September 8, 2015

The J&M Book Club September

Ok, let’s start first with….how on earth is it September already?? And not only September, but a week well into September at that! On one hand, I can’t believe it’s already here. And on the other, I am SO ready for it. I’m ready to ditch all the summer clothes and wear LAYERS again. Bring on the scarves and boots and big sweaters, I say!

I think September is one of those interesting cross-over months where you are ready for the next season ahead, but you still have a foot in the one before. Where you are ready for the big, new, exciting things to come…but life still feels like that old season that you haven’t quite let go of. And that’s a lot how life works too. If you think about the crossover from Spring to Summer or Summer to Fall, it’s a never a switch that’s flipped and you’re suddenly in a new season. There’s a subtle stage. A slow stage. An awkward stage. A stage where you feel like the new season is never going to get here. But then, in just the right time, it always does. So in honor of those in between stages, whether that’s a goal you haven’t quite started or a day job that isn’t yet the dream job, this month’s book club is for all of you who are finding yourself lately somewhere in the in between.


Quitter. This is the book I always recommend to anyone who is thinking about leaving a day job to go full time on a dream. This book is from Jon Acuff and it is packed with SO much wisdom on leaving the day job with integrity, changing your attitude in the meantime, and setting yourself up for success when you do make the leap. I love it!

Cold Tangerines. I bought this book from Shauna Niequist after finishing up her Savor devotional because I just can’t get ENOUGH of her! The whole idea behind this book is that we often wait to celebrate until the BIG things happen or the milestone is reached. But there is so much to celebrate in the every day if we just open our eyes to it. Crazy, amazing, messy, beautiful small things that are really the big things. Things like cold tangerines.

The E-Myth. I think this should be required reading material for ANYONE who is thinking about going full time on a dream. I put off reading this book for a long time because it had the capital E in it, which I thought stood for Economics and was going to make this book a boring statistical read. But in actuality, it stands for Entrepreneurial and the whole book is told in narrative and is a super easy read. The subtitle of this book is “Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.” That should be enough to make you want to read it right there!

Happy Tuesday friends!



  1. Jenny

    If you haven’t, you must go get Shauna’s other books, Bittersweet & Bread & Wine. Also, if you ever need a good uplifting podcast, her speaking engagements are available online and she is just as good a speaker as she is an author!

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