March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games AND a Contest!

There are very few things I love more in this world than going to see a movie in the theater.

From the moment you walk in the door and get blasted with that vent of buttery popcorn air, to the sugar high on Junior Mints you get while watching the previews unfold….it is my bliss. When I lived in England for a year, there was a group of about six of us besties (aka The Binghams Crew) who hung out pretty much 24/7. And one of our absolute favorite things to do was to go to the movies and just stay there all day watching two or three films (don’t worry! before all the haters come out of the woodwork, we paid for them all!) Of course over there it was theatre not theater, and Mars bars not Junior Mints. But… I loved every minute of it. And I miss those days often.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a long stretch since there’s been a movie I’ve just been really excited to see. Those were some dark, grim days during the winter months trying to decide between Cowboys & Aliens and Mr. Poppers Penguins. Or y’know just sitting at home watching re-runs of Frasier on Netflix. I do love me some Frasier.

But now, it seems like Hollywood has finally gotten it together and there is a whole new streak of movies to go see again. First and foremost of course being May the odds be ever in your favor…The Hunger Games!! I have been counting down for this one for months ever since I read the entire book in one sitting. And when we finally got to go see it, as soon as it was over I wanted to go see it again. Because I’m crazy like that. And because it was just that good. I spent the entire movie reminding myself to breathe. And to relax my shoulders before I developed a permanent hump. I was completely blown away by Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, to the point that I felt like I was going up in that tube to fight to the death with her. And I’m a lover, not a fighter. So that’s saying something.

So yea, I think I will go see it again. Y’know, to bide some time until Mirror Mirror & American Reunion come out. :)

So since there are all these great movies coming out, we thought we’d send a few of you to go see them! I also know we have a lot of new readers who came over from the posts on The Rock & Roll Bride blog, so we want to meet you! :)

The contest is really simple, anyone can just leave us a comment in the box below saying hi and that will get you entered! And then we are going to pick 3 winners to each receive a $25 gift card from Fandango to go get your movie on! And if you’re local maybe you’ll use it to go see Hunger Games with me a second time!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

  1. amber

    yay! i read the books a little over six months ago and i have been dying to see the movie!!! winning this would be SWEET! thanks guys :)


    Awesome!!! Got my fingers crossed! I’m reading the book now so I can then see the movie…so winning would be double awesome!! =) Thanks M&J!!

  3. Dani Leigh

    Hi!!!! I want to go see Hunger Games again so badly! It has consumed my thoughts since last Friday! :-)

  4. Alison

    I used to spend hot summer days in Boston in Copley Place watching 2 or three movies back to back with window shopping in between since I didn’t have air conditioning. There are times I would still love to do that! I am so excited for mirror mirror too!

  5. Abby Grace

    I saw Hunger Games twice in two days- once at the midnight release and then again on Saturday. Aaaand I’m already planning to see it a third time. It was SO GOOD!! Also, I’m painfully excited for the two Snow White movies coming out this year. AH!

  6. Chelsea McGowan

    See all the movies you can NOW! Mack and I are dying to see "The Hunger Games", because we both devoured the entire series in a week… and I keep reading reviews like this about the movie. But we’ve got these two kids… WAH! With "The Avengers" coming out, the TWO Snow White imaginings on the way… oh gosh, I could live at the theater this season.

  7. molly stillman

    GAH! loved the hunger games! i wanna see it again. i saw it at midnight, and needless to say, i think I’m too old to see movies at midnight anymore. wayyyy past my bedtime! haha!

  8. Karen Bonar

    Oh how I LOVED the Hunger Games! We just saw it on Monday … I tried not to squeal like a teen girl. :)

  9. Jason Thon

    Hey Guys, hope you are doing well! Stacey and I went and saw the movie on Sunday! Hope your spring has been good!

  10. Lisa

    How awesome of you to offer such a sweet contest! Movies are expensive these days, and I agree The Hunger Games was great! I’d love to see it again! :)
    So I’m saying Hi! :)
    Happy Wednesday to y’all as well!

