March 30, 2016

The Giving: Win a Seat to the Pursuit Conference!!

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On Monday we talked all about what your accountant should be doing all year to help you with your money & taxes, yesterday we talked about what YOU should be doing, and today we wanted to talk a little bit more about the point of all this…the GIVING!

Justin & I have always wanted to build a business (and a life) that was created to allow us to able to give. And recently that desire & call to give has been growing more & more! A couple days ago, I woke up with the STRONGEST feeling that there is someone out there right now reading this who NEEDS to be at the Pursuit Conference in Georgia next week (yes next week!) So we wrote to Karen & they opened up one more spot, and we are now going to be giving away a ticket & sponsoring one person for an all-inclusive spot (ticket, room, food…you just have to cover travel) to the conference in Rome, GA starting on Monday!! Yes it’s going to take some boldness & faith to go on such short notice…but that is what this conference is all about, boldness and FAITH!!

So if you’ve been feeling like you were supposed to be there, THIS is your chance! To enter, just leave a comment for us over on Instagram telling us why you want to go…or you can nominate someone else who just really needs to be there! We’re going to pick the winner TOMORROW morning so they have time to plan, so be sure to enter today!! YAY! (Lettering Image by the wildly talented Jordanne Marie who you should DEFINITELY follow!)

Happy Wednesday!

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