March 27, 2015

The J&M Lighting Intensive VA Recap!


Yesterday we put on our J&M Lighting Intensive in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and we just had the best group there!! We had people drive in for hours from every direction, and everyone just came with such an amazing attitude and ready to learn! It was awesome! And we also had our dear friends, the amazing Sharon Elizabeth (who helped us organize and put on the whole event on! We seriously couldn’t have done it without her!) and her husband Chase bring over a photo booth from their new company The Burlap Booth so that we could all hop in and have fun on the breaks! It was the best!!

The lighting intensive is no joke. It gets its name for a very good reason….it is six very intense hours of learning. Mixed with a ton of fun and random movie quotes of course (in case you didn’t know, I speak fluent movie quotes!) And basically in it, we walk through every step of the wedding day and how we would light all the trickiest parts! We also talk about our theory & approach of light with how it applies to natural light first, and then build up to bounce flash, OCF, and more advanced studio set ups. But our goal is basically this: if you aren’t afraid of windows, then you won’t be afraid of using your flash by the end of the night!

I was telling somebody last night that I just LOVE teaching this class, because we can really give people the answers. When we’re talking about something like branding or marketing, we can give people really good information, direction & ideas….but there isn’t a switch that we can flip to help fix those things for them overnight. But with lighting, that is one of those things where somebody can come spend six hours with us and walk out with a totally different understanding and excitement for something that before that didn’t make sense at all. We actually had one of the attendees last night pull us aside and give us one of the highest compliments we could possibly get. He said, “I learned more in six hours with you than I did in four years of college for photography.” THAT’S why we love teaching this class so much!

And that’s why we’re also super excited to announce two new J&M Lighting Intensive dates! The first one on May 12th in Lancaster actually SOLD OUT already in like a day before we could even announce it publicly, so that one is full but let us know if you want to get on a wait list in case a seat opens up.

So the second one that we’ll be doing now will be coming up on June 29th in Columbus, OH!! We asked on Facebook where we should bring the next one, and we had a ton of requests for Columbus! Which is totally fine with us, because it means we can group it with a trip to Cedar Point while we’re there this summer! So there you go, if you want to grab a seat, you can do that by going HERE !! And if you enter the code “EARLYBIRD” that will get you $149 off your seat! We’ll see you there!

xo M:)

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    Looks like so much fun!

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