  11. Leigh Skaggs

    Hi Justin and Mary,
    I have been waiting for the Hunger games for over a year now, when my daughter turned me on to the trilogy and we locked ourselves up and read all three. We went Sunday and took 13, 13 year olds with us to see it. We insisted that they all read it before they could go too. And we all loved it, too! We definitely could see it again, and now they are all hungerly awaiting Catching Fire to come out! Luckily they are reading that too! :-) Have a great day!

  12. Anna Filly

    Hi hi! I TOTES agree, I LOVE going to the movies. Theres something about it that just excites me. I live in Richmond, VA (near Katelyn James actually!) and frequently "get my movie on" at an old train station that has been turned into a movie theater! The history, and rustic design of the theater mixed with the energy and excitement of seeing a new film are what I love the most! I will DEF being seeing the Hunger Games again as well :D Love you both! You inspire ever so!

  13. René Tate

    Just saw the Hunger Games last night!! What a crazy awesome movie! I will be reading the books now… :)

  14. Chrissy

    Hello there, J&M!! Just found you guys a couple of weeks ago!! :) LOVED The Hunger Games as well!!!

  15. Bethany Ann

    Hi!! :) With all this Hunger Games talk, I really want to read the book and see the movie. :) I’ve heard so many good reviews of both. Have a great Wednesday!

  16. Heather

    We would totally go see Hunger Games with you for a second time if we lived closer!

  17. Alice G Patterson

    Hi! Just finishing The Hunger Games on audiobook… so good! xoxo

  18. Jennifer Medeiros

    As soon as you mentioned The Hunger Games, I HAD to come see your post! Me and my kiddos saw it and we can’t wait to take my husband!! :)

  19. Alicia White

    Umm HI :-) I’ll be seeing u next month lady!! Lets just say…. I’ve already seen the movie twice. So no shame girl – it was better the second time!

  20. Elizabeth

    Hi J&M I am the ONLY person on here that has no desire to see the hunger games nor read the book…but maybe you can change my mind….LOL

  21. lindsay kipp

    hi!! i love you guys!!!! your awesome!!

  22. Sheetal Wadhare

    I so totally want to watch it again too! It was so exciting! I loved every moment of it. Can’t wait to get my hands on the books!

  23. Lena

    Justin & Mary! Love you both, you keep me thoroughly entertained on Facebook and I love looking at your work. The Hunger Games was awesome in theater, as true to the book as you can get in 2 hours..would love a chance to see it again!

  24. Emily Crall

    Ohmigosh, I felt the SAME exact way in the theatre! I thought Jennifer Lawrence was AMAZING and I sobbed like a baby with lots of tears when Rue died…as I knew I would. (I had prepped with tissues.) I am definitely going to see it again…just because I loved it that much. :)

  25. Lexi

    Hi!! :) I cannot WAIT to see the Hunger Games tomorrow night!! So so pumped. I read the entire series in less than 48 hours – it was THAT good! I’ve been following your blog for at least 3 years and you both are always inspiring me to be someone better.


  26. melissa

    hello! saw you at turn the key last summer, and then I second shot with ms. spring over the winter. and i <3 your blog!

  27. Tina Nandi

    I guess being in India kinda disqualifies me from this contest? ;) Oh well, Hi, anyways! Got here from Jasmine Star’s blog and loving this cool space you’ve got over here! :)

  28. Jaimee Rocca

    "Saying hi"

  29. Debbie Smith

    Snow White and the Huntsman looks good.

  30. brett

    i’m going to see the movie this sunday with my book club, who i am so grateful to for getting me to read the book. btw – saw you at turn the key last year, and then again a couple weeks ago at the boston PUG – so inspirational!

  31. Jacob Bergmeier

    You guys are the best! Hope to catch up soon.

  32. Tiffany Farley

    Still reading the book, can’t wait to see the movie! :-)

  33. Sara

    Found you thru J*!! LOVED your post… it was some of the best advice I have ever gotten! :)

  34. Briana

    I read all the books a while back and LOVED them. I think I’ll end up going to see The Hunger Games tonight because I just can’t wait any longer. So excited!

