September 27, 2011

The Guys Guide to Pumpkin Carving

Last night, my best friend Joey was coming over to carve pumpkins with us and have a Final Destination marathon. Y’know, as you do. So while Justin was out running errands, I asked him to pick up a pumpkin carving kit because ours is still lost in the ever expanding abyss that is our basement. Seriously, I’m pretty sure Narnia itself is down there somewhere.

He said, Sure, I’ll make a stop at Target and if they don’t have anything then I’ll run over to Home Depot. And just like that, I knew I was in trouble.

Because one hour later he came back wielding every implement of destruction you can imagine, short of showing up with a chain saw. He had paint can openers, blades, wood scrapes and, yes, even…a hacksaw. Which ended up working out pretty well by the way, y’know in case you ever find yourself in a pinch without your Martha Stewart kit.

Before he left, Joey said for our next gathering we should make pumpkin pies. But I just pushed him out the door before Justin got any ideas.

Because for some strange reason I can just imagine him fashioning a stove out of some aluminum siding… and a blow torch.


  1. Ashley Burr

    Very cute! I can’t wait to carve some pumpkins!

  2. Christa Hann

    Lol….home depot is from the devil!!! :) I love pumpkin carving! Yours look great.

  3. Brendon

    Well played, Justin. When it comes time for snowmen, you have the green-light for a chainsaw.

  4. Susan Evans

    LOVE your pumpkins!

  5. Jennifer DeLaurentis

    Awesome work! You guys are creative in all you do :) This just put me in the mood to carve some pumpkins. Heading out to Silverman Farms in Easton CT this weekend with family & friends for some pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, and freshly made cinnamon doughnuts YUM!

  6. Julia

    Love this! :)

  7. Marcie Revens

    These are awesome!!! My pumpkin carving tradition consists of a little competition (where in I often "cheat" by tracing a design first since my friends can actually draw and I’ve just never had those skills). The best part is when we’re done a winner is chosen by placing all the pumpkins on the floor & my dog (a big ol’ Newfy) steps up ~ which ever one she sniffs first is master carver of the year!

  8. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Martha would be proud! Very chic.

  9. Jil


  10. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    TOTALLY sounds like my dad. He’s a crazy engineer, who lives by the "go big or go home" Mantra. :)

  11. Joe Don Richardson

    Justin! You are the MAN!!!!!!!

  12. Gabby / En Route Photography

    I loooove how you carved your initials in there! Great idea!

  13. rich

    those are some beautiful pumpkins!

  14. Lydia

    Love your letter pumpkins!

  15. Ray

    Guys, indeed! LOL! Love the pumpkins. =D

  16. Brooke Summer Photography

    This is soooo funny to me… but I’m the one wielding the power tools for pumpkin carving!

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