July 6, 2010

The Get it Together Giveaway!!

The first time I met her, I knew I loved her. With her curly hair and a laugh that comes directly from her soul, I just knew I had to be friends with Millie Holloman. Like best friends. Forever. We sat together among a table full of photographers, but somehow Millie had the ability to make each person she talked to feel like the only person in the room. She is warm and genuine and she tells it like it is. She’ll push you, ask more of you, challenge you to go higher, all the while making sure you stay grounded.

In short, she’s the kind of friend that everyone should have.

So when my friend launched her brand new “Get it Together Kit” for photographers, I nearly popped with pride. Because I knew that anything that came from Millie would come directly from her heart….and from her soul. Just like that laugh I love so much. I also knew that I had to do an interview with Millie here on this blog….so that all of you could see how amazing she is too.

So without further ado….Meet: Millie

1) Millie, thank you SO much for doing this interview with us! You are a person I have looked up to as a role model for how to run a business since we first met over Chicago style pizza in…well…Chicago! Whenever I have to make a decision about how to grow our business while still keeping my sanity and somehow putting the first things first in our lives, I always ask myself: What Would Millie Do? It has been so amazing to watch your business explode over the past few years, and I could not be more honored to call you my friend. You have no idea how proud Justin & I are of you! Soooo….tell us. What was that make or break point where you knew you had to “Get it Together” or this business was going to take over your life?

Mary, you are far too sweet! I’ve always thought highly of you and Justin too. You know when you meet people and just think… wow! Now they are the real deal! Well that is the two of you! I’m so looking forward to my visit soon. We’ve got lots to catch up on. Now on to your question. Just about 3 years ago I started to realize that I had gotten to a point in my career where my business was running me. I clearly wasn’t running it. I was letting the amount of work I had to do dictate the amount of time I worked and my life became chaotic quickly. I can’t stand the feeling of losing control and decided there was no real “advantage” to running your own business if you could not control it and choose how you wanted to live and work so I set of on a course to reorganize and get it together!

2) The GITKIT is full of systems to streamline your business to take back your life….which one is your favorite and what has it done for your life?

It’s hard to pick just one but I guess I’ll try. I am a big fan of the system we created which I refer to as the “flowstand”. It’s really helped me to always know where all of my client communication and information is and access it very quickly! It helps me feel organized and gives me a physical, tangible way of knowing where we are with each and every wedding.

3) You are so amazing at finding & keep employees who are just as passionate about Millie Holloman Photography as you are. Tell us more about how you set up your studio environment & culture to do that!

It’s taken some time to find the right team of people but when it works, it works! We do work hard to keep open communication in the studio at all times. I believe most relationships fail because of unmet expectations so I’m really clear on what I expect and what my employees can expect from me. As for the open communication part… we’ll cover tough issues or conversation quickly so they don’t spread into bigger issues. I really do have a great team and without them I’m half the woman I appear to be… seriously! As for our studio environment: I wanted to create a place where everyone would be inspired to work and create. We like to mix things that inspire us into the workplace like magnet boards full of inspiring images and object, fresh lavender, and fun personal touches. It just feels like home and who doesn’t love the way home feels?!

4) What would you say your work/life split is now? Is that where you want it to be?

It really depends on the season. During our slow season Mid Nov – March & July – Aug it’s about 50/50 which is where I want it to be all the time. During our busy season there is lots to be done in terms of shooting and much to be managed so it typically ends up being about 65 work / 35 personal. I prefer it to be 50/50 ALL the time and I’m working towards that! We’ve made some new rules this year to implement moving more towards 50/50 in our busy season like our “Fun Fridays” which you can read more about on the Get It Together Blog.

***And now for the super exciting part!! The oh-so-generous Miss Millie has given us our very own GITKIT to give away right here on this blog to one of you. To be entered, all you have to do is finish this sentence in the comments below: “The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….”

We will be taking entries until 5pm EST Tomorrow!! And we will announce the winner on Thursday!! So get to commenting!

  1. Trent

    I purchased the GIT Kit last month and have already read it cover to cover TWICE. I have a plan of action that I am taking to Get It ALL Together. This Kit is the real deal, and Millie is one amazing business woman!

    I don’t personally need the kit, but I would love to gift it to a friend that does. So here it goes… "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is organizing my to do’s for clients so I can ensure a consistent experience with every client"

  2. Lynn

    organization and keeping work during "work hours"! It’s easy when working from home to be constantly working…24/7.

  3. Jess B

    …organizing and preparing for the future. Definitely. (victim of procrastination right here).

  4. Feuza

    is my inner self, I know I am the only one in the way of reaching my dreams, of being a better mom, of having the financial freedom I so desire, I am the one who chooses not to get it together, not to do the wash, not to play with my kids, the one who chooses not to be organized and not to follow through systems, why do I choose that if I want to win so badly? I am not sure, but I do know it starts with me.

  5. Chelsea McGowan

    The area of my business where I most need to Get It Together is drawing boundaries to maintain my work/life split. I sometimes feel like we’ve worked so hard to get here, that it’s spitting in the face of success to turn down a single opportunity that comes our way. Well, from that attitude, I’ve earned no sleep and lots of stress, and that’s not what I want for my family.

    Mary & Millie, I’m so glad to see the two of you are buds! I’ve been a Millie Holloman blog stalker for about 18 months now, and love the work your team puts out. It’s such a blessing to see a real community of creative professionals!

  6. Alicia Candelora

    Soooo…I don’t really enter your contests that much, but this one I will definitely enter because I was eyeing her GITKIT at WPPI.

    The area of my business/life where I most need to get it together is in scheduling. In the last 10 days, I have gone to bed at 4AM 6 times. Usually a 4AM bedtime is accompanied by a 11AM wake-up, at which point I have lost almost half my day. Not to mention that I feel groggy and lethargic when I do so. Therefore, I am really realizing the need to prioritize scheduling.

    There, I said it. I fail at going to bed on time. *sigh* I will join JuliaG at getting a big ‘ole ‘f’ in life today.

  7. Sarajane Case

    The area of my business and my life where I most need to get it together is my time and attention. It seems as though I’m never doing either of them 100%, I’m working during my home time and I’m daydreaming about my husband during my work time. I want/need to have a system that allows me to focus 100% on both of my loves, photography and my husband.

