White Dress by the Shore
Bride’s dress: Melissa Sweet
Bridesmaid dress: Vineyard Collection
Models: Bride & Groom: Esther & JC Bridesmaid: Lindsay Milan Mamula
Make-up: Jennie Fresa Beauty Library

Beth at The White Dress by the Shore provided us with this beautiful dress (as well as the awesome bridesmaid’s dress below). They are having a HUGE sample sale this weekend, so be sure to check them out if you’re in need of some fabulousness!

Yumiko burned the flowers UP!!! Dude, check out this little antique tea towel that she used on the bouquet!! She actually went out to an antique store to track this little baby down and hand cut it to fit the bouquet. AMAZING!!

Julia & I had a super-glue field day putting all of these details together! I still can’t feel my fingers!

The incredible Gene Higa in action!!

Our attendees rockin the details

Strike a pose

Thank you to all of the attendees, vendors and models for making this workshop such a success and inspiring us more than you’ll ever know. You gave more than you had to and went out of your way to help us out. And we will never forget that.

And a HUGE special thanks to Julia who in such a short time has become our right hand girl. She worked tirelessly and endlessly and gave all of herself to making this workshop a success, and it simply would not have come together without her. We love you Julia!!!

And of course, the biggest thank you of all goes to Gene for traveling through 4 airports to get here and putting it all out there. You are, simply put, incredible. You push us and inspire us and demand the best of us. We are honored to call you our friend. Be safe going home!!

  1. Cathy Crawley

    Wow, those details are stunning! I am in love with that wedding dress, I would love one for myself :) You guys did such an amazing job! Congratulations.

  2. Michelle Sidles

    I want that white dress!! Ugh. SOOO beautiful!! Love the theme. :)

  3. Katie Slater

    WOWEE ZOWEEEEEE! Beautiful! Everything – just beautiful!!! Wish I could’ve been there! I’m so glad you guys had a great time! :)

  4. Tara

    Wow, stunning photos and looks like the workshop was a success! Awesome…

  5. Feuza

    I am like kicking myself that I was not able to attend this. I LOVE THE THEME AND DETAILS and that dress!!! I want one! you guys rock! beautiful place and shots!

  6. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Gorgeous details! Wish I could go back and do my wedding over. I’d have yellow and white flowers for sure! And her dress is too flippin’ cute!!!! I’m sure the workshop was amazing!

  7. beth

    **heavenly** :)

  8. Linden

    You guys are amazing! I love every picture :)

  9. Jacob Bergmeier

    Another example of how amazing you both are! Thank you again.

  10. ashley bugg

    these are AMAZING! I’m so crazy inspired by all this yummy imagery! If only I had a nice open field like this to work in and set this up — can we get a desert vibe with a picnic and laundry here in az?!? ha!
    seriously though. LOVELY images.

  11. Val McCormick

    Wish I could of been there. Looks like everyone did an amazing job!

  12. Nancy

    Although the entire photo shoot was beautifully done the models made the day!!

  13. Kellan

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT….did I mention I LOVE IT? Summery, golden perfection. So wish we could have made it up, sounds like a brilliant workshop.

  14. Anna Sawin

    Amazing–hope that isn’t the ONLY one you’ll be doing this year–love that it was business AND shooting, more please! Think you could entice more west coast rock stars here to join you for the next one? LOVE IT

  15. Cheryl Cronin

    Oh man I’m sorry I missed this :(
    It looked like such a blast. I’m going to have to pay better attention to details next time!

  16. Lydia

    LOVE it! So creative and fun!! I want a wedding just like this!

  17. Irena

    And what an awesome day it was!! All I can think about is getting home and processing the photos… :):)

  18. Kathryn

    Stunning shoot – I love it!

  19. Katherine Bowman

    WOW! Stunning! Beautiful! Every bit of it!

  20. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    that bridal dress is super cute!!!!

  21. katelyn james

    this is one of those posts you bookmark and look at at least once every month!! SO FUN!! beautiful!

  22. Paige Green

    looks fantastic!

  23. Amy Clifton

    Shut the eff up!! (Can I say that here?) I am BLOWN AWAY!!! Your creativity amazes and inspires me.

    Puh-lease bring a workshop to the southeast. :-) Or at least have another one up there….

  24. Bet

    I’m just going to wrap this post up in a bow and tuck it away so that I can come back to it over and over and over again! Wow.. .just WOW

  25. terra Dawn

    Wow, guys. It was SUCH an honor to be there and have the opportunity to work with both you guys and Gene Higa. A-MAY-ZING!!!! Those details were rockin’!!!!!

  26. Jennifer Burns

    This is so great….forget styling workshops, if i were getting married I would have you plan my wedding! So cute!

  27. Marissa Rodriguez

    The details are UNREAL! SO GORGEOUS! Beautiful shots, beautiful details, models, dresses, ugh just everything!!!! Perfect!

  28. Jen@GreenWeddingShoes

    wow. the details for this session are unbelievable! I love everything about it. What a fun idea.

  29. Ray

    You guys did such a great job for this, "Laundry Shoot." Great photos. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE attention to detail. I probably should go into photography after all. We’ll see.

  30. daria bishop

    All I can say is…WOW!! These are all so gorgeous! We definitely missed a great workshop!

  31. maggie

    oooooooo…ahhhhhhh….eeeeeeffabulously fun.yummy yellow. luscious light. I can’t stop looking and lingering here.

  32. adam@shutterspeedster.com

    Unreal light! And awesome photos, I can’t stop looking at. There are like yogurt raisins….I can’t get enough!!

  33. robert Norman

    my south carolina bride last Fall had that dress – so cool seeing a shirt one for a change!!

  34. Averell Searle

    Absolutely love this idea, so refreshing!

  35. Emma sharkey

    Oh MY Delicious details I love you! Sigh, beautiful Sigh, the end :)

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