August 7, 2013

The J&M House Project

When Justin & I bought our house a couple of years ago, we were so incredibly lucky to be able to buy right on the water…which is pretty much unheard of for a couple buying their first house in a market as crazy expensive as CT is! But it just sort of fell in our laps (or as I like to think of it, God most definitely had a plan!) & we were able to buy at the very bottom of the market when the prices & interest rates were at their lowest. And then the house was also in foreclosure on top of that and had had a flood (from a burst pipe on the third floor, not from the ocean! LOL!). So we were able to get it for somewhere around a third to a quarter of where it was originally listed. Crazy!

But as you can imagine with a story like that, there was a TON of work to go into it!

We spent the whole first six months that we had it, just making it livable before we could even move in. Because the flood had been pretty extensive, we basically had to get new everything. Think new pipes, new heat, new floors, new walls, new ceilings, etc. We basically stripped everything down to the studs & started over. Which meant that we kind of got to build a new house on the inside, while keeping all the character of the original house (it was built in 1880!) ….which is basically the best of both worlds for me! For example, I LOVE that our fireplace has a kettle hook that people used to cook their dinners on….how awesome is that?

So as you can imagine, after undertaking a round of renovations as massive as that was…we were pretty ready to take a break from construction & having dry wall dust everywhere and contractors walking in and out of our living room! :) So we just spent some time, getting settled, unpacking, getting paint on the walls, decorating, and making the place feel like home the past year or so. All the while knowing that there was still another major round of renovation to go, mostly on the outside this time!

Well, like I said, it’s been some time and we are finally ready to get this show on the road again! Once again we have been super lucky, and we sort of had this program fall into our laps where because of our location we can be a “show home” for our contractors (meaning that we’ll go on some of their advertising/brochures….not that they’ll actually be showing our house to strangers! That would be weird! :) and we can basically get the renovations at cost!

So last week we started getting things ready for the guys by finally (FINALLY!) tearing down our super ugly back porch that I have basically hated since the first day we saw it, and was pretty much rotted through anyway! :) Justin was a total champ and took the whole thing down himself (with my help of course, in stacking up all the boards he threw down), and came away with quite a few impressive blisters to show for it!

Right after that, the new windows were delivered (who knew hardware could be so exciting??). And right now as we speak, I can hear the drilling and hammering of them being installed upstairs! And there’s a lot more exciting stuff to come after that! We will definitely be doing updates as stuff gets finished, so stay tuned for that! But for now, here’s a little sneak peek of the “Before” and Justin getting his Bob Villa on! :)

Happy Wednesday friends!

  1. Ravyn

    Hardware IS totally exciting! It’s always nice to take time between projects … but once those hammers are swinging, and saw dust is in the air, you feel SO good!! Can’t wait to see the after.

  2. Jil

    so how many windows can be installed in 1 day?? :o) hooray for round 2!

  3. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    So exciting! Can’t wait for another update.

  4. Katelyn James

    yay!!!! this is fun!!!

  5. Emilia Jane

    I’m so excited for you all! Can’t wait to see the place, hopefully over Halloween :-)

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