  8. Tony

    …making more time to wrestle around with my almost 8 month year old son!!!
    Love reading your blog every day!!

  9. dawn beirnes

    The area of my business and life where I need I need to get it together is….time! I’m still working on getting my business going, and it’s taking too long. It’s been hard to make time to learn, focus, shoot, etc. I have my grandson 5 days a week, get him up and off to school. My husband (who was laid off last Jan.) is going to school, so I do most of the "house" stuff so he can study. It’s been hard….I feel like I "need" to do everything around the house, but at the same time I want to have "me" time to get my photography on the front burners, not the back ones. Sheesh, I try my best, but any kind os help would be "the bomb"!

  10. Katie Jane Parker

    …organizing my systems. I feel like my files are really scattered right now because I’ve been too busy to get a solid system in place. I’m normally a very organized person, but when it comes to my business, I tend to throw certain things together, and then promise myself I’ll come back and reorganize when I have a second. But it seems like I never have that free second. Which is probably a pretty huge failing, and something I’m definitely not proud of.

  11. dawn beirnes

    almost left this out…..I also work full time at a job that I’ve been at for 30 years. Can you "burned out"? I’m thankful to have a job, but would love to one day get up every morning and do something I love.

  12. Kimberly

    The area of my business (or life) Where I most need to Get it Together is time management. Learning to shut my day off and spend time with my children and my husband.

  13. Stephanie

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… My blog! Which has been sitting inactive for basically forever. My first passion, even before photography, is writing, and I need to get my act together and make time for the things I am the most passionate about-especially if I can combine passion with my career!!

  14. Gina Meola

    … my workflow! I know how important systems are in structuring a business, but I’m still struggling to get it down! Sweet interview, and love Millie :)

  15. Mary Dunlap

    Everywhere!!! I’m just starting out and I’m overloaded with info on all areas of the business and need to just choose one way of doing things. This ranges from picking out what my fav PS/LR actions are, to organization, best online galleries, marketing strategies etc. I’m on my own and need help…and I’m not afraid to ask for it. I will be forever grateful and in debt to you as I start on this new journey in life/business. Thank you a million times over.

  16. Lain

    "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….Maintaining a consistent production timeline (or maybe I just need to hire an assistant)! I run two businesses and I am in the process of starting two more. Yes, I am a little nuts but I love photography and won’t ever quite but I also want to help other small wedding industry businesses and fellow photographers so I am starting businesses to help then in certain areas.

  17. joan solitario

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…. EVERYTHING! Working fulltime, Having a Photography Business, Being a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend AND being an active officer in my church definitely requires a GITKIT!! :D

  18. Lori Calhoun

    …planning and preparing, for the future. I’ve been in business for a little over a year, and I’m starting to get a little anxious as to what the future holds. My business grows everyday, and if my clients are truly as happy as they seem, (gosh I sure hope so) I don’t expect that to change any time soon. Right now I’m trying my best (to plan and prepare for the future) but it’s a bit overwhelming to say the least. Where to begin?

    P.S. I read the e-myth revisted per J&M, and it really opened my eyes. Thanks guys!

  19. Lydia

    The area of my business where I most need to Get It Together is the business side. Marketing, Quickbooks, taxes, papers, files…it’s a mess!

  20. Karen

    The area of my business where I most need to Get It Together is focusing on the big picture. What is important and what is just bogging me down from achieving my goals. BTW, I love your blog. You inspire.

  21. Elyse Fair

    …my editing and delivering workflow! I do great with portraits, but when you throw a wedding in there with all of it’s monster sized wonderfulness, I just get sooooo far behind on everything else. And then I catch up in those areas, but then get behind in editing the weddings.

  22. MM

    @Karen: thank you!!!

  23. Brittney

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… taxes, marketing, keeping the books! I want to gain more consistent bookings as well!

  24. Kelley Fantasma

    …workflow chaos! I’m a Mommy/Photographer trying to keep things straight. I need to keep a daily schedule so I don’t lose out on the preciousness of having the ability to stay at home with my daughter, while keeping my business afloat, and clients happy! Thanks for this great give-away!

  25. Julie

    Organization, for sure! I’ve been working on implementing systems, but there’s so much to do and I have such a little apartment!

  26. Karla

    … Believing!!! Reinforcing myself everyday that my photography dream is becoming a reality. GITKIT would help me to structure my passion, accomplish my goals, and just flourish as a life journalist and a dreamer. The perfect tool for a good start into building a solid business powered by passion of what I enjoy doing the most: documenting lives. Thank you for this generous treasure.

  27. Tina

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is work life balance. I’m taking a MAJOR risk for myself and am quitting my day job soon to have more of a life…so once I do that I’ll need to majorly focus on the business aspect, instead of just catching up on previous shoots. I’d love one of these kits!!

  28. Ellen

    I need to get more clients in the door and in order to that, I could use a few more marketing tips, a GIT Kit (and a good kick in the butt.) Workflow issues cause me to want to scream and when I do that, it scares my new puppy, who I want to spend more time with, if only I didn’t have the workflow issues. You see where this is headed….. ;-) Thanks for the opportunity Millie!

  29. Amanda

    …….. getting started. I have so much to learn and a big ledge to step out on. I’m ready to step out because you can’t head in the right direction if you never step out. Some days I feel overwhelmed because I have so much to learn and because there’s so much out there. But there’s this passion that drives me, spurring me on, to greater things ahead. I believe in Him who created a good work in me and I trust that when He says He will see it through to completion, He is faithful to do so!

  30. Ginger D.


  31. ashley

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… long term business planning! My business is fairly new and I’m still working full time elsewhere, and I’d love to get on a plan that has me eventually quitting my "day job" so I can be a fulltime mom (when we have kids) and photographer.

  32. Leticia

    …my self-confidence. I need to believe in my ideas and trust my instincts, because, after all, that is when my best work is created.

  33. Crystal

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is…. accounting. organization. marketing. follow ups. you know, I’ll just sum it up and say: everything! Love to shoot, but definitely need help on the business side of things.