  35. Naomi Elle

    hiiiiiii! :D :D :D

  36. Kellen

    Love your stuff! and J2!

  37. sarah der

    !!! I really need to go see HG again–it was so good! Just saying. BUT SO MANY goot movies are coming out, too!

  38. Catie Ronquillo

    HI! :) We saw The Hunger Games this weekend and LOVED it! I’m reading Catching Fire right now :)

  39. Jessie Emeric

    Howdy! I totally want to see The Hunger Games again too bad I’m on the other side of the country or I’d totally go see it with you :0)

  40. Kristen Thomas

    I went to see the Hunger Games at the midnight premiere and survived the crazed mob of pre-teens…now mom and I are going again to see it today!! Loved it!

  41. Ursula Page

    I saw The Hunger Games and midnight on Thursday and LOVED it. The books are still better though ;) I would love to take my kids to see Mirror Mirror this weekend. Well, I have a wedding Saturday and a shoot Sunday but since spring break is next week, I am sure we can get to the theater eventually :)

  42. Kimberly Murray

    I just discovered the Hunger Games. I know, I know…I must have been living under a rock. LOL. Can’t wait to read the book AND see the movie!

  43. colleen

    I can’t wait to see Hunger Games….and you just inspired me to do so!

  44. Tiffany

    Loved the Hunger Games (books & movie)! I saw it at 12:10am with my brother & we had a blast! This year is going to be a great movie year!

  45. angie

    I’m really excited to see the hunger games but I’m curious to see how closely they follow the final book.

  46. Nina

    Hi! Looooved the Hunger Games and can’t wait to see American Reunion. I loved every single one of those movies and am so excited that everyone is coming back for the new film!

  47. Sarah

    May the odds be ever in my favor!! Loved the books and the movie was terrific. Loved the costumes and casting too. I could live at the movies.

  48. Kelly Dillon

    Hi Justin & Mary! Thanks for having this contest! I would love to win the $25 gift card because I’ve been waiting to see the movie for about 6 months now and wasn’t able to last weekend due to some medical issues my boyfriend was having. We are hoping to get there this weekend, but we’ll see what happens. Either way…thank you for your consideration!!

    Kelly <3

  49. Jami

    I read the book in one sitting too! Was so crazy about it, went out and brought the next two and finished them in 2 days. I would love to go see the movie with you, alas I live in Arizona and it’s a little bit of a commute, ha. Instead I’m waiting til this weekend, which is killing me by the way, until my best friend can go with me. Hope you enjoy it as much the second time around. You guys are very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  50. Stacey

    Hi! I saw The Hunger Games 2x this weekend and enjoyed every second!

  51. Angela Grim

    Hello Hello.. I love all the inspiration you guys spawn! Thanks bunches!!

  52. ellie

    hey!! this is wonderful. love the hunger games a lot a lot :D

  53. Michelle

    Can’t even tell you the last grown up movie I saw at the theater….if it doesn’t have a princess or a talking car in it, I haven’t seen it! I would love to go to the movies with my husband or if I was local I would definately go see hunger games with you! I have been following your blog since I sat on the edge of my seat in Vegas – that was as good as hollywood magic for me – thanks again Mary :)

  54. Chantel

    I would totally see the Hunger Games again with you! I’m the type of person who usually shies away from the big phenomenons (HP, Twilight, etc.) but I gave in to this one and I’m SO GLAD I did!

  55. Lauren Wakefield

    I’m on a mission to read The Hunger Games so I can finally go see it. And seeing as I read The Twilight series in 5 days…the whole thing…I think I’ve got this. And I can’t wait. I also can’t wait for American Reunion. Bring it! :)

  56. Chia

    Hi! Just saw the Hunger Games last night and I LOVED it.

  57. Brenna Lees

    Hello Justin and Mary!!!! Going to the movies has become the one thing that my son and I can do just the two of us. It has become our bonding time. The Hunger Games was our most recent movie and like you we have both read the book.

