April 6, 2016

The Iconic Bridal Portrait

At every wedding we do, Justin & I try to make a point of taking what we call “The Iconic Bridal Portrait.” This is a portrait of the bride, by herself, usually during the getting ready portion of the day because we love all of the anticipation that that part of the day holds. (We also take a portrait like this of the groom too…we like to call that one The Iconic Groomal Portrait :)

We always like to say that we take this picture not so much for the bride, although she loves it too… but for her future granddaughter to one day find. For her to be able to see her then grandmother as the young & in love version of herself- the one full of hope, full of joy- that started their family. And to know that their family always started with love.

Justin & I realize so much that every time we push the button on a wedding day, we are capturing the moments and slices of life that will tell a story for generations to come. That WE get to show the world years from now who these two people were on Day 1.

And for us, the best stories are the ones that start with love.


**here are a couple of our favorite iconic bridal portraits fromĀ Sheila & Jon’s wedding inĀ Chicago!

  1. Caroline Logan

    Chills! I love the way you put words to this beautiful honor we get to do. Xo

  2. katie

    LOVE the why behind your iconic bridal portraits… love the way you describe it too :)

  3. Vitor Lindo

    I love photographing the bride before the ceremony. Especially in a quiet hotel room!

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