  34. Kristen McClurken

    My mother always jokes that she can’t figure out how I always manage to get what I want one way or anohter. I don’t mean this in an obnoxious "my way or the highway" kind of existance but I live by one simple truth: What you focus on happens. I took a big risk 2 years ago when I left my job at a Dr.’s office dealing with insurance companies (Ugh!) to follow my heart and get my real estate license. I left one day and never turned back. Everyone thought I was crazy to get into real estate at the absolute worst time but I figured if I could make it in this market then I could make it in any market. So far I’m hanging in there but barely. I am great at focusing on the big picture and seeing my business in the future. The problem is I jump from point A right to point Z. The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is organizing systems to implement my ideas of grandure on a smaller attainable level.

  35. Tiffany Deming

    The timing on this is perfect and this seems like a lifeline that I really need to reach for! =) This summer is the summer to get it all together for me…workflow, business infrastructure, client interactions, marketing, blog…you name it, it’s on the list! The problem is…the list is SO long that I’m suffering from "analysis paralysis"…I don’t know where to start and feel completely overwhelmed! :/ I’m in the process of working with a designer on logo, branding, web site and I’m super excited, but need a plan for everything else. *raising right hand*…I PROMISE to make good on the info in this kit and if you pick me will truly be a success story for you both! oxoxo

  36. Nicole Callaway

    I need to Get It Together. PERIOD!
    Being a photographer in the Destin, FL area I am crazy busy during the summer months, In June I had 11 weddings and 8 Family Photo shoots. Now with the looming oil disaster ruining my personal studio all my future Bridess are stressed. I’m juggling the current work load as well as calming the nerves of Brides. Somewhere in the mix of attempting to get it toghether I must find time to teach my 15 year old son to drive. Once I "Get It Together" I’ll have time for a much needed spa day.

    Thanks J&M and J – Your blogs are a super fun distraction and inspiration!

  37. jan

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…is balancing my business with the rest of my life!

  38. Cathy Mores

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….organization! I *thought* I had it together, with a semi-paperless workflow, but it seems there are little gaps in the system that tend to slow me down more than they should. Being more organized would help me have a smoother workflow, meaning I can stay true to my priorities! :) GREAT giveaway!

  39. Ashley

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…. the business side (booking keeping, taxes, etc)

  40. Tracy Anne

    Consistency! I feel like my workflow is different from session to session. Once I master that I think it will help tame the work/personal life balance issues I’m also fighting. ;-)

  41. Ashley

    Oh. MY. GOSH! Organizational ANYTHING makes my bones tingle! The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is: keeping up with business finances. One receipt here (un-filed) and another receipt there (shoved in a jean pocket)… which turns into a whole bunch of business expenses that DONT get deducted. We wish that part of our job would just go away…

  42. sally clark

    "If I only had a brain …" Yep, I’d get my brain together. I think that’s a tough thing to do, so I think that streamlining my business would help get my brain in order. I feel like I never have enough time .. between three kids, an unemployed hubby and my own biz, prioritizing is tough. And I’m not a systems person, although I dream of becoming one.

    Thanks, Millie for making systems for those of us who struggle with this. Best of luck with, "Get it Together."

    And, "Hi Justin and Mary!" Hope to see you again soon.

  43. Heather

    Aye aye aye . . .everywhere! lol I think just having a set schez-ule would be most helpful! I use to be such an organized person, now I’m all over the place.

  44. Christa

    Wow, thanks Millie :) Checked out your blog, it’s great!!!
    As for where I need to "get it together" the most would be Workflow and consistency with client contact, follow up, etc.

  45. Michelle

    ORGANIZATION!! And I also have a tendency (because I’m a new business) to give people ‘deals’ and I need to STOP. IT. RIGHT. NOW.
    I totally admit that I’m not a business savvy person and the GITKIT sounds like it was made for me! :)

  46. Jenn

    The area of my business that I need the most help in is threading all of the pieces together. I feel like I have side project A going on over here, keeping track of business expenses over there, and 25 workflows midway through over there. Just something to bring it clearly together and organized.

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  47. Kricia Morris

    The area of my business AND my life where I most need to Get it Together is in balance. Juggling a full-time photography business, the life of a US Marine Corps wife, mommy to a little boy who starts kindergarten this year and woman with my own personal desires and dreams is mind-boggling sometimes. I need help discovering a way to wear each hat in a way that will combine balance with productivity and love.

  48. Amanda

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is everything relating to my business: making decisions and sticking to them and I have a problem with discounting for clients.

    This would be a great help, I’m sure!!

  49. Heather Corporan

    Just checked out Millie’s bliggity blog – I can see why you love her! Thanks for giving me another great photographer to blog-stalk ; ) What a great product she has come up with!

  50. Paul Manke

    "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is my workflow and outsourcing."

  51. John Wohlfeil

    Work/Life Split!!!! Now I feel like I’m 98/2 and everything is swirling around work. Mostly because I’m juggling full time work with a full blown photography calendar. Things are way too busy and I simply can’t find enough hours in each day.

  52. Nicolenjoli

    The area of my business where I most need to get it together is….would have to be organization, I have a whole room just for my clothes, crafts, and whatever else… but it never seems like it’s enough space.

  53. Tira J

    The area of my business /life where I most need to Get it Together is…not getting so involved in is caring for my health. My clinets need me to be healthy.

  54. Nancy Tomczak

    ummmm . . . . what do i NOT need to get together? does the kit provide a whip so that i can lay the smack down on myself?????? balancing my career as a nurse, my calling as a mother of 2 AWESOME (that would be worthy of a bomb dot com!) children, and my budding (in desperate need of some fertilizer) photography business. is it possible to have too many passions? :) so please, HELP ME GET IT TOGETHER (with this fabulous (yes, I checked it out) kit)!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Catie Ronquillo

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is workflow! From the initial meeting to booking to creating an amazing experience to final delivery. I need a system that I can follow and keep consistent! (And not just figuring it out on the fly)

  56. Kare

    Ahhhh, I loooooove your contests! And I want, no, I need this one! I have a full-time day job and my photography business consumes my evenings and weekends. Because I do it part-time, it never feels like I’ve gotten past the start-up phase and I need that little push to feel like I’ve legitimately arrived. A little organization would go a long way to getting me there.

  57. sara

    The area of my business where I definitely need to Get It Together is keeping my heart & head running parallel. To try to maintain capturing others "life" through my heart while maintaining a smart business mind is essential…but, oh not easy! I definitely need to Get It Together!

  58. kathleen Porter

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….my desk. I think I might need more than Millie’s fabulous advice for that one!