  58. Natalie

    Hey! A large group of my friends and I had a party before seeing The Hunger Games! We had snacks based on the different districts and all dressed up as characters or people from certain districts!

  59. Jenny

    Sadly, I am not local, but I am soo excited to see the Hunger Games! I’ve been trying to convince my husband that it is NOT like Twilight – maybe a free ticket would twist his arm to see it with me ;) Thank you guys for all you do! BTW, thanks for the War of Art reading recommendation – so motivating!

  60. Jenny (again)

    forgot to leave my email!

  61. Lauren | Lauren Nicole Photography

    Just saw The Hunger Games a few days ago! I loved it too! The previews included some great looking films – not gonna lie, I totally want to see Abrham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

  62. Tim Burkhalter

    Hi, haven’t seen it yet…wish I was in your area!

  63. Jen Jar

    I just saw Hunger Games last night and oh em gee I definitely want to go watch it again!!! I just have one question for you Mary, Team Peeta or Team Gale ;)

  64. Ashley B

    I looooveee me some Hunger games, and would DEFINITELY go see it again!

  65. Shannon Rosan

    The movies is definitely a special place…one where I over indulge on buttery popcorn and soda :) I can’t wait to see American Reunion!

  66. Kate

    The Hunger Games was SO AWESOME! I’m so glad more people are learning about the books now.

  67. laurajane

    hi! this is an awesome contest. i haven’t been to the movies since Toy Story 3 came out. yep it’s really been that long.

  68. Holly

    Hi! I enjoy reading your posts! I am super into the magazine spreads you do! Thanks!

  69. Becca Pettingell

    I love me some Hunger Games! I saw it on opening night with my roommates, and I SERIOUSLY want to go watch it again!

  70. Rachel McCloud

    Hi:) I would definitley love to suprise my husband with this. He is a major cinema dude. :)

  71. Larry Peacock

    The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie has my curiosity. At the top of my list is The Avengers. It’s the geek in me. :)

  72. Megan Mellis

    AHHHH saw Hunger Games last night!! <3 Oh & we had way too much fun in that American Reunion cut out too =)

  73. Holly Rozanski

    I have heard so much about it, I feel like I have to see it!

  74. Sara Adams

    Gaaahhh! I LOVE Frasier! I just recently finished watching it ALL via Netflix. I love movies, but I’m such a TV junkie it’s nice to geek out with someone else :)

  75. Karin

    I have made it to the movies twice in the past three years… so sad for my poor movie-loving husband. I am totally a Parks & Rec on Netflix kind of girl!

  76. Amelia

    I’ve been a huuuge fan of the Hunger Games since I read the books in high school a few years back…so much so that I went to the Midnight Premiere! It was my first ever & DEF worth every penny paid & minute in line. :) Wouldn’t mind seeing it again, either… ;)

  77. Jil

    i read all 3 books in 2 days … and boy did i have some CRAZY dreams after that! i haven’t seen the movie yet, but as soon as I get to indiana in 2 weekends, it’s the first thing my little sis and i will do!! :o)

  78. Rachel

    I didn’t know Hunger Games was so popular. My 13 yr old daughter has been begging me for this book! I’ll have to read it as well and then take her to see the movie :)

  79. ami

    I also counted down to see the Hunger Games! I am so excited for Snow White and the Huntsman, but still on the fence about Mirror, Mirror. I do agree that the movie selections have been getting better though! :)

  80. Gail

    Oh Mary, wish we could don gorgeous Capital-esque costumes and see it again together! I loved it so much too — they got everything perfect!

    PS – It’s a bit raunchy but 21 Jump Street? My other fave movie of March. It’s HILARIOUS and Channing Tatum? EASY ON THE EYS!

  81. Erin Oveis Brant

    I’m stating publicly that if I win I’m going to see the movie of MY choice with no kids in tow! WooHoo!!

  82. Alicia Iezzatti

    I just started reading the first book. Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t until classes were over in May….

