March 30, 2010

The Hole Truth

We stood in the store together and I went in to full lawyer mode.

Four years of collegiate debate not for naught, I stared at him over the lid of my latte and assessed the situation. I weighed the alternatives, carefully considered his counterproposals and well thought-out addendums….but in the end, I stood firm on my position. And I wasn’t going to budge.

But Mary. Be reasonable. We would have to cut a hole….in our WALLLLLLLLL.

And he dragged out the last word like it WAS the last word on the issue. And I can understand why. For two people who only recently got walls, you would think I would be a little more hesitant about punching holes in them.

But like my husband….if you thought that, you would be wrong.

See, I had seen the promised land of digital thermostats and there was no convincing me otherwise. Because let’s face it…when it comes to the cool factor, a thermostat that sits sleek & flush against your wall is to a box that just hangs there what The Office is to Parks & Recreation. The real deal v. a boxy, awkward knock off. Ooooh…I just said it! And boy does that feel good! :)

So there you have it. The real story behind the very first hole in our new walls.

The hole truth. And nothing but the truth. Amen.

Before you go getting all jealous of our new, shiny digital thermostat (which will be fully installed once the painting is done)….don’t be. We are, after all, still living with exposed wires hanging down from the ceiling. Yep, we are as far from Fergie and the Glamorous as you can possibly get. :)

And speaking of paint….it’s going ON as we speak!! Stay tuned for the first in our very exciting Before & After series in the next day or two!

So I ask you, what is your favorite DIY story??

  1. Ravyn Stadick

    My heart just broke … You don’t like Parks & Rec?? Haha … Looks like your house is coming together! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. MM

    @Ravyn: I don’t. :( Believe me, I’ve tried. I…..just…..can’t. :P

  3. Nicole Haley

    Laughing. Right out loud. The first photo of Justin is priceless. :D

  4. Marissa Rodriguez

    So excited to see your before and afters! And I was cracking up with your comment about The Office! HAHA! We are so on the same team! lol!

  5. Alison

    Ha! He didn’t have a prayer, sorry Justin. I am with you, digital thermostat is the ONLY way to go. I am really liking that flush mount one, ours is boxy and, well, ugly. I am seeing a hole in the wall in my near future… just as soon as I get back from vacation:)

  6. Christa

    At least Justin is handy enough to put a whole in your wall, on purpose.
    Can’t WAIT to see the before and after pics :)
    This is so exciting to me….I know I’m from nerdville :)

  7. MM

    @Christa: Oooh girl, if you are from Nerdville then I am the Mayor! I love this stuff too! :)

  8. Jennelle

    Poor Justin. He didn’t stand a chance.

  9. Jennifer | Zinchuk Studios

    OMG–you were college debaters! Yay for being so cool–I did the debate thing too :) AND your thermostat looks rad, so it was worth it ;)

  10. Janice Day

    Mary, Mary, Mary… you can literally blog about a hole in the wall and make it interesting.

  11. Michael Kanzler

    Ha! Glad you went with the Restoration Hardware paint! You won’t regret it… or perhaps I should say… I told you so…

  12. Nancy

    Reminds me of when my fiance and I remodeled a few years back, oh the adventures and pain you might feel. So worth it in the end, hang in there. ;)

  13. Bruce Plotkin

    omg, you’re doing electric, JM?

  14. pinky

    i love your writing, you make blogging about a hole in a wall so interesting, i wanna read your whole book! you rock!

  15. MM

    @Pinky & Janice: You guys ROCK!! :) :) Thanks for making me smile today!

  16. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    The day I tore the kitchen wall down. It looked at me one too many times, and it had to come down NOW. My husband begged. He pleaded. "Not today …. tomorrow when I’m not here to see it." But the wall had to be demolished. Pronto. So I borrowed my friend’s Sawsall and boy did I feel like a real badass sawing through our wall. :) There’s something totally empowering about it … I suggest all women do it at least once in their life! :)

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