  59. kim lowery

    The area of my business where I most need to get it together is with social networking….. blech.

  60. Jessica

    I have to pick just one?
    Uhhh… I can’t do that. I’m in need of a lot of "get-it-together-ness" :)

    But, the area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is probably just overall business sense. I love shooting and editing photos, but when it comes to hooking clients keeping things organized on the back end… I am in TROUBLE!

    You guys rock. Seriously. Quickly becoming a fave blog o’ mine!

  61. Janeris

    client consistency and presentation. I want to look fabulous and give my clients amazing stuff. But one day I give them something and the next day I forget.

  62. Guy (creative365)

    Ha! oy… where to start. lol The area of my business(es) AND life where I need most to get it together is … TIME!!! I need more of it or a way to find more through organized thought and preparation. I own a web design company and a photography business, just bought a new house and have 3 boy ages 11 to 19. Can you giveaway some "TIME" please. :) Peace!

  63. Julia Azcona

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… Time! I need time management ASAP! Pronto! Rapido!

  64. Courtney

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is …work flow and organization. I’m a fairly organized person (organized choas that is), but I can’t seem to figure out a system that works for me. Plus, I work a normal M-F 8-5 full time job, so I get home at the end of the day, put my feet up for 5 minutes, then get back to work. I would be nice to implement a system that flows smoothly, easily, without too many hiccups. This way I would end up with more personal time and not all solely focused (or burnt out) on my photography business.

  65. Katie

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…communication – email, phone calls and it’s impact on my work flow. I tend to stop what I’m doing each time I get an email to take care of it rather than having designated times to respond to email…return phone calls etc

  66. Kristen Werden

    the balancing of family and work. I have 2 little kids at home and no sitter or daycare. Finding the time to work on starting a photography business is quite low on my list of priorities right now, even though I dream about it every day.

  67. nancy m.

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….EVERYTHING so that I can have more quality time with my children and husband! I want my DREAM to become a full time photographer to come true! I am a year into the business and would LOVE this opportunity for me to GET IT TOGETHER! This contest is truly a gift sent from above:) “Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice. ” (Proverbs 20:18 NLT)

  68. Tara Parker

    … getting a consistent and logical workflow. I am a hot mess and all over the place!! I need this kit! :)

  69. Misty Colby

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….my time in front of photoshop vs. my time outside losing some weight! I’ve gained 30 pounds in the past 2 years mostly because I sit in front of a computer for 10+ hours a day. It’s killing me!

  70. Erin, The Locket

    The area of my business life where I need to "Get it together is…" finding my mission! My creative brain runs crazy and I have a hard time knowing what parts of my business are most important, which of those things should I focus on first, and how can I stay focused on one thing long enough to finish it! I get so pumped to update my website, but then I change my focus and switch to a sweet new marketing idea I have, and then I get caught up in a stretch of editing… I need some sort of ending goal and then a written out plan to get there! Help!

  71. marta locklear

    is delegating, outsourcing and organizing my business so I can focus on what I do best.

  72. April Nienhuis

    …organization. Everything about my just getting started business is completely unorganized.

  73. Karen L

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….a productive workflow. When I started my business I was single with no kids. Over the years, I met my husband, married and now have a 17 month old at home. I’m having a hard time adjusting to having to juggle too many priorities and desperately need to streamline my business flow: from the moment a client contacts me to the time I deliver their product. I really need this kit!

  74. tracy

    workflow – fo’ sure

  75. Michael

    is a plan that is rock solid to be organized and efficient. Right now it feels like i am responding and reacting which makes me a "puppet on a string". This kit will help me to get my business plan together and focus on truly what is important and stay focused. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  76. Shelya

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is my time management! I just lose track of time whether it be minutes or days.

  77. GayleV

    Time management is the area where I most need to Get it Together. It is hard working at home with a big family. There are SO many distractions and needs to be met. I really need a better plan!

  78. Erica Velasco

    is getting organized! I am so unorganized and all over the place. I don’t have anything all in one place. I don’t have any frame of reference….i just basically need to get my business together! so this would be amazing and lifesaving for me!

  79. Allison Davis

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is my client workflow from booking to mailing the final product. And Millie sure seems to have it down with so many clients and she always seems to keep them happy and keeps more coming in the door. :)

  80. Christina

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…. learning how to be a good businesswoman, mother, and wife. It seems I can’t do more than two of those things at a time!

  81. Susannah

    is workflow organization…that includes follow-up, consistency and timeliness. I want to take better care of my clients but I have to be able to keep up with all their dates, info, contracts, etc. first! If I don’t GETKIT it together asap I’m on a fast track to being just another photographer to my clients, and I just won’t stand for that!

  82. Megan

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is following through with pursuing contacts… being proactive and making things happen rather than just waiting for things to come to me.

  83. Elena Hernandez

    "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….Marketing & good business sense…The economy has changed as has the times…I need to re-invent my business strategy & Marketing plan to be more updated & more efficient. I want to work better not harder.

  84. ally

    "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…." learning how to organize and stay on top of my clients with out being to pushy. I tend to shy back and let them run the sale part of the session. BAD! BAD! BAD!! Not only does this look so unprofessional but holy cow this is MY Business, right??? See I need help!!!

  85. Jessica Fiumara

    I most need to Get It Together in the area of organization and basic business building blocks.

  86. michelle carrillo

    TIME MANAGEMENT!!! Seriously, I NEVER feel like my days are long enough to get it all done.

  87. Katie M

    I need to get it together in the accounting field and continuously entering information into excel.

  88. Anna Bebee

    ….BALANCE! I am very new to all of this and I need to be able to balance photography and family (I have 3 active kids 15, 13, and 6) YIKES! Help!………….

  89. Sara Dawson

    The area of my business (or life) where I need to Get it Together the most is getting up the nerve to run my business full time!

  90. Sara Dawson

    The area of my business (or life) where I need to Get it Together the most is getting up the nerve to run my business full time!