  83. Becky

    I’d totally go see it with you a second time – and then we would discuss at length the supporting reasons for being on team Peeta or Gale!

  84. Kristin S.

    Ah! I totally had to remind myself to breathe during Hunger Games too! It’s amazing when you feel like you’re on the edge of your seat when you already know what’s going to happen (from the books).

  85. Heather Holleger

    Hi! :) Its been ages since I’ve been to the movies, but I love going! Reading the hunger games is at the top of my list of things to do. :) You guys are awesome!

  86. Sydni Jackson

    I totally feel you on there not being many good movies out lately – my question is why hasn’t there been a good chick flick in the past like 3 years??

  87. Ali

    Crossing my fingers!

  88. Carissa

    This could not be better timed… I was JUST saying to Jake this morning how we have to go see the Hunger Games soon! I love when I come to your blog and you have a rockin’ contest happening :) Haha. P.S., the lighting in your photos from yesterday’s post? GENIUS. I swear you guys are like the zen masters of lighting, if that even makes sense. But you get what I mean. (Hopefully lol)

  89. Jess

    ooooohhhh, can’t wait to see it!! I heart the movies too, Mary!

  90. Cynthia portillo

    Yay!! I already saw hunger games twice but so many more good movies coming soon. May the odds be ever in your favor

  91. Nicole

    I have plans to see The Hunger Games at least 2 more times in the theater! LOVE!

  92. JennV

    Hiiii!!!! Going to see the Hunger Games next week with my book club and I am SO. EXCITED.! This wait is killing me!

  93. Tracy Ann

    Hi there! Saw Hunger Games this week and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to see it again!

  94. Rebecca

    Good morning :) My mother used to bring Junior Mints home from the hospital where she worked when I was little…they army movie candy of choice and now my kids are addicted! Is it wrong that I’m craving them now at 7 in the morning??

  95. Bethany Cox

    Yay! Movie night! We need one of those.

  96. katie s

    hi justin and mary!!!! :) i have to admit work and life can get in the way at times. I can’t remember the last time i went to a good movie, I plan on popcorn with sour patch kids in my popcorn, and sharing a large drink with my hubbie, thanks for being so giving and inspiring to others. xoxo.

  97. Kimberly Wilson

    Saw the Hunger Games and it was so amazing!! Perfect way for an 8 months pregnant woman to escape the already 85 degree weather here in South GA for a couple of hours! Would LOVE to see it again!! My the odds be ever in MY favor! ;)

  98. Stephanie Stewart

    Hi J&M&J2! So glad you enjoyed the movie…I need to read the book, then go see it! Happy Spring! xo

  99. Katie Jane

    I never see the same movie in the theater twice. (Well… not anymore. There may have been some repeat viewings of Titanic in the theater when I was 14 or so, but that’s neither here nor there.) BUT I also really want to see the Hunger Games again. It was so good.

  100. Nicole Callaway

    Mary – I’m pretty sure I’d fly all the way from the beaches of Destin, FL to you just so we could go see a movie together.

  101. Melania

    Hi!!!! I’m not a new fan, I consider myself a veteran fan. :)

  102. Lupe Ruiz

    Hello there!!! I am dying to see this movie!! The hard part has been making the time to get a sitter to watch our munchkin….would love to win some tix so that we have NO excuses!!! ;)

  103. kara abbey

    hehe love your blog & how real ya’ll are :) i watched the hunger games the same way- constantly reminding myself to breathe and pinching myself so i’d blink :D

  104. Rachel Peterson

    Hi!! I read it in one setting too!! Actually, I read the first 2 books in one setting… EEEEK! :)

  105. Lou-Lou

    The binghams crew, the best days! I miss the good times we had together (brings a tear to the eye!), our movie marathons with us hiding behind pillows at the scary bits :)

  106. Becky

    Aw man i haven’t been to the movies in ages! I love going, but i find it hard to justify spending the money on tickets when we could just buy the dvd later.

  107. Martin

    Hi! :D

  108. Rachel Blanke

    Hi! I’ve really been enjoying your posts lately!

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