April 7, 2015

The J&M Lighting Guide is HERE!! (Take a Peek Inside!)

Ohhhh you guys it’s HERE!!! After MONTHS of working on this, and the last two weeks putting all the finishing touches & design on it…we officially sent out all 200+ of our pre-order J&M Lighting Guides on Friday! Whoo HOO!! And the response we’ve been getting so far has been incredible! We LOVE getting emails like this one:

“Hi Justin & Mary! I’m not even finished with the guide yet, but so far the amount & quality of information is phenomenal. So grateful for this. Best $$ I’ve ever spent and it’s worth so much more!” – Barb

And now we are SO excited to be able to open this up LIVE in our brand new J&M store and make it available for everybody! This depth of information has been the kind that up until now has been reserved just for our workshops & mentoring sessions just because it was WAY too much to ever dig into in a blog post. So we’re so excited to be able to make this open for anybody who wants to get better with their light in general, not just flash! In this guide, we actually start with our philosophy & approach for dimensional natural light and build from there into flash on-camera & OCF set ups. This is for anyone who wants to get better at their craft, even if you can’t make it to a workshop or mentoring session just yet!


And there is a TON of information in there…the J&M Lighting Guide topped out at over 100+ pages! But my favorite part, is that it is taught in a very accessible, conversational way (I mean, I reference National Treasure, A Beautiful Mind, and Men in Black! Because in case you didn’t know, I speak fluent movie quote) ….while still hitting every bit of the hard-hitting, nitty-gritty, technical side. In other words, it is the perfect blending of both Justin & I!

But I don’t want to just tell you about the Guide! We thought the best way to give you an idea of what you would be getting would be to show you a few sample pages. Here we go! As always and with everything, we Start with Why.



One of my favorite parts about The J&M Lighting Guide is that all throughout it there are these Bonus Tip pages for ways to take it up a notch and go just one step more in your lighting!




The Beautiful Mind reference!


Another BIG time favorite part of the Guide: we have all of these “Put It In Action” boxes throughout, so that you can stop right there and start learning hands on what we’ve just taught you. Because it’s one thing to read it, but we really start learning when we actually DO it!


We deal head on with some of the most common questions/objections we get to using OCF on a wedding day!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.30.38 AM

And, in true J&M fashion, we END with Why too! :)


So there you go! An official sneak peek into the J&M Lighting Guide. If you didn’t feel like reading all of that, here is the short version: this guide is over 100 pages of serious “meaty” content mixed with clear example photos, bonus tips, and put it in action assignments. At the end of the last page, you will look at light differently. You will see it not just for exposure, but as a way to shine a light on what truly matters. And our goal is that you will first and foremost not be afraid of it anymore. And maybe, just maybe that you might fall in love with it in a way that will change you and the stories you tell from here on out.

It’s a big goal. But it’s a BIG guide. And I think we can do it.

***The J&M Lighting Guide is now officially LIVE! And to celebrate, we are giving the first 150 people to grab their copy $50 off (so $129 instead of $179!) Don’t miss it! You can grab your copy by going HERE!


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