  91. Lesley

    he area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is consistency. One moment I’m on top of the ball making sure the client has a great experience from booking to delivering their product, but then the next client I feel like I’m all over the place, can’t remember what I’ve sent them and what to follow up on.
    This is for my life as well. :)

  92. Marissa Rodriguez

    Ummmm…..EVERYTHING! Is that allowed? :) If not, I would say work flow is the area I most need to get it together is. I take too long to get everything long because I do it a little different each time. Thanks for doing this guys! :)

  93. Holly Truchan

    Oh dear, where to start! I’ve always struggled with keeping organized. I would so love to have a system to help me figure out what needs to be done and what has been done already. I would love to be more efficient in my work life so I can get more personal time in.

  94. Caroline Billman

    The area of my life where I most need to Get it Together is balancing business with my life (a.k.a., two small kids!). I need my business to be more efficient so that I have time to spend with them.

  95. Suki Brown

    my client follow through!!! Being consistent with it. Having a serious plan!

  96. whitney elizabeth

    my accounting and being on top of reconciliating reports into quickbooks!!!

  97. Alyse Woodward

    Organizing client information and workflow. Way to go Millie – you are a business maven! Really enjoyed this interview. :)

  98. Noelle McCoy

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get It Together is, my self-confidence. To stop comparing myself to others and feeling inferior next to their success (even though I’m happy for their successes!!). It effects my sleep, my moods, my attention span and my workflow. I need to get it together and work on who I am, not who everyone else is.

  99. Lisa Matthews

    I just started a small buisness. I would love to get organized. Make personal contacts with my clients and build, as well as keeping up with reciepts, purchases and recriuting.

  100. Anthony Matthews

    Started a new lawn care buisness this year. Invested in a mower and supplies. Now I need to balence time, family, and My full time JOB.
    Need to get organized in a bad way.
    Keeping records of contracts, billing and paper work that comes with owning your own buisness. Any advice you can give is appreciated.

  101. Rachel

    ….making each and every client feel like my only client. I need to Get It Together by organizing myself to the point where from the first contact until the album is delivered they feel completely and totally "taken care of". They may be my 20th wedding of the season – but it’s their one and only big day!!

  102. Susan Peck

    … my client organization system. Right now I have a paper (gasp!) calendar and some haphazard file folders shoved in a box. It’s pretty much a hot mess, and doesn’t even really deserve to be called a system. Sigh. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Ravyn

    "… staying organized. This includes handling meetings, my workflow, my office. I feel like I need to get all of that together to help free up some time for focusing on my home life … and hey, actually enjoying my business!

  104. Ashley

    Balancing work with family time/life!

  105. Jen P

    I am a graphic designer who has been in love with photography since high school. Eager to take my love of photography to the next level, I think that this Get It Together giveway will put me on the right path for success as a photographer. Lord knows, that I am not super organized in my home office now, I cant imagine what it would be like starting out with a new business.

  106. Emily S

    Client communication. Definitely! What a great kit! THanks

  107. Alison

    Oh just one???… sales. I love what I do. I love my clients. My clients love my work (at least that is what they say!) but my sales are not reflecting that and in order to keep growing, I have got to get that in line. Thanks for introducing us to Millie!!

  108. Christi Slider

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is? That’s a tall order, well I would say I is balance, at times I feel like I spread myself super thin, and other times I feel like I’m not being productive enough. I need a aide in finding a healthy balance including balancing clients, marketing, and life. Doesn’t everyone need help in that area? Balance. Thanks for the contest!

  109. Laura Smith

    The area of my business (and life) where I most need to Get it Together with my time management and marketing aspects.

  110. Michelle Dean

    "The area… most need to Get it Together is…" streamlining my business to make it leaner and more profitable whilst keeping a personal life. I am an expat living in Australia and want to make my business so good I can save to move back home with my husband. It needs to run so well that I can get it up and running once back in the US. I’ve been away for over a decade and I soooo want to come home, but I need the business to help me make it happen. Thanks for listening and for a great interview. Michelle.

  111. Sophia Harcourt

    Sad as it is that is where I am. I have my info on a couple online places and on google but that is it and I need help trying to break in to my new area with a really small budget…like non-existent/trying to get it not non existent. Help!!!!!

  112. karen Ard

    The area I most need to get it together is… everything… so I can spend more time with my kids and not my computer, so I can get on top of my one (wo)man operation, get my clients their orders, vendors their disks, advertising…HELP!!!!

  113. Tammie

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is….making it all fit into my life, the way I want to live my life — just like how Millie wants to live, I want to live life 50/50. Instead of ‘Fun Fridays’ i have ‘fun Mondays’ which is a total oxymoron, but after a long, busy weekend shooting I look forward to those ‘fun Mondays’ like no one’s business!!!

  114. Kim Martin

    The are of my business where I most need to Get It Together is….well, I just quit my day job 2 weeks ago to take a leap and expect the net to appear, as you so motivationally said yourself Mary :) And I was just looking at the GITKIT the other day and thought how great it would be to start with a solid, organized foundation from the very beginning! I’m going into this knowing that I’m self employed because I want to be happy, not because I want to work myself to death :) And by the way, your pancake sessions about knowing when you’re ready to do this really helped me move forward!

  115. rachael s

    …honestly, right now it is pretty much everything. I am working on marketing myself to attract clients while trying to finish my website and blog while trying to shoot sessions and edit them while trying to work on my pricing. I am going in too many different directions at once and just need to put everything in order of importance and just do the work to get them completed and then move onto the next item! My sessions and editing are so important, but if I don’t have somewhere people can see my work I will never grow either. And trying to offer my current prices while working on the new ones is so confusing… Can I tell you a secret though? Wouldn’t change a thing, because being this busy means I am working to make my dreams come true!

  116. Catina Marie

    …. workflow management. Making sure that I perform the tasks needed for each and every client and keeping track of them has been alluding me:) Thanks for the contest.

  117. corey

    Organization, and a workflow that i can stick to I purchased quickbooks loaded it and still don’t know how to use it properly It is pretty tough to balance working full time as a photo journalist and coming home to a photography business also in which i am the only person that does it all from shooting editing, and selling portraits help me get it together!

  118. Nicole Glenn

    Oh gosh! There are many, many, areas, but probably the biggest right now is planning for the future. Thanks for doing this highlight and I love her branding!!

  119. Karen Sumner Wbite

    TIME MANAGEMENT. It is just me in my business. I have no set schedule because it is just my husband and I – no kids. I use that as an excuse and allow my business to run me and not the other way around. I need time management skills so that I can get back that time with my awesome, understanding hubby!

  120. Karen Sumner White

    See, I’m so messed up I even got my own name wrong!!! YIKES!

  121. Michelle Stone

    The area where I need it most is organization and workflow!

  122. i.am.tamryn

    "The area of my business (or Life) where I most need to Get It Together is….right here, right now. At the start of my business so that when I grow I get it right first time, not flounder and fall at the end of the race when Im too tired to care, Now!! While im fresh and im thinking YES!! thats me!! I am organised…but you are better at it than me :)) So GET IT RIGHT NOW, will fit me like a little vintage ladies glove xxx

  123. Shannon Rosan

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…."
    being able to make all those awesome ideas that float around in my head ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

  124. ajira

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get It Together is workflow. I think it is the key to achieving the life/work balance that I am striving for. I want to deliver to my clients in a timely manner that is responsive to their excitement about our session AND I also want to have a clear head to spend time with my 15 month old son wholeheartedly… without worrying about what I’m not doing in my business.

  125. Mirko

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get It Togehter is STARTING! So far I did only a hand full of weddings for friends and co-workers. Even though I think that I created a great website with good pictures I am not yet getting any jobs from "the outside world". I need to change that or wedding photography will stay a dream of mine forever.

  126. Nicole Haley

    Without a doubt: …creating streamlined systems for communications that ACTUALLY make sense. I have systems now but you would think I was stuck in 1999! This looks like an amazing product; congratulations Millie!

  127. Jeff

    … making business decisions today that reflect what my business will be in 2-3 yrs. I’ve quickly realized that I can’t do it all on my own. Today I am looking at branding strategies, hiring assts, hiring designs, hiring editors, designing my in-home client office (well, in my head anyway!) and purchasing computer hardware with the future in mind. I think that’s key to GITin it ! :)

  128. Emily

    I seriously hate to admit this but, …my calendar. I tend to go with the flow and fly by the seat of my pants. I may or may not have been known to be unaware of what day it is until well past lunch and that can be a bit of a problem. I haven’t missed a shoot yet, but I know I need to administer my time better out of respect for my clients, friends and family.

  129. Ryan

    The area of my business where I most need to get it together is creating great simple systems that work and can help me be more creative and efficient and allow me to spend time with my friends and family.

  130. Whitney Gray

    Oh this is easy for me to answer: organizing paperwork!! I HATE it!!! I just want to take pretty pictures and for people to just hand me money… :)))

  131. Cindy

    I most need to make time for my LIFE! I was recently diagnosed with an ACTUAL stress related syndrome because I have let work take over and I don’t make time to enjoy life. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I need some SERIOUS help. :)

  132. tomi

    the area of my business where i MOST need to get it together is…..client organization and maintaining relationships once i have worked with them. i am OVERWHELMED most of the time and the relationships with my sweet clients suffer (and when this mommy is stressed about it, my 3 little ones suffer too,…not to mention the hubs). PLEASE OH PLEASE for the sake of us ALL, help me GET IT TOGETHER!!!!! :)

  133. Tina R

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is time management.

  134. robin underdown

    The area of my business that I most need to Get It Together is Marketing. And in my life is Finances. I think they kind of go hand and hand.

  135. Katie J

    I most need to Get it Together… on the business end. I love to shoot, but I can’t seem to figure out how to run my business properly from a financial standpoint. I just don’t have the attention span to figure it out for myself. I need help!

  136. Spring

    Allowing myself to trust myself- my instincts and my ability to do this. I am not typically a self doubter but I find myself all to often asking "can I really do this, can I make this work or am I going to fall flat on my face". If I felt like I had a better system for the organization and workflow business side of things I’d stop stressing and feel confident in myself AND in my business. I just want to be able to start enjoying this process, get excited about it again and fall in love with my photography business.

  137. Erin

    I need to get my client communications and email in order. Need to stay more organized.

  138. Meghan Stewart

    The area of my business/life where i need to most Get it Together is in many places…office organization, workflow of all aspects of business and editing, time management, how to get and keep clients, etc… Basically I need a good laid out plan of how to do this thing. I’m so busy working a pretty full time job and then doing the photo work in my "spare time" so I can finally go full time with this passion of mine that I haven’t had time to figure this whole thing out on my own. I need the wise counsel of one who has gone before me and I’m such a visual, kinesthetic learning that this kit sounds like a perfect fit for me. And yes, I’m going to stoop so low as to beg. Please, please, please help me Get it Together!!!!!!

  139. cassandra-m

    The area of my business where I most need to GIT is….learning how to set my prices using my head & not my heart. I feel so obligated to give deals, give extra, go over & beyond and then give some more. Although I strongly feel giving 110+% is most important…I need the compensation to survive in doing this. LOL.

  140. Anna Kim Photography

    …workflow. I’m finding it more & more difficult to stay organized and get a consistent rhythm down the busier that I get.

  141. Peggy

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is … turning ideas into reality. I have a huge list of things I want to do for our business…finish the rebranding/repackaging, update the pricing packet, build a portfolio of our shots for repeat vendors we work with, work on client gifts, network more, etc. The list goes on and on and on. Some are standard things, but I’ve got some ideas we’re toying with that would really push the envelope. BUT…my problem is day after day, I catch myself just doing what must be done – responding to and taking care of clients, post processing and album design, etc. Too many ideas…need to prioritize it all some how….

  142. heather

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is my marketing. Once I get the client I do great but getting them is a struggle. I don’t promote myself enough. Need to change that:)

  143. Meredith

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is balancing everything. I started my photography biz a couple of months ago, plus I’m in school full-time, plus I have a full-time 8-5 job. Every area of my life has suffered (including my home life, my poor husband) because I lack balance. Help me G.I.T!!!!

  144. Lauryn Galloway

    I need to get it together….with keeping up a good system for tracking clients. I would so love to have this kit! I try really hard to not let ppl slip through the cracks, but its difficult. Thanks for the opportunity Millie!

  145. Tabitha

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is time management. I just lose track of time so quickly when I’m self-employed that I’m not ever able to accomplish everything I want (need) to in a day!

  146. Michele

    Accounting! I’ve got receipts everywhere except in a file where they should be.

  147. Allison Davis

    I need to get it together – my accounting and client workflow. :) Thanks in advance!

  148. stacy able

    — my time accounting and time management– too much time spent on facebook on twitter trying to keep up wastes the time I should be shooting, editing, and loving my family

  149. Lauren Wakefield

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to get it together is my time management and work-flow. I need to manage my time better so I can spend more time with the man I love and who loves and supports me unconditionally even though I am constantly on my laptop working on something business related. I need to "get it together" so I can give him the time he deserves…

  150. Rachel Gray

    I just started my business 5 months ago – so I need to get it ALL together now that things are starting to pick up!

  151. Amy Clifton

    …..balance, in general. I work a full-time job, I am building my photography business, I recently fell in love again for the first time in ages, I am close to my parents and have wonderful friends, I want my relationship with God to grow, I enjoy eating and sleeping (ha!), and my house looks like a laundry bomb went off. The older I get (30-something…) the more I realize how important those real relationships are, and therefore how important it is for me to Get It Together in my business life so I can ENJOY my personal life. I don’t want to look around one day and find that I’m the Crazy Cat-Lady…

  152. jules wiegand

    omy goodness. i love mh.. i stalk them frequently. i am just 2 years old in photography.. so much to get together!! i sooo wanna win!! i am also attending their Love Affair Workshop… can’t WAIT!!!! so here it is.. "the area of my business where i most need to get it together is keeping the books / financial records in order… i am such a people person .. the business aspect is challenging.

  153. Becca Ellison

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is…. time management between business and life. Currently there is too much biz, not enough life :)

  154. Melisa

    …… get more organized with my business.

  155. maura kate

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… digging out from under these piles of paperwork, packaging, dvds, note pads, prints, magazines, etc etc – and giving them a home – FOR GOOD.

    i feel like a desktop hoarder.

    i’d type more, but i literally have a stack encroaching on my laptop and if i don’t at least straighten it up, you’ll see me on one of those reality shows where the fire dept has to pull me out from under a mountain of clutter. HELP ME MARY + MILLIE!

  156. Meg Sexton

    Time management. I need to remember my limits!

  157. jen mcken

    …..balancing photography with family. I’m a working mom and I obviously love photography but I need to set up boundaries so that it’s not interferring with Mommy & Me time :-)

  158. Luc

    The area of my business where I most need to marketing, workflow and organization.

  159. Ginny Daniels

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….organizing my daily workflow to free-up time for me to be creative. I’m drowning. Help :(

  160. maura kate

    ps. did i mention there’s a box of clementines (oranges), a pot holder, and an ice scraper on my desk too? seriously. help!

  161. Heather Hagler

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is time management. I am fresh out of the gate in this industry, combining my graphic design background with my photography hobby and I am lost already. I have a family to care for and a new business venture and I just can’t seem to find enough time in my day. Balancing shoots, with post-processing, designing, creating, book-keeping, mealtimes, bath times, dinner times and the ever elusive free time? Where is the Wonder Woman that can show me the light?

  162. Allison Walton

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is time with my husband. I’ve been taking so much time fostering my business, and my relationships with my clients, that I feel like I’ve neglected him a bit. Maybe the GITKIT will help me take a little more focus away from me and my stuff and put more time with him!

  163. brittani renee

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is balance of work/life. I tend to say "yes" a LOT to clients which cycles into overwhelmed with so much to do

  164. Deborah Zoe

    There are a lot of things that I feel like I could do better. And often times it feels VERY overwhelming. I am reading the E-Myth right now and it has been talking a lot about thinking about the life you want and having a business that works around that; a business that allows you to live the life that you desire. Right now, I could use help on finding ways to to build a business that has boundaries and can support the life I want to live, not be the entirety of the life I have.
    Thanks for the contest!

  165. Angie Gallagher

    time management, time management, and more time management….

    out of time already! ;^)

  166. Kristy Carlile

    The area of my business/life where I most need to get it together is…faith. In my life and my business right now I am sort of in a season of waiting. God is teaching me so much, but the process is hard. I need to get it together and just believe. To downright have faith that God will pull through for me. Having faith is easier when you at least know you are doing everything you can, in the best way you can, to make it happen. So if I give what I have, it helps me to know God will take what I have and do miracles with it! :-)

  167. Guy (creative365)

    ok.. On a serious note (rather than my jovial post earlier) I really had to think about this over night, so I could answer from the heart and not the head. I have had a camera in my hand since high school, I’ve been photographing clients for years and I’ve mentored many photographers, some of them now in their own businesses. I love to give back, I love to work with others and share ideas regardless of their skill level and I ALWAYS feel like I learn something in process. So with those thoughts in mind, The area of my business where I most need to GET IT TOGETHER is my work flow, organization and marketing. I want to do more, faster, better and stronger so I can continue to give back to other photogs and build relationships with my clients. The ability and thrill of being able to boost a persons skill level, confidence and be an inspiration to others really comes down to being BETTER at what I do. Its time to get it together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  168. kymberli q.

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….pretty much everything since I’m going out on my own!

  169. Catherine Warren

    the area I need to get it together is workflow and marketing I always feel like I am behind

  170. Heidi Leigh

    I love Millie and her team too! They are awesome and between your blog and theirs I could live in photographer heaven. :) haha At any rate the area where I need to get it together most….is in the day to day running of my business. It is just "me" and I have had my biz for a few years and been full time only a couple of months. I thought things would get easier when I had more time to just work on my business. But I am finding that there is still sooo much to do and only so many hours to do it in. I want to get it together so I have more time to enjoy life, see my family, travel and give back to an african charity that I support.

  171. Heidi Leigh

    PS I forgot the most important reason I want to get it together in my business so I can find true love….like you guys have and my clients have. I envy it and I am ready. ;)

  172. Dinea

    Organization and ways to build and work with a team!!!

  173. Jacki Schmid Geslicki

    I love looking at your pictures thay are all fantastic. My friend had a pic taken at Sarah and Nates wedding that’s how I saw your work. I used to work at a floral shop and now I do flowers at home-so I really appreciate your creativity.

  174. Brandon

    The area of my business where I most need to get it together is daring to move on the new ideas I have. I think part of my hesitation comes with not knowing how much more time these new ventures will take me. I feel like there are things I could and should be doing to better streamline my business — I’m a freelance writer, so things are always chaotic — but I either don’t know how to fully implement those things, or simply don’t know what those things are.

    In improving my efficiency I’ll better connect with my clients and more productively and consistently put forth higher quality work. Everyone wins.

  175. Heather Mencer

    …because I invited a single mom with four children to live with me. (All that I own is not mine, but GODS!) I gave up my office space to make room for them so that they can feel like they have a place in this world! I now work out of my bedroom and a small closet. I know I can do this!!! I believe in my skills and willingness to work hard! But man alive do I need to get it together. Now where did I put my envelopes? ;)

  176. Sarah

    … is organization! I have no system for following up, keeping in touch with, and thanking my clients. So bad, I know! I’m really just bs’ing my way through this whole "business" side of photography. It definitely consumes my life. Help a girl out!


  177. Mary Anne Morgan

    Love love love Millie! I was at Love Affair last year and she rocks! Good grief, I need help organizing my clients, products, and finances! Plus, I need to make some money for a change! I give way too much away! Help!!!

  178. Erin

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… definitely balancing time between work and home. I have the three most amazing little boys; ages 10 years, 2 years and 14 months… Not to mention my wonderful husband who works all week long and then shoots with me every weekend. With my office being in the back of our house, I find it really hard to not come back here to work at night after dinner, after the kids have gone to bed, etc. I need to balance and prioritize the things that I do through my days and so that I can close the office door and enjoy life with my babies at night.

  179. Jason

    "The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is….fullfilling my passion to start my own business while balancing time with family and friends. I believe good things happen to good people – so I’ll hope that this time — is my time to win something that will def. help me achieve a dream.

  180. Karen Savinon

    I struggle in organization al all, but where I need more help is after I do the session, keeping track of what I need to do next, how to manage the business. this give away is great!!!!! thanks!!

  181. Alexa

    the area of my business where I most need to get it together is… Keeping track of everything! I have about seven lists on my desk of things to do and have no idea where to put my priorities! I’m keeping up now but afraid I won’t be able to for long.

  182. DeLayna

    I don’t remember how I found Millie but I have admired her work and business model ever since. When I heard about GIT, I was giddy. "This I must have!" As a single mom, I really need all the help I can get getting my business forward and my life back. Thanks for everything you do!

  183. Tabitha Davidson

    every aspect of my business!

  184. Beth Morgan

    Organization….organization…organization! I’m a creative 100% and I get lost in the logistical nightmare of owning/running a successful photog biz. I mean sometimes I get so bogged down I forget to pee or go outside. HELP!

  185. Kristen

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to "Get it Together" is um…EVERYTHING! I am a SAHM to 3 kids (my son is 7 and I have twins girls who are 5) and I have a tendency to say "yes" way too often. Whether it be for a local moms group, the kids’ school, friends, family, anyone in need, I almost always will jump in. Sometimes to my own detriment. On top of that, I have the beginnings of a photog biz going and there are never enough hours in my day. I desperately need to "GET IT TOGETHER" so pick me! ;-)
    P.S. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  186. Ashley Smith

    …getting organized. I want to be able to know exactly where something is instantly. I have folders here, maybe on this drive maybe on that. Backing up is Ka-razy! Show me the light and I will be your faithful student:-)

  187. Leanne

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is… all in the flow. Like Millie, I feel like my business is running me most of the time. Whenever I feel like I’m running my business, I also feel like I am not giving my clients 110%. I desperately need to find and fine tune that balance of having a life, having a business, and being guilt-free! I’m looking at my to-do list right now thinking boy, I need me some GITKIT. ASAP.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  188. Brooke

    I would have to say my presentation of services needs a huge help!! I think this would be a huge key to success..

  189. Jackie P

    I would love to learn from Millie, I’m sure it has ideas that could be used in other areas of my life also.

  190. Kathleen

    The area of my business where I most need to Get it Together is…transitioning from the friend/family member who always takes pictures at get-togethers to a respected business owner. I love taking pictures and sharing with others, but I have been struggling with balancing when I am a photographer and when I am a friend/sister/etc. With all the developments in digital photography, the skill and time taken by professionals is greatly taken for granted, and I need help in creating a business model that helps establish clear definitions and expectations of me and my prospective clients.

  191. ami

    The are of my business and life wher I most need the GITK is EVERYWHERE!!!! As a new photog trying to break into the business I need all the help and skills I can get! Ive been looking at this kit for awhile now. I know it will greatly help me.

  192. Abra Michelle

    I need the get it together kit just to be able to get things organized so that I can take care of my clients in the best and most professional way and CONSISTENTLY! I would love to have away to get this brain of mine cleared up. :D

  193. Laura

    I’m just forging into the world of weddings, and I’m finding I need systems like Millie describes in place to make myself more efficient. The area of my business where I most need to get it together is organizing client contracts, information and leads!

  194. Noelle Bell

    I really need to get my workflow and my marketing together!! I would love to win some organizing help!!! :) Thanks for this promo and for the fun details on the interview!

  195. Gemma Carr

    I need to get it together and set up a better sales system :)

  196. Benita

    is…. organizing and keeping a steady flow of things instead of them piling up and covering me up to my eyebrows in it. I’m having a really hard time juggling work hours at home without neglecting the family hours and i need to Get it Together to stay not only a happy business owner but also a happy Mama! :)

  197. Kimberly Wilson

    The area of my business (or life) where I most need to Get it Together is learning how to stay organized and how to keep my clients interested in the process and follow through with their orders! I’ve found that many of my clients LOVE their images, but then after they’ve copied and pasted my watermarked images on FB, they aren’t interested in actually ordering prints anymore! Sometimes months go by without clients placing their order and I’m totally out of any sort of potential profit!! HELP me Get It Together, guys!!! :)

  198. Dani

    … time management and general booking keeping. Eeeek, somedays I get lost for hours in paper.

  199. Angela Spieker

    The area of my business & life where I most need to Get it Together is…. TIME MANAGEMENT!

  200. Selena

    Oh Man, good question. Good question because I struggle in a few areas. But, my organizational skills are seriously lacking.

  201. natalie

    The area of my business and life where I most need to Get it Together is…. are the areas that are unbalanced not allowing for them to be one in the same.

  202. raquita

    I’m dying to get this thing!

  203. Naomi Elle

    the area where I need to most Get It Together… would be time management!! It seems like all I do is WORK… and while I love, love, love shooting… editing and blogging until the wee hours of the morning is not really ma